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Mobile Filtration
Date Posted:
Saturday, March 20th
Woodinville, WA
Mobile Crossflow Filtration to .2 micron nominal

Filter Red Wine, White Wine, Cider

Removes Dead/ Dormant Yeast cells, Myco(mold)Toxins, colloids, proteins,
Reduces Smoke taint, VA, and Brett
Gentler, cleaner, and less waste than DE filters

Does Not remove bentonite

$495 for up to 550 gallons, $0.65/ Gal for Wine 550 gal+
$695 for up to 550 gallons, $0.65/Gal for Cider 550 gal+
$85/hr for down time(example: filtration stops for winery tank cleaning)
*Special requirements for Cider


Racked wine free of lees/solids and bentonite
Proof of Turbidity in NTU emailed or txt/pic is fine
Adequate hoses and clamps
Clean available tanks for filtrate
3 Phase power within 50ft
(1 Phase 220-250V is okay but I'll need to know in advance and the Setup Fee is for this scenario is $695 as it requires my phase converter & additional electrical configuration)
Forklift for moving CF Equipment off the truck(some exceptions may be possible)
Consistent 150 degree hot water available for equipment cleaning if necessary
Full Nitrogen/Argon Tank

*Additional Cider Requirements:
Adequate Racking 2+ times
Use of Clarifying agent (Scottzyme KS from Scott Labs seems to work well in a short period of time)
Proof of Turbidity in NTU
Successful timely filtration depends on ALL the above conditions

Availability is Monday-Thursday

Please reply to this listing if interested. Thank you!
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