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Starting a Personal Wine Cellar in Pacifica
Date Posted:
Thursday, February 6th
Pacifica, CA
To the overstocked wine enthusiast:

My name is Jeff, I’m over 50, live in Pacifica, CA on the coast, have an appreciation for wine, have an appreciation that I really don’t understand wine all that well, and will recently undertake a smaller wine cellar project (I have seen some rather large ones). So… It is time. I am looking for some over-zealous wine enthusiast who have an overstocked wine cellar and is looking to part with some well-selected wine. I am NOT looking for any handouts here and am willing to pay a, well, reasonable price for wine that you may want to part with. Not looking to price it by the bottle, just “Hey, I have a few cases here that I will never drink, there is type X and Y of years B and C, I find it delicious, how about you give me X dollars, when you come get it”. Again, I am not an experienced wine collector and am looking for someone who really enjoys their wine but just cannot drink all they bought.

I am no expert and have only kept several cases in my garage in the past years as back-up. However, I live Pacifica and my house has a perfect temperature and humidity to expand my interest in wine and interest in beginning to collect some wine in my new cellar I am creating. No cooling required!

So... If you have some extra vintages that you like but simply bought too many, let me know. I would love to begin my collecting with your over-abundance of great collecting prowess. Please don't contact me if you have some really nasty wine you just don't want. Private or home vintages are okay with me if they are delicious. I am NOT a sweet wine drinker, so I would not care for any of those.

I do like Pinot Noir, Old Vine Zinfadel, Grenache, , or something that follows these dryer lines. My wife likes the dryer whites, Savignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Viognier.

Yes, this is a weird posting, but I need someone with some knowledge, and excess of wine, and who is interested in helping me start my cellar so I can overstock it some-day. I work during the day and can travel as far North as Ukiah and East to say Dixon. I can work out the particulars with whomever. Let me know if there is any interest.
Contact Information
Jeffrey Cooper