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Winemaking Consultant
Date Posted:
Thursday, August 31st
Walla Walla, WA
Are you interested in starting a wine brand but don’t know where to start? Are you an established brand that is looking for an outside opinion or the next advantage? Hoping to build or update your facilities and looking for guidance? No matter where you fall in this spectrum, I am confident that my 25 years of winemaking and facilities development experience can benefit you.

As a consultant I bring diverse perspectives and unbiased opinions based on years of experience. My role with established brands is not to dictate winemaking practices or wine styles but to suggest ways to enhance the owner's existing vision. Involvement can be anywhere from minor participation during blending to complete comprehensive program design. It can involve vineyard decisions or be contained to the winery, whatever the situation and the client require.

I have managed a broad spectrum of brand sizes, from 800 to 80,000 cases and have learned much from each of these endeavors. In addition to my work experience I have a strong educational background with a Masters of Science from University of California at Davis, and multiple undergraduate degrees. I have established my leadership and team building skills while at the helm of several world class wine brands. The wines that I have produced have all been commercially successful, with the scores and accolades to show for it.

I am excited to discuss how we can work together to accomplish your winemaking goals, please contact me if you are ready to move your brand forward.