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Diverse and Organic Cover Crop Seeds
Date Posted:
Tuesday, June 8th
Philomath, OR
Buzz Cover Crop Seeds
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Buzz Cover Crop Seeds provides diverse and organic cover crop seeds to ecologically-minded vineyards that prioritize soil building and pollinator health.

2021 mixes include:
•  Pollinator Pathway – establish maximum diversity with 21 species of least-competitive, low-growing and long-lived turf grasses, native flowers, and herbs. Includes perennials and self-reseeding annuals.
•  Wine Grape Pathway – a similar mix to the above, but with 9 species.
•  No-Till Annual Reseeding Mix – New! 6 hardy, short annuals that will reliably reseed if management allows
•  Under-Vine Mixes - we have several fast-establishing, low-growing mixes to experiment with, depending on your site and goals.
•  Organic Biomass Mix – certified organic and fairly priced
•  Diverse Vineyard Biomass Mix – maximize the spring bloom, then plow-down or just mow this 5 species mix. Does not include any weedy species.
•  Diverse Fallow Mix- While you are waiting for your new vines, build soil, accumulate minerals and feed bees with this 8 species mix of deep-rooted grasses, legumes and forbs. Two-year lifespan.
•  Pollinator Paradise – beautify vineyard and winery edges with 22 species of wildflowers. 100% produced in the Willamette Valley.

Single species of almost any kind available upon request, including nectar-rich buckwheat and phacelia.

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Buzz Cover Crop Seeds
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