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this winter hasn't been ideal. "You're dealing with Mother Nature. It hasn't been very cold, so this is like the fourth time we've tried to pick these grapes,"


No matter where you live, if you grow grapes or make wine, there will be a conference not too far from home where you can learn more about growing grapes in a particular climate or making wine, even in challenging seasons ...


Two K Farms of Suttons Bay, MI was awarded the Best of Class Riesling Trophy (sponsored by the International Riesling Foundation) and a Triple Gold Medal for its 2017 Riesling at the judging held in December 2019.


Many seeds in the U.S. come precoated with neonicotinoids, one of the most common insecticides in the world ... Bees are the canary in the cornfield ... The science linking pesticides to the extinction crisis has grown ... CropLife America, among other groups backed by pesticide companies, has financed research and advocacy designed to muddy the conversation around pesticide use. The stunningly successful campaign has kept most neonic products in wide circulation in commercial agriculture as well as in home gardens. The result is a world awash in neonics - and massive profits for companies such as Syngenta and Bayer, which now counts Monsanto as a subsidiary. ...


Tom Gamble, owner of Gamble Family Vineyards in Oakville, is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Premium Brands in Oklahoma, representing a brand new market for the winery. Additionally, the winery will be revitalizing its presence in Illinois through a new partnership with Romano Beverage.


Master Sommelier Douglas Marello has been named General Manager of Wine and Spirits. Beginning immediately, Marello will lead the effort to implement a new vision for the company that will strive to attract new supplier partners and develop new customer relationships for the organization while working to continue the growth trajectory of its current supplier partners.


Ritual Zero Proof, which bills itself as the first alcohol-free brand to serve up a realistic alternative to gin and whiskey in the U.S., has attracted an investment from the world's biggest liquor company.


Waters Edge Winery and Bistro is set to open this spring on East Morton Avenue.


The research is intended to improve the membrane technology for new applications within the food and beverage, life sciences, water purification and gas generation industries.


In addition, TWG has appointed Christine Lilienthal as DTC Marketing Director and Cathy Dangler as Director of Events & Experiential Marketing.


Thompson has been in the beverage and hospitality industry for nearly 30 years and most recently held the role of Vice President, Commercial Operations for Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits in Illinois.


Data from the Ohio Department of Liquor Control shows that per gallon liquor consumption has nearly doubled in the last 20 years. Ohioans consumed 8.2 million gallons of liquor in 1999 and this year the consumption is expected to hit 15 million. Retailers said liquor is now their No. 1 alcoholic product and that the increase in liquor stores in grocery stores is proof of that.


The resolution waives the city's prohibition on alcohol in its public parks during the 2020 farmers market, allowing a winemaker to be added to the list of vendors.


As the chilly conditions move in, volunteers will put on the gloves and heavy coats and focus on finding the best grapes. The staff at Ferrante Winery says they are hoping to make about 200 gallons of wine, that's about 2,000 bottles.


It has to be 15 degrees or below to harvest the frozen grapes. Typically, temperatures aren't favorable for Ice wine harvesting until January but last week started the season started early when Brian woke up to nine degrees. He and a team of coworkers picked grapes in the freezing cold with 30 mph winds, which isn't where the labor-intensive process ends.


LIPP has a patented stainless steel digester system that allows digesters to be built on-site in less than two months.


Winerytale is a groundbreaking app and platform that lets every winery and wine producer create, manage and market an augmented reality experience for their own labels via a smartphone app.


Earlier delays stemmed from RNDC's move into a new, highly automated $80 million warehousing facility in Livonia. A series of computer, training, bad weather and other issues resulted in customers getting orders three or more days late, many incomplete orders, and accounting delays.


The acquisition strengthens Trelleborg's product portfolio, primarily in rotary seals, while giving the business area access to increased manufacturing capacity.


The new agreement pairs the longest continually operating and largest winery in the state of Michigan with the largest domestic manufacturer of glass bottles for the U.S. wine market.

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