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Highland Vallis - 9000 acres, 4293.77 deeded acres
Date Posted:
Tuesday, May 10th
Property Type:
Colorado Springs - Cripple Creek, CO
Highland Vallis Ranch
Highland Vallis
Good Day - I have approximately 9,000 acres in the Front Range about an hour west of Colorado Springs, Colorado, close to Cripple Creek. Of this land 4,293.77 +/- acres are deeded and the balance is leased, mostly BLM, some private lands. It is close to Pikes Peak, the Royal Gorge, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument and the Colorado Gold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic Byway (tourist highway) goes through the middle of the ranch, it is a gorgeous property.......

I am a Texas geologist and rancher - I know nothing of the wine business. I like cocktails and sangria in Cozumel, not a particularly refined pallet.  However, as a geologist I know a little bit about rocks, chemistry and the evolution of soils. Per geologic maps, the parent rocks around Napa Valley are andesitic or "intermediate" as we say in geology. That means that chemically they are in between the continental granites and the oceanic basalts.  This makes for good soils chemistry. Likewise, this Highland Vallis Ranch also has excellent bedrock chemistry. It is a migmatite with abundant biotite formed during metamorphism and this biotite is evolving into vermiculite - one of the best clays possible with a very high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) - really good stuff. While these clays are a minority of the soils, the majority of the soils are sand and silt sized particles with abundant feldspars both potassium and calcium feldspars. Almost no sodium. Again, excellent. Overlying the migmatites are tuffs and ignimbrites with a felsic to andesitic chemistry - again excellent chemistry.

Next, there are 5 miles of a creek bottom that runs through the ranch perpendicular to the Gold Belt Tourist Highway and most of the water associated with this creek is subterranean meaning it is set up perfectly as a natural irrigation system for the great soils, an amazing combination of soils and water. At present this environment is supporting a plant called Desert Willow, an indicator plant for a healthy Colorado environment.

Climate - climate is definitely cooler than the Pacific Coast but warming right........ Again I am not a wine guy but there are definitely some cool weather grapes like the Marquette and likely others. I hear the neighbors are planting Marquette, maybe you know something better. Also, there are likely some good orchard possibilities to go along with a vineyard. 

Right now I have a walk-in freezer full of amazing grass fed beef from the ranch. The previous owners were here for at least a hundred years, some say back to the 1860's - I am not certain - it has been a cattle ranch forever. In my vision, the ranch has two possible futures, first is for someone who wants to bring it into the here and now, maybe some grass fed beef, some lamas, in place of the Desert Willows maybe some vineyards, some orchards and possibly some wildlife harvesting - there are elk and mule deer - but this requires someone that is quite industrious. Or, second, it is a hedge against inflation and to be passed onto your grandchildren or the like. There are two young men that have been associated with the ranch since they were kids - great guys, completely trustworthy and with a few cows, the property taxes are low. It is as good for estate planning as the vineyards. What it is not set up for is a complete development. Some along the tourist highway is available but most of the land is development restricted.  
There is not a livable house on the ranch - there was no reason for me to build my house on the ranch when I knew you needed to build your dream home on your dream ranch.
I have about a 40-page PDF on the science of the ranch that I am happy to share with you.

Finally, the ranch is owned outright, no issues or complications and no broker. If you are interested, really interested and a principal, please call my assistant Cara at 325-473-4400 during normal workdays and hours. Below is a link to the video, and that leads to the website. I have an excellent real estate attorney in Colorado, you will have your attorney and they will work out the details.

The ranch is gorgeous, well located, has an abundant potential and is well priced at $1500 per deeded acre or $6,440,655 ($1500 X 4,293.77 acres).

Thanks for your time,

Highland Vallis - 9000 acres, 4293.77 deeded acres Highland Vallis - 9000 acres, 4293.77 deeded acres
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Highland Vallis
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