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Winery, Custom Crush Business
Date Posted:
Sunday, August 25th
Property Type:
AfterNDA, CA
Sonoma County
Presenting a 11,500 ft2 wine making facility in southern Sonoma County, and includes a custom crush business that has averaged over $385,000 in annual income for the past seven years. Current CC income for 2019-2020 expected to be $200,000. The income alone will pay for the facility and labor to operate a winery of this size. In addition to the custom crush business, the current winery owner produced 6,500 cases of wine of their own. Winery has a 15,000 case permit. Included in the sale is the lease option for the facility, many open top tanks with capacities from 1,000gals - 1,700gals; all production equipment including forklift, newer Europress, etc. Also, many Tenant Improvements to include drain system, glycol cooling and high pressure air, separate barrel cellar(1,200 barrel capacity); large offices and tasting area. Water processing is through a mutual treatment system. Winery is a leased facility with excellent lease terms and landlord. This turnkey facility is currently up for consideration, with the goal of completing the transaction by March 1, 2020. An NDA will be required to discuss the facility and its current owner. Price: $400,000-$440,000.
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