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Consultant: Canning Wine, Product Development
Date Posted:
Sunday, February 2nd
Denver, CO
Craft Canning Solutions
Ben Parsons pioneered canned wine in the United States with The Infinite Monkey Theorem brand which he also founded. Ben is a winemaker, brand builder, creative thinker and a market disrupter with 20 years experience in the wine industry. He is an expert in storytelling, product development and establishing a clear route to market. His passion is winemaking and making wine fun accessible and relevant to everyone all the time.


•  Wine Style selection including the decision to carbonate or not to carbonate
•  Wine Spritzer and wine based cocktail development
•  Hard Cider Production/Canning
•  Wine Production & Sourcing bulk wine to can
•  Pricing strategy
•  TTB Compliance for aggregate 1liter packs (4 x 250ml cans). COLA & FORMULA
•  Can design; outer package design and standing out in an increasingly crowded space
•  Where to procure inventory items (cans, ends, trays, lids, cartons etc.)
•  Stabilizing your wine pre canning and other shelf life concerns
•  Pre and post canning analysis
•  The decision to can in house (what canning line to buy) or to co-pack
•  Co-packer selection
•  What to look out for on the canning line
•  Storage, transit and handling concerns (cans are more delicate than glass bottles!)
•  Point of sales materials and other merchandizing tools
•  Distributor introductions

Ben is currently offering his services as a consultant. For additional information about Ben please see
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