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Wine Club Member Loyalty & Retention
Date Posted:
Monday, June 11th
Ashland, OR
Capiche Wine Marketing & PR
Wine Club Surveys: Maximize the Value of Your Wine Club by Surveying Your Members

Knowledge is power. When you have a clear, objective picture of what is happening in your tasting room and wine club, you can make strategic adjustments. Capiche gathers powerful data and makes informed recommendations for your precise action.

The most crucial metric in your tasting room is guest satisfaction. With more than 30 years’ experience conducting research, Capiche goes beyond the standard customer satisfaction survey and links survey responses to actual guest behavior. Plus, your survey results will be timely rather than months out of date (often the case when surveys are conducted in-house by already busy staff). You will receive actionable data that can be implemented immediately.

More than 90 percent of US wineries have wine clubs. The challenge for winery owners is to differentiate their wine clubs from the competitors. Some reports indicate that most wine club memberships last as little as two years. Customers quit their memberships for many reasons—expense, joining other clubs, lack of special customer service, etc.

If your wine club membership is lower than targeted goals or you aspire to increase your club’s membership size, it’s time to survey your wine club members. Do you have data to support your conclusions about why members are satisfied—and dissatisfied—with your wine club? Absent data, you are left with hypotheses that may or may not be true.

Capiche offers a real assessment of brand loyalty and wine club member satisfaction. Let us help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for your wine club. Our customizable survey is quickly administered to your wine club members. A full report with recommendations is available to you in less than 60 days. Base your business decisions on data. Meet or exceed your wine club goals with Capiche.
Capiche also offers a full suite of marketing services
Since 1984, Chris has been providing public- and private-sector companies with sensible marketing advice.

Capiche can tailor the following services specifically to your needs:

•  Strategic marketing
•  Market research—including market, competitor and industry analysis
•  Marketing program evaluation
•  Public relations
•  Advertising
•  Websites
•  Social media
•  Marketing training seminars and one-on-one training and mentoring
•  Marketing and tasting room candidate searches

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Wine Club Member Loyalty & Retention
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