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Unique wine business opportunity
Date Posted:
Sunday, August 27th
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Kirkland, WA
Columbia Valley
Northwest Cellars, LLC
I started the winery in 2004, primarily to make very high quality wines, with the option of a custom-designed front label. Our wines win awards all across the country - you can see a current list at and a Summary of Awards at . You can also see some examples of labels we have done for other clients at . There is no extra cost to put your custom label on the bottles. If we design your label, there is an $85 design fee; no charge if you can do it to our spec.

The last red wine vintage I made was 2019. I have been thinking of selling the business for several years, and now need to get more serious about it. We currently have about 800 cases left in inventory, so need to get some reds bottled asap (I have some blends assembled, just need to pull the trigger on bottling). Our moderately-priced reds are made by buying bulk wine and blending. Our higher-priced reds are made from scratch, with grapes from some of the best vineyards in the State. And for whites, I have a great source for bulk.

Cash flow is very healthy. In 2022, I took out over $200,000. So far this year about $84,000 . Revenue this year should be about $350,000, about 70% of that from the custom-label business. We bottle our wines with only a back label, and hand-label bottles as we get orders.

I am asking $150,000 for the business, plus a retainer-based consulting contract at $2,500/month. The Buyer would become a client of mine, as I plan to restart my consulting business as a CEO Coach. Reach out and I will send you my bio..

The opportunity to grow the custom-label business is enormous. I have done all of this with no sales team. We have 20,000 people in our database, and about 12,000 get our monthly newsletter. Plus about 1,800 customers on text, and 400 wine club members. We currently sell to corporate clients, non-profits, restaurants, and for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc. Lately we have sold a lot of senior living facilities. There are many vertical markets that would be good targets. We have cutting-edge technology ( ) to keep track of it all.
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Northwest Cellars, LLC
Robert Delf