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gotradelive Launches Free Social Commerce and Commercial Trading Platform Beginning with California

Posted on March 23, 2012

Palo Alto, Calif. (March 26, 2012) – gotradelive, the world’s first free commercial trading and social commerce site, today announced the launch of its service in the US, beginning with a major push to support businesses across California, the world’s ninth largest economy. gotradelive ( combines social networking and ecommerce technologies to make it easy for any business to connect with its customers, suppliers and partners and promote, sell and source products anywhere in the world.

“California is close to a $2 trillion economy, home to more than 3 million businesses, and a major exporter of goods and services globally. It’s also an innovator in both social and business trends,” said Robert Doughty, CEO and co-founder of gotradelive. “We want to work with California distributors, manufacturers, and growers to show the world how social commerce from gotradelive can improve the speed and efficiency of doing business.”

Unlike other e-commerce and bidding and buying sites and solutions, gotradelive is free to use and doesn’t charge transaction fees or commissions on sales. A business can be up and running on gotradelive in less than an hour. They simply register on the site, securely download their customer or supplier contacts into the system, and begin trading on their own private and confidential commerce network.

Moving Inventory Faster
gotradelive is an ideal platform for businesses that need to increase inventory turnover and improve their cost of goods sold. The platform can help California industries like agriculture, wine, computers and electronics, building supplies, and medical supplies move product faster and more cost-effectively.

“gotradelive is a new and unique solution that represents a great opportunity for any company to grow its business and market share,” said Greg Guio, Sales Manager for San Jose Surgical Supply, a California-based business and one of the largest individually owned physicians' supply houses in the United States. “In my experience with testing gotradelive, I see tremendous value in the potential to expand customer reach and bring a sense of urgency to sales of inventory that you want to move in a hurry.”

gotradelive is a fast and efficient way to promote special deals for excess, slow moving, perishable and end-of-life products. It quickly finds interested local or international buyers within your network and stimulates purchases though competitive bidding.

“Virtually any company with inventory struggles with the problem of moving excess product,” said Keith Collins, Chief Marketing Officer of gotradelive. “Our beta tests with companies in the United Kingdom have shown that companies can move inventory far faster and get much better pricing by using gotradelive.”

Social Commerce Comes to California
gotradelive will be working with California trade and industry associations, as well as individual businesses to introduce, pilot and virally spread the use of its free service within key California industries. For example, gotradelive is working with the Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) and, a statewide information and trade promotion services portal that will promote gotradelive as a platform for import, export and trade promotion service organizations in California.

“Small and mid-sized companies in California can benefit from a platform like gotradelive to improve the efficiency and profitability of doing business internationally,” said Tony Livotti, President of MBITA. “Its social networking and communication capabilities, bidding tools, and currency translation features make it easier to connect with interested buyers and find the best possible price for your product anywhere in the world.”

Tools of the Trader
gotradelive’s easy-to-use tools and features bring new efficiencies and speed to the way businesses market their products, sell to their customers and source from suppliers. Some of its features include:

• Social networking and communications tools that make it easy to upload sales and marketing content, promote deals and offers, find interested buyers, and stay in touch with extended customer networks
• Forward bidding and selling tools that allow invited customers to bid on private deals and offers and sellers to get the best price on merchandise
• Downward bidding and procurement management tools that allow businesses to easily communicate with multiple suppliers and quickly find the best terms and prices from the right vendor
• Customer and supplier network creation tools that make growing your private network as easy as securely downloading your contact database and adding new contacts whenever you want
• Currency translation to make it easy to bid, buy and sell globally

“gotradelive brings together social networking and ecommerce to create a better way for businesses to connect and trade,” said Richard Paul, chief technology officer and co-founder. “gotradelive combines aspects of Facebook, Groupon, eBay and other leading Internet solutions and, in so doing, creates a very new and exciting mobile, social and commercial platform that allows everyone to improve the way they do business.”

Freemium Business Model
Anyone can use gotradelive at no cost to reach and do business with as many companies as they choose. gotradelive only charges businesses that want to customize and brand their communications and web pages. The cost of the premium service is just $15 a month.

About gotradelive
gotradelive is the first free social commerce trading platform that gives small and mid-sized businesses a competitive advantage in how they sell, source and promote products more efficiently and profitably. Its trusted trading platform provides businesses with secure, confidential, verifiable and controlled bidding and sourcing of goods and services within their own private customer and supplier networks. gotradelive makes it easy to set up, grow and run extended trading networks that move products faster and at more favorable prices for buyers and sellers. With active customer engagement built-in, gotradelive’s on-demand platform enables business ecosystems to form, thrive and multiply.



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