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The number of people without health insurance in the region plunged under the healthcare law


The current concern is that row crop use of both 2,4-D and dicamba is expected to increase dramatically in 2017


Agriculture leaders expressed disappointment over President Donald Trump's decision Monday to pull out of a 12-country trade deal that would have boosted exports from San Joaquin Valley farmers


Vicard Generation 7 is pleased to announce Chris Southern has joined the company to handle technical consulting in the central coast and key areas in California.


Since Dr. James Kennedy retired as chair and director of the Department of Viticulture & Enology at California State University (CSU) Fresno, the university and its advisors in the grape and wine industry have conducted an international search for a replacement


The rain is expected to be the greatest over the next 36 hours.


It's not as if people in the industry don't recognize the value of the old vineyards. Perhaps Americans don't prize them as much as other countries, which treasure them. But even consumers are attracted to the wines, which are increasingly being marketed as made from old vines. And with good reason, Passalacqua says.


on Jan. 4, the day of his funeral service


More than 900 people packed a Modesto hearing on boosting river flows Tuesday, most of them determined to stop the state's plan


People from the northern San Joaquin Valley left their farms, classrooms and local government buildings Monday to voice opposition to a plan by the State Water Resources Control Board that would affect the flow of water for the San Joaquin River and its tributaries-the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers. The board says the purpose of the plan is to leave more water in the tributaries during periods it considers key for at-risk native fish species


Growing California Cabernet isn't cheap, even in the San Joaquin Valley


The Cheese and Wine Exposition, Riverbank's signature event for 40 years, will continue at least two more years, with some tweaking to draw more craft booths


A historic building in Clovis is slowing coming down. Demolition at the Old Clovis Winery has begun. The building sits on Clovis Avenue between Dakota and Ashlan Avenues. The City said it's been empty for decades, and it's unsafe to remain up


The winery buildings, on Clovis Avenue north of Dakota Avenue, were condemned and prepared for demolition last year


The story of John Duarte and 450 acres in Northern California is a complicated matter. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it's a tale of a clear violation of the Clean Water Act. Duarte, on the other hand, says the real story is about assumptions and overreach by the government."I call it peeling the onion because this thing goes so many layers deep," he says.


Some crop-price drops will impact per-acre, economic values into 2017, but the state's historical upward trend is expected to resume in the long term


Manteca-area farmers voted this week to oppose a state proposal to permanently allow more water to remain in the Stanislaus River to protect fish.


Overwhelmingly positive reports from California growing regions


Currently most vineyards are focusing on harvesting grapes for white wines. They have to be harvested first because of their thinner skins. Those grapes can be more easily impacted by early rains than red wine grapes.


It's right in the heart of Fresno, inside Old Fig Garden. 15 years ago, David Carlson bought a home there and wanted a way to keep his dinner indulgence alive

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