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Vineyard Manager

Hageman Reserve

Sulphur Bluff, TX

Job Description:

Purpose Statement-

The Vineyard Manager position will perform all of the various farming activities for the vineyard including planting, pruning, irrigation management, weed control, chemical applications, disease and pest control, cultivation and canopy management and harvest. Responsible for vineyard development activities including land preparation, reservoir, trellis and irrigation system installation, maintenance and operating the irrigation system properly and readjusting it as the seasons change. Planting and grafting and equipment selection. A member of the cross functioning team, assists in all areas and in all duties as needed to provide the best member experience.

Essential Functions-

• Identifies problems, initiates work orders, accomplishes assigned work orders and does all necessary repairs relating to their expertise.
• Performs preventative maintenance and maintains logs in an organized manner.
• Complete the duty rounds checklists and corrects noted problems.
• Reading, adjusting and maintaining the water sprinkler system and pump house.
• Checking and adjusting all water systems for peak performance and replacement.
• Inventory and ordering of irrigation and grounds maintenance supplies and chemicals.
• Storing equipment and materials properly and in the correct areas.
• Selects and grows plant materials and grape vines for use on the property.
• Cultivation, thinning, pruning, tying, suckering, canopy management, planting and replanting, irrigating and harvesting.
• Applies pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers to vines and other plantings.
• Erosion control, trellis Installation, irrigation installation, frost protection, vineyard installation.
• Data collection, crop forecasting, vineyard monitoring and scouting.
• Sugar sampling and lab analysis: brix, pH and TA.
• Coordinating picking schedules and delivery of macro picking bins to and from winery.
• Search out and evaluate vineyard problems and make recommendations that provide effective, timely and economic solutions and deliver quality fruit.
• Other duties as assigned.


• Detail oriented and ability to handle multiple tasks at once.
• Good organizational and follow through skills.
• Must have the ability to operate ground lawn power equipment.
• Must have the ability to lift and move 80 lbs. to maximum height of 48”, 50% of the time, daily.


• Associate Degree in or extensive experience in viticulture.
• Knowledge of the characteristics, growth habit and proper cultivation of the most popular grape varieties.
• Two years of experience in a similar job.
• Ability to use hand tools and power tools.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Wednesday, June 18th
Type of Work:
Full Time
Job Category:


Contact Information
Hageman Reserve
Nathan Taulman
PH: 317-927-8300