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Key Account Targeting
Date Posted:
Wednesday, August 30th
Richardson, TX
Salisbury Creative Group, Inc.
The key to accelerating sales performance is to narrow the focus of sales activity to only the most attractive and responsive accounts. The 80/20 Rule is real and wineries ignore this fact to their peril! We identify the 20% of the accounts that generate 80% of the sales. This is not something to be left up to the distributors! We can do on or off premise, chains or independents for any market in the US.

Here are a few recent projects we've completed: 100 best waterfront restaurants in markets that are only open in the summer; the top 20 best restaurants with crowded outdoor patios (Rose target accounts) in 15 select cities across the US; the 50 best restaurants in Manhattan to sell high end ($90+) CA Pinot Noir; the 25 best independent liquor stores in every major US market; the 10 largest hotels in every major US market.

We've been doing this for over 10 years and we're very good at it. We work with you to determine your objectives. Then we create as many Key Account Targets as you want. No project is too small of too large.

Key benefits: 1) take more control of your own destiny, 2) have more powerful conversations with your distributors, 3) get more done in less time with fewer resources.

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Salisbury Creative Group, Inc.
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