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... that fundamental disconnect most people have from farming when talking to a 30-something grower named Ward McCown, a Texan. He has a 10-acre direct-market farm in Tyler and was proud to tell me his house was smack dab in the middle, where he and his wife are raising their children. You think Ward sprays all kinds of toxic pesticides? That's apparently what a lot of the 98% or so of the people in our society who have no direct connection to the farm believe. At least it sure seems so here in California, where this year the state enacted legislation to further protect children from pesticide sprays.


California table grape growers, who rely on export markets in China, have faced 53 per cent tariff of late. According to recent USDA data, shipments of grapes to China were down 42.2 per cent in volume and 41.2 per cent in value in 2018 compared with 2017.


USDA purchased more than 450,000 boxes of California table grapes as part of its tariff mitigation program. California table grapes were included in the USDA Food Purchasing Program for the first time as part of the mitigation program because of the 53 percent tariff imposed on U.S. grapes by China. According to the most recent USDA data, shipments of California grapes to China are down 42.2 percent in volume and 41.2 percent in value in 2018 compared to 2017


Not quite four years ago, Fresno-area farm equipment salesman Steve Malanca got fed up that so many Californians - even those living in farm country - don't understand how important agriculture is to the Golden State's economy. So he created a decal that people could use to let the world know, featuring an outline of California and simply stating, "My job depends on Ag." To date, he's sold 90,000 of the decals, which are now proudly affixed to bumpers and store windows around the state.


A study commissioned by the Kern Groundwater Authority suggests tremendous job losses are a possibility as water district managers and farmers work toward compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.


With four weeks remaining until the State Water Resources Control Board plans to take final action on a river-flows plan affecting the northern San Joaquin Valley, water users are working to negotiate voluntary agreements. After receiving requests from Gov. Brown and Lt. Gov. Newsom, the board voted last week to postpone final action on the plan until Dec. 12. The board originally set last week as the deadline to adopt the plan proposed by its staff, which would redirect flows in the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers for fishery purposes.


Groundwater recharge is the practice of delivering stored surface water supplies that are more transient in availability and applying this water to land with high recharge suitability and good soil permeability. Recharge can be done on dedicated land basins, on fallow fields, and on active crops ... Sustainable Conservation, a San Francisco non-profit, is involved with six on-farm GW recharge monitoring projects in the Central Valley. Two involve winegrape vineyards-They're looking for growers to partner with. Farms in critically over-drafted groundwater basins are a priority ...


Rumors about the safety of Malibu Wine Safari's Stanley the Giraffe sent his fans - including celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Lance Bass - into a frenzy as wildfires closed in on the area around the facility.


More than 100-miles west of Bakersfield, along the central coast of California.-a piece of Kern County is planted among the rolling vineyards of Paso Robles-rows and rows of vibrant vines, where the best fruit is turned into award winning wines-the place where Kern County's deep roots in agriculture comes alive in the vineyard


A "yes" vote supports this measure to authorize $8.877 billion in general obligation bonds for water infrastructure, groundwater supplies and storage, surface water storage and dam repairs, watershed and fisheries improvements, and habitat protection and restoration


Inundating the fight for Jeff Denham's 10th Congressional District


If approved, this action will lead to one of the most preventable droughts California has ever faced, says California Farm Water Coalition


E.&J. Gallo Winery bought 47 of the 115 acres at the plant, across from Modesto Airport in the Beard Industrial District. The company said Monday that it is still studying exactly how to use the Finch Road property for expanded wine operations. They already employ about 3,500 people in Modesto and about 3,000 more elsewhere


Harry Overly, Sun-Maid's president, said Monday that the offer of $2,150 a ton by the Raisin Bargaining Association was too high, not sustainable and unrealistic. As a result, he pulled Sun-Maid out of the RBA, a Fresno-based grower group that negotiates the price for each year's raisin crop. Last year, the industry's 12 packers agreed to a price of $1,800 a ton. But this year, Sun-Maid was the only packer to balk at $2,150


The city of Salinas exemplifies a housing crisis that's plaguing California's rural and urban areas


Excessive groundwater pumping by San Joaquin Valley farmers has caused a stretch of the Friant-Kern Canal to sink so much that it has interfered with irrigation deliveries to more than 300,000 acres of cropland


Wine is weird. After grapes are plucked from vines, cleaned and crushed (or not), they're ready for fermentation. Eukaryotic microorganisms go in, consume sugar, and burp out carbon dioxide and alcohol.


Sacramento native and former San Francisco Giants manager Dusty Baker's winery will open a tasting room across from Bike Dog Brewing in a West Sacramento industrial park.


According to Secret Witness, the shooter was identified as 24-year-old Mariano Perez. Perez was ultimately arrested. Perez was tried for murder; however, the jury trial was declared a mistrial after the jury was unable to reach a verdict. Authorities believe there were other persons involved in Dulcich's murder and the investigation continues.


alifornia almonds, which cater to about 80 per cent of the global demand, have fully recovered from a four-year drought that ended in 2016, with the harvest returning to record levels this year, according to growers and promoters of the resilient crop

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