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Custom Crush Tank Space
Date Posted:
Monday, August 25th
Oakville, CA
Gamble Family Vineyards
One 7,300 gallon jacketed tank available for harvest 2014
Two 2,100 gallon jacketed tanks available for harvest 2014
Two 1,600 gallon jacketed tanks available for harvest 2014

Small premium Napa winery with excess tank space for 2014 harvest.

Ideal fit would be a 40-45 ton (in 1/2 ton macro bins) white grapes, press, settle, rack, tank ferment, cold and heat stabilize and bottle client. 80HL membrane press (7-10 ton whole cluster, 22 ton machine harvested/destemmed capacity per load).

Limited temperature controlled barrel space available.
Red tank fermentation (up to 24 ton tank size) - Mistral sorting table.
and/or white press, settle and ship customers.

Modern, clean facility well-accustomed to producing quality wines to the highest standards.
Reasonable rates.
Contact Information
Gamble Family Vineyards
Jim Close
PH: 707 944 2999 / FAX: 707 944 0670