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Fresno County grape growers are doing their best to work through the challenges created by the various wildfires. The multiple wildfires burning up and down California are leavening a significant amount of smoke in the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno County Farm Bureau CEO Ryan Jacobsen described how growers are faring amidst the adverse conditions created by the wildfires.


Availability of N95 masks for farmworkers looked as hazy as the orange sky in California this week.


High Sierra Grill & Bar has closed and the owner is so frustrated he's hosting a rally for small businesses. The restaurant on the corner of Bullard and West avenues has been closed for five months. The restaurant doesn't have a patio, and with sun beating down on it all day, it wasn't feasible or affordable to put tents and tables in the parking lot, said owner Manny Perales.


Fresno State has something new for fans of its tailgate wine series.


2020 marks 45 years since family owned Quady Winery (Madera, CA) crushed its first grapes. That first harvest in 1975 produced just over 1,600 cases of Zinfandel port wine and started Andrew and Laurel Quady down a storied path of sweet wine innovation and quality in a region of California that was then little known for quality wines, the Central Valley.


The theft happened Monday near Enos Lane and Sullivan Road.


The California Table Grape Commission has three new commercials airing in the U.S. and key export markets as part of the Go with Grapes from California Every Day campaign.


Workers and workers' rights organizations say these outbreaks and the subsequent swell of infections in the Central Valley point to a devastating truth: that we are each only as protected as our least protected; as vulnerable as our most vulnerable.


As we continue to adapt to the new limitations as a result of COVID-19, agriculture has been classified as an essential service and the Imperial Valley has continued to farm. A majority part of the farming effort is the harvest of field crops - alfalfa, wheat, and Bermuda grass - this time of year. We need farm workers to continue harvest, while some live here and some live in Mexicali Valley. Those in Mexicali cross daily, and some experienced long wait times and crossing was delayed. We are pleased to report that the majority of the crossing issues experienced in early May have been greatly improved or resolved completely.


Cooler spring weather sees slow start in San Joaquin Valley, with overall volume revised down from pre-season estimates


In the early days, the Woolfs farmed mostly cotton, grain and melons. But Woolf also began to move away from the traditional, subsidized crops like cotton in favor of specialty crops like processing tomatoes, almonds and pistachios.


Ever-popular and ever-important fruit for the U.S., premium California table grapes are in the swing of harvest for 2020. With fruit coming off of the vine a bit faster than previous seasons and following slightly lower volumes in the Coachella Valley, the industry is looking at what it considers a ...


In all, 107 medals were given out to wines and wineries from throughout the state.


She will serve on the Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) for Trade in Fruits and Vegetables. Devaurs' term to serve will run until 2024.


G3 Enterprises expanded its custom service dedicated to small and mid-sized producers and vintners of high-end premium and super-premium wines.


The fire has burned 24,600 acres and destroyed at least four buildings.


Scholarships given to students attending a four-year university were $25,000; scholarships for students attending a combination of community college and a university were $14,500.


Madera wineries are open for business but with changes due to social distancing restrictions.


There are a few new machines and supplies (2-8 tph de-stemmer, DE-filter, barrel topping kegs, pumps and a range of hose and fittings) left in stock to sell at special prices. Also, to be sold are the original prints, patterns and gauges of the Valley Foundry PCT fittings, sump and centrifugal pumps, must valves and more which the company has been manufacturing since 1989.


Sun Pacific, one of the larger fruit growers in California's San Joaquin Valley, continues to expand its organic grape program and is anticipating a very good 2020 season.

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