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Winemaking Consultant
Date Posted:
Tuesday, October 6th
San Diego, CA
SoCal Winemaking Consultant
Whether you're a start-up or well-established winery everyone can use some expert advice now and again. I've worked as a winemaker and production manager in the wine industry for over 23 years. Want to improve quality? Lower costs? Design a new winery or reconfigure and older one? Make stylistic changes? Learn new or different methods and techniques for achieving the wine quality/style you strive for? Need advice on equipment, barrels, additives? Need help managing wine health or deciding how to structure your winemaking and cellar team? If you answer yes to any of these questions, I've relocated back to southern California where I grew up to be with family and I can help you achieve your goals!

I've been fortunate to have worked in regions around the world, from boutique wineries to large scale facilities, hot regions to cool climates, and across tiers from luxury to bulk. My education didn't end after studying winemaking at UC Davis, I went on as winemaker with smaller, family owned, wineries for 10 years where I managed all production and personally operated the equipment and did the physical work myself so I'm savvy at understanding winery flow, how to overcome challenges and how to optimize the process. I then moved to corporate for 13 years where I learned to master logistics, production flow, operations, the business and branding aspects as well as gained exposure to techniques and equipment that span traditional winemaking through the most technically advanced methods out there. Along the way I also led and served on boards of various winery and regional organizations and worked diligently to protect and establish winery friendly policies with government agencies and to market and promote wine regions both locally and nationally.

Each winery is unique, as are its owners, wines, vineyards, teams and markets. Let me help you make it a success!

Contact me at 541-851-1877
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SoCal Winemaking Consultant
SoCal Winemaking Consultant