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Pellenc Releases Optimum

Posted on October 06, 2014


Pellenc Group presents Optimum, a new generation of multifunction tractors and harvesters. Celebrating its 40th year of business, Pellenc Group is a world leading manufacturer of machinery, equipment, and portable electronic tools for the viticulture industry. The new product range incorporates Pellenc’s proprietary innovative technology, namely the second generation On Board Sorting SELECTIVE Process 2. This technology offers optimal performance - combining unrivalled harvest quality, while being both user and environmentally friendly.

Multifunctionality to enhance profitability

True to its concept of "multifunctionality", the PELLENC Group has developed the OPTIMUM range to carry out all vineyard maintenance and harvest work, whilst meeting the highest standards of quality and cost effectiveness.

All PELLENC tools (prepruner, precision pruner, leaf remover,wire lifter, etc.) can be adapted to the OPTIMUM tractor by using a multifunctional arm as well as both the harvester head and the 2nd generation On Board Sorting System, SELECTIV' Process 2.

Jacques Servoles, Department Director, points out, "Performance is also linked to the extreme simplicity and speed of coupling and uncoupling. This is done within 3 minutes, thanks to the EASYCONNECT hydraulic mono-coupler, which automatically reallocates the functions on the multifunction joystick and the EASYTOUCH touch console at each tool change."

Unrivalled productivity and harvest quality

The ACTIV harvesting head equipped with the EASYSMART shaking system and its automatic row monitoring allows for gentle and efficient harvesting, whilst preserving the vines. The revolutionary flexible conveyor-sorter eliminates the risk of juice loss by keeping the berries whole. The integrated 2nd generation On Board Sorting System, SELECTIV' PROCESS 2, makes it possible to achieve a 99.8 percent level of cleanliness, which remains the industry benchmark: "Sorting and harvesting begin in the conveyor, which makes it possible to work faster while maintaining unmatched quality in the bins!" confirms Patrick Expert of Domaine de LATRAOU.

Ergonomics, Comfort and Safety

PELLENC has also paid particular attention to user safety and working conditions. "Once again, our capacity for innovation has allowed us to excel," said Christophe Derot, Project Manager. In fact, all controls are easily within reach in the spacious cabin , offering an exceptional field of vision from the pneumatic anti-vibration seat with presence detection. For example, setting the harvesting head is done quickly and easily from the cabin using the EASYSMART system. "The intuitive EASYTOUCH touchscreen console, combined with all the driver assistance systems—reassignment of commands, cameras, controls, acreage counter, etc.—allows you to control all PELLENC tools, hour after hour, with ease and without fatigue," explains Jacques Servoles.

An easy to handle carrier that is ecologically sound and cost effective

PELLENC has also set the performance bar very high: The OPTIMUM carrier is the most compact and lightest on the market. With a steering angle of 95°, it offers exceptional and unprecedented maneuverability, allowing it to pass from one row to another. Christophe Derot says that the engine has benefited from the latest innovations: "our Perkins engine meets Interim Tier IV environmental standards and has intelligent electronic management." He further explains that, "Thanks to the load sensing technology, it continuously adapts the flow of the hydraulic circuit to provide the power needed at any given time, and the EASYCRUISE engine management system also regulates the feed rate depending on the configuration of the vines." This combined management ensures optimal performance at all times, reducing fuel consumption by more than 40 percent and increasing productivity by 25 percent.

PELLENC has also worked on reducing time and maintenance costs through excellent tool accessibility, lubrication points, and the ease and speed of cleaning.

Jacques Servoles concludes, "The new PELLENC Optimum is a concentration of technological innovations, combining performance, quality, and cost effectiveness without compromise. From this point of view, it will bring viticulture into a new era."

A Gold Medal for the EASY TURN system

Indeed, PELLENC was awarded for the innovativeness of its EASY TURN system. Last month, the company received a golden medal at les Trophées de l’Innovation, a French Innovation award ceremony. Pellenc has revolutionized the maneuverability of harvesters with its Optimum EASY TURN system. By enabling the driver to execute securely sharper turns with reduced maneuvers, the system offers unmatched comfort and safety to its owner, for a better productivity and time management, row after row, turn after turn.


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