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Dolores Huerta, a social activist and labor leader who marched with Cesar Chavez, was arrested Tuesday along with seven other union members during a protest to demand a raise for Fresno county home care workers.


Almonds Rank Ahead Of Wine As California's Top Specialty Crop Export


Organizer Don Grundmann had estimated 500 people would attend. The group says it supports heterosexuality, Christianity and white contributions to Western civilization.


Years in the making, the feat could lead to the development of avocado varieties more resistant to extreme environmental conditions.


The fledgling company, which launched in January, is run by father-and-son team John L. Mensonides and Jason Mensonides. Together they run a service that delivers fresh seafood straight from the docks of San Francisco - and sourced from all over the world - six days a week to area restaurants


Although the Golden State still dominates table grape production, acreage is down due to residential development and growers turning to higher-margin crops. For those who do grow grapes, Flame Seedless is still the leading variety with over 15,000 acres statewide.


There can be no discussion of grape trade without mention of the dissolution of NAFTA and its replacement, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)


If California is to meet its goal of running on 100-percent clean electricity by 2045, fields that once grew hay are going to have to start producing electrons. That's according to a new report from The Nature Conservancy that estimates the state will need to cover an area at least twice as large as Yosemite National Park with solar panels and wind turbines.


Several acres of wine grapes were destroyed when a burn pile got out of control in Salida, CA on Tuesday. The fire began spreading from the burn pile on Chapman Road ...


E. & J. Gallo Wineries says the company agrees with the first amendment's freedom of speech but does not support groups that advocate for divisiveness or express hatred.


"We have a strong area of high pressure that's been building up over the southwestern states, the four corners region we call it. It's very typically this time of year to get that kind of pattern setting up," said Harty.


A holdup in the completion of a sale of wine brands between Gallo and Constellation is starting to bite.


John Giumarra Jr., a driving force in California's grape industry who for years battled Cesar Chavez before relenting and signing a landmark contract with the United Farm Workers, has died of natural causes in Bakersfield. He was 78. Giumarra Jr. died June 30, surrounded by family, said Randy Giumarra, his son.


Collaborating with local farmers, Hasey conducted research on tree pruning, pest management, walnut rootstocks and varieties, water quality, cover crops, and irrigation management. "Janine has been a tremendous asset to our entire agriculture industry during her 38-year tenure with UC Cooperative Extension," said Sandra Gilbert, Rio Oso walnut grower.


The actual cost savings depends on many factors, In the Fresno area, a typical vineyard with 500 vines per acre costs about $500-$700 an acre to prune by hand. But using a machine costs only about 8 cents per vine, dropping the cost down to less than $50 per acre, a huge savings, especially when combined with machine-harvesting


More than 13 million cases of wine created from grapes grown in California's three leading vineyard regions - Napa-Sonoma, Monterey, and San Joaquin County - were sold worldwide in 50 countries during 2018 by Manteca-based Delicato Family Wines.


California's high-speed rail route cuts a four-mile long gash in Tim Raven's 2,500 acres of almond, and grape orchards near Selma


"It's bonkers right now with nuts in the Central Valley," said Charlie Brummer, director of the Plant Breeding Center at UC Davis. "Two issues: Their genetic diversity is very low and they are less adaptable to climate changes."


Sixty-three farmworkers were exposed to a pesticide on Tuesday, and three were taken to a hospital, CBS Fresno affiliate KGPE reports. The Tulare County Fire Department said the call came in around 11:45 a.m. The farmworkers were on the job in a nearby vineyard when the wind shifted and the pesticide drifted from a field that was being sprayed


ASEV has selected 38 scholarship recipients to receive $107,500 in financial support for their pursuit of scientific research and advancement in enology or viticulture at the 70th ASEV National Conference's Student-Industry Mixer on June 20 in Napa, California.

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