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Celebrating the passion and spirit of the garagiste winemaker, the festival features over 60 of California's best micro-wineries, pouring over 200 wines made from over 30 different grape varieties.


Worldwide MerlotMe Movement Engages Millions


While Simon Graves is director of vineyard operations at Treasury Wine Estates, Hilary Graves gave up winemaking after 12 years and now owns an agriculture consulting business, Mighty Nimble, and breeds the critically endangered heritage breed of Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs.


State and local promoters of the tunnels now contend that dozens of local water agencies representing millions of Californians are obligated to help foot the bill.


Over 30 grape varieties, 200 different wines, with 25% of winemakers pouring at the festival for the first time.


Peachy Canyon Winery recently announced it is now net-zero traditional power thanks to newly installed solar arrays. The system utilizes about 980 solar panels to cover 80 acres, including several irrigation wells, a 50,000 square-foot winery, the Chronic Cellars tasting room, and two residences.


"We're not fighting the drought, and the crop looks better than it has the last several years. The vines really liked the above-average winter rainfall, and now they're really flush. I'm happy with the size of the crop - not too big, but not too small, either."


The Central Coast wine grape harvest is in full swing with technology helping more and more growers bring in their fruit. With chronic labor shortages and mandated higher wages, growers are turning to machines to get the job done.


By embracing obscure varietals, a newer generation of ambitious Monterey vintners are crafting wines that - while traditionally less favored by consumers - are redefining the region's terroir. It's an about-face from the palate-obliterating fruit bombssometimes found further north and further inland in Napa and Lodi, a turn towards balance and refinement.


"We fell in love with the place," ONX winemaker Brian Brown said, calling it a logical purchase when it came up for sale. "There's great variability on the site, which is a plus. It gives us a lot to work with."


Labor shortage, rising wages driving mechanization


Salinas reached 107 degrees, besting the Sept. 14, 1971, record temperature of 106, and at the monitoring station at the Salinas Airport, the heat climbed to 109 degrees, well above the 105-degree record from Oct. 5, 1987.


Michael Overholt is working with Tolosa winemaker Fred Delivert, Mesa Vineyard Management, and viticulture consultant Randy Heinzen of Vineyard Professional Services to evaluate the effect of shade cloth on the evolution of grape maturity ...


In response, staff added additional traps to the area and inspected them during the next five weeks, she said. No adult insects were found, and neither were eggs or larvae, which would've indicated the insects were breeding


"Growers look forward to this time of the year with great anticipation, "shared Kim Stemler, Executive Director of the Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association. "Following winter rains, the weather has been temperate for the greater part of the year, producing ideal conditions for Pinot Noir from the northern AVA's and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grown in the southern AVA's and Carmel Valley. The 2017 crop looks to be of average to slightly light load, estimated at approximately 170,000 tons."


On July 13, the San Luis Obispo County Department of Agriculture found a glassy-winged sharpshooter on a lemon tree. It was found in a residential area near Highway 1 and Highway 101. Sure, it's just a bug, but this insect is capable of wiping out a vineyard.


The organization seeks a champion to lead Santa Barbara Wine Country following a strategic retreat and a new Board of Directors


Pope is first vineyard manager to ever make the list. The 40 Under 40 list is normally made up of winemakers, sommeliers, and wine media influencers. Pope was named to the list for his, and Winemaker Kevin Sass's groundbreaking and innovative work in helping Halter Ranch beat back Red Blotch, a slow-progressing disease that over time can destroy grapevines, which is running rampant in Calfornia.


She is reportedly returning to France but has been producing wines for the Admirable Family Vineyards label


Growing sparkling market has several estates picking now, watching and waiting on still wine

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