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Enartis Vinquiry Announces New Products and Services

Posted on July 21, 2015

Active Dry Yeast

Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the production of late harvest wines. AMR-1 is a high alcohol tolerant yeast selected from dried grapes for the production of Amarone wine. It produces elegant, clean wines that express varietal and regional character. In difficult conditions such as high sugar and alcohol concentration, low pH and low temperature, AMR-1 quickly ferments to dryness, producing clean wines with pleasant black fruit and spice aromas. During the sur lies phase, it liberates great quantities of mannoproteins and polysaccharides that improve mouthfeel and color stability.

Enartis Ferm Q5 is a yeast strain suitable for the production of high-quality, varietal red wines destined for extended barrel ageing. It helps with the expression of primary aromas from norisoprenoids contained in red grapes. Enartis Ferm Q5 intensifies notes of red fruit (strawberry, raspberry, black cherry) and flowers (violet and rose) naturally present in red grapes by using the aminoacids of juice to produce secondary aromas – esters and higher alcohols. It also increases wine complexity with spicy notes. Due to its excellent extraction capacity, it results in wines with intense and stable color, soft structure, and suited for barrel ageing. Enartis Ferm Q5 is recommended for the production of big, fruit-forward and complex red wines destined for medium and long ageing.

Yeast strain selected for the production of varietal white wines characterized by intense aromatic expression. Q Citrus reveals the fruit and floral aromas of grape terpenes and norisoprenoids. At the same time, it intensifies the varietal character by producing zesty and complex notes of citrus (grapefruit), tropical fruit (guava, passion fruit, pineapple) and flowers (jasmine, lime blossom). In the presence of a good source of aminoacids, Q Citrus can help improve the aromatic quality of neutral grapes. Good production of glycerol contributes wine volume and fullness.

25 years of fermentation excellence now in active dry form!
After 25 years of significant success in liquid form, WS yeast is now available as an Active Dry Yeast. Isolated from late harvest Zinfandel from Williams-Selyem Winery, WS is considered one of the most robust California yeast strains. It is well-suited for a wide spectrum of red and white varietals and is recommended for fermentation of high °Brix juice and to restart stuck or sluggish fermentations.
Enartis Ferm WS respects varietal and terroir characters and augments fruit and spice expression, while contributing to both excellent complexity and structure enhancement with soft tannin extraction. It is particularly recommended for the production of high alcohol wines destined for medium to long-term ageing.

Yeast Polysaccharides

Remove Copper from Fermenting Must and Boost Varietal Aromas

It is known that copper and other metals are catalyzers of oxidation reactions that can lead to loss of aromas, browning and loss of color. Moreover, copper ions, in particular, can bind varietal thiols, which are characteristic of varieties like Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat, decreasing aromatic complexity and intensity of the resulting wines.

Enartis Research and Development has worked extensively in developing techniques that allow winemakers to remove copper and other metals to protect varietal aromas at very early stages of fermentation. These techniques include the use of blends of the co-polymer PVI/PVP and yeast derivatives rich in immediately available mannoproteins, sulfur containing amino acids and oligopeptides that can be added at the onset of fermentation to white and rosé wines.


Two targeted blends were developed and are available in the United States for the 2015 harvest:

Enartis Pro FT – Also known as Enartis Pro “Free Thiols” is a blend of PVI/PVP and yeast derivatives rich in immediately available mannoproteins, sulfur containing amino acids and oligopeptides. It is recommended for protection of primary aromas of thiolic varieties and, at the same time, promotes the formation of additional thiol compounds by yeast.

Enartis Pro XP – Also known as Enartis Pro “eXPression” is a blend of PVI/PVP and yeast derivatives rich in immediately available mannoproteins. It is recommended for the protection of aromas and aromatic precursors of non-thiolic varieties allowing for the full expression of the varietal characteristics.


Co-polymer PVI/PVP (polyvinyl imidazole/polypirrolidone) has the ability to bind metals. Its non-soluble characteristics allow for its removal through settling or filtration. The PVP component binds specifically to hydroxy-cinnamic acids and stops their oxidative effect. In some circumstances, hydroxy-cinnamic acids can oxidize and generate cascade oxidation-reaction products (quinones) that can lead to browning.

The sulfur containing amino acids and oligopeptides provide a substrate that can be used by yeast with beta-lyase activity to produce thiols that contribute to the aromatic complexity and intensity of wine.

The immediately available mannoproteins will be released soon after addition to fermenting must and will contribute to mouthfeel and improve the overall stability of the wine.


Enartis Pro FT and XP should be added to fermenting must one day after yeast inoculation. The metal removal properties of these blends require that the insoluble co-polymer is maintained in suspension, which is easily achieved during active fermentation due to CO2 production. The insoluble components will precipitate easily once fermentation ends, and can be removed through racking.


Enartis Tan E is highly reactive and specifically designed for color stabilization of red wines throughout the winemaking process. It is a tannin extracted from non-fermented white grape seeds using water as a solvent. This process creates a very reactive tannin that is initially hard but softens and becomes pleasant on the palate as it ages. Enartis Tan E contains a high concentration of proanthocyanidins, low molecular weight monocatechins, which quickly react and condense with free anthocyanins. This process leads to the creation of long-lasting color.

Enartis Tan V (Vinification) is a highly reactive, condensed tannin specifically designed for the color stabilization of red wines during fermentation. It is extracted with water from non-fermented white grape seeds. This process creates a very reactive tannin that can easily condense and stabilize while providing structure to wine. Enartis Tan V contains a high concentration of proanthocyanidins, low molecular weight monocatechines, which quickly react and condense with free anthocyanins. This process leads to long-lasting color stability.

Analytical Services


The Simple Juice Panel is just the basics, and can be added to other panels as well. Includes Brix, pH, TA.

The Yeast Nutrition Panel gives you the results you need for a healthy fermentation. Includes Ammonia, Assimilable Amino Nitrogen, YAN Calculation.

The pH and Acid Management Panel gives you the tools to manage your acid additions by providing addition rates for specified pH targets. Organic Acid Profile (Tartaric, Malic, Lactic, Acetic), Potassium, Buffer Capacity, Predictive Acid (this panel also requires Brix/pH/TA numbers).

The Mold and Bacteria Panel is designed to identify spoilage organisms in order to be proactive about maintaining clean fermentations. PCR for Botrytis, PCR for Lactobacillus, PCR for Pediococcus, Gluconic Acid, Acetic Acid.

The Platinum Bundle includes all four panels below and offers savings of 40% compared to individual testing.

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