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Contract Distillation
Date Posted:
Tuesday, October 2nd
Paso Robles, CA
Hearts Cut Distilling Collaborative
Don't buy bulk brandy this year. Send your wine to us for distillation into your own brandy you can use to make your dessert wines 100% from your vineyard.

Hearts Cut Distilling Collaborative is a full service contract distillery and professional network providing you with turn-key solutions for your next endeavor. Using both modern and classic techniques, we take an innovative approach to the art and science of distilling to create flavor profiles that your customers will love. We pride ourselves on quality and consistency. Our copper and stainless steel still is equipped with an alembic head, reflux column, and offset gin basket. With this versatility, we can produce a variety of spirits styles including whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, brandy, liqueurs, and bitters.

We do everything in-house: from fermentation to sale-ready bottles and everything in between.
Recipe Development
Ingredient & Packaging Sourcing
Bulk Spirit Rectification
Infusing & Flavoring
Bottling & Labeling

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Hearts Cut Distilling Collaborative
Aaron Bergh