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Cold-hardy wine aficionados and experts gathered at the University of Minnesota on Thursday to judge wines from this rapidly-growing part of the industry. A total of 350 different types of wine are blind tested in the International Cold Climate Wine Competition, with each judge testing 50 wines


Video shot by a security camera at the Laurello Vineyard on State Route 307 showed the collapsed cloud dropping from the sky at 5:15 Saturday evening, its powerful wind pulling furniture toward it before shoving everything in its path in the opposite direction.


a disciple of Konstantin Frank, the Russian immigrant who championed the vinifera varieties for the Finger Lakes in New York and other areas along the East Coast throughout the '60s and into the early '80s, Esterer makes a stunning cabernet sauvignon in a region where other vintners are still quick to say, "You can't ripen cabernet here."


" ... winery associations such as the California Wine Institute and even consumer wine organizations like Free the Grapes have quickly given their consent when laws introduced allowing out-of-state shipments from both wineries and retailers are amended at the behest of wholesalers to strip retailer shipping out of the bill. It's as though wineries and importers think they are in competition with retailers ..."


The Naperville Wine Festival is an annual soiree in which thousands come out to look, swirl, smell and taste - the mantra of wine aficionados - from among more than 300 wines from all over the world


One roof was blown off and another damaged and some 12 people suffered minor injuries as the microburst roared into the popular winery. Serious damage was caused to three structures on the Route 307 property.


Bonobo Winery in Grand Traverse County will soon be distributing five wines to the Grand Rapids area


It's a plastic wine glass that's reusable, recyclable and keeps the integrity of both the taste and smell of the wine -- unlike typical plastic cups.


Danny - son of Rocky Wirtz and grandson of the late Bill Wirtz - is leading his family's lower-profile, higher-revenue alcohol wholesale business into a new era in a changing industry


The National Association of Wine Retailers today delivered a letter to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner urging him to veto a bill that would turn Illinois wine drinkers and the retailer they procure wine from into felons. That would be the result of the governor signing SB 2989, currently awaiting his signature or veto


"In Illinois, two large wholesalers handle about 60 to 70 percent of the business, while more than 200 are doing the rest. They are small individually (annual sales range from $200,000 to $4 million), but this adds up to several hundred million dollars in annual sales"


Senate Bill 2989, sponsored by state Sen. James Clayborne, D-East Saint Louis, seeks to toughen oversight and enforcement of transportation of alcohol into Illinois.


"It's really about making sure we're able to cover the laws that are in place and making sure everyone's following the rules properly," said Danny Wirtz, vice chair of Breakthru Beverage Group, the alcohol distributor company formed in January when Wirtz Beverage Group merged with New York-based Charmer Sunbelt


Researchers say warming is only partly responsible for increase in Brix


USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today announced the availability of $8.4 million in available funding to study and develop new approaches for the agriculture sector to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change. The funding is available through NIFA's Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), which is authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill.


TTB is issuing this regulation in response to a petition submitted by the Straits Area Grape Growers Association


Blackstar Farms will soon be getting a special piece of equipment that will help them and other wine makers to produce better quality red wine


CEO of Oliver Winery, Indiana's oldest and largest, sees continued improvement, sales growth for state's wine industry.


Drought conditions have hit states in New England and the Midwest as regions typically accustomed to precipitation have been lacking. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 74% of topsoil in Massachusetts, 66% of Michigan topsoil, and 51% of New York topsoil was rated as having short or very short moisture levels.


The winery was of the first in west Michigan to begin branching out from the sweet concord grape wines that were mainly produced regionally then, into all the varieties that are available today

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