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Owl Box Kits for Your Winery or Farm
Date Posted:
Friday, November 5th
Petaluma, CA
The Owl Abode
Introducing The Owl Abode, Owl Box Kits for Your Winery or Farm

Now Available at Friedman's in Sonoma County

An owl box kit is the first step to building an avian subdivision in your vineyard or farm. Install The Owl Abode® and become the Frank Lloyd Wright of ornithological architecture.

Home to barn owls, popular for natural pest control in vineyards and fields across Northern California.

Made of quality sanded plywood, it will hold up against the elements. Features a top clean-out door, easy to check and clean in the field without taking down the entire box.

Kit comes with the pre-cut plywood, hardware, and assembly instructions (6 easy steps). Assembly takes around 20 minutes. Recently featured in Grit Magazine.

Now available at your local Friedman's in Sonoma County.
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The Owl Abode