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A bill that allows for alcoholic sundaes, parfaits and maybe even ice cream cake is on its way to the Ohio legislature.


The Ohio Grape Industries Program, a state office within the Department of Agriculture, recently released the results of a Consumer Perception study conducted by a hugely respected Cincinnati agency.


Blue Sky Vineyard, which is home to just under 13 acres of vineyard uses mostly Illinois wine-grapes for their premium, award-winning wines


The development includes a 136-room Hyatt Place hotel scheduled to open in May, Sugar River Pizza Co., two salons, a daycare facility and soon, the Verona Woods Restaurant


A recently filed lawsuit against the state of Michigan claims the state violated the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution when it passed a law that discriminates against out-of-state wine retailers by banning them from shipping wine to consumers in the state. What's most unique about this lawsuit is that it is identical to a lawsuit that Michigan lost in 2008.


Three wine-loving Michiganders and an Indiana wine retailer filed a federal lawsuit Friday against Michigan officials, challenging a law that prohibits out-of-state retailers from sending wine to Wolverine State consumers


Through research and teaching, the team has helped more than 70 wineries produce more than a million gallons of wine annually, creating a $100 million statewide economic impact


The results of this research was recently published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.


In an attempt to save their very lucrative industry from extinction, French researchers followed two paths: grafting onto disease resistant root stock - and cross breeding with American grapes which were largely immune to the phylloxera attack.


A bill aimed at generating funds for a new county fairgrounds won't go to the Statehouse as planned - but only because a local lawmaker hopes he can build on a similar proposal by another legislator


Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation to let Michigan stores ship wine directly to in-state customers using common carriers such as FedEx or UPS but ban out-of-state retailers from sending beer and wine to Michigan customers. Beer and wine wholesalers say the law enacted Monday will crack down on illegal wine shipments from online wine retailers and "wine clubs," and customers can still get wines directly shipped from wineries. But wine sellers say the "poorly written" bill should have been vetoed because it is unconstitutional and will be challenged in court.


"We always think it's positive when more retail outlets are allowed to sell our product," says Doug Coster.


But owning and operating a world-class winery wasn't anywhere on Miller's radar when he graduated from Kokomo High School in 1994 and headed off for Purdue University.


The legislation will give breweries, restaurants and distilleries the ability to offer paying customers no more than four free samples - up to two ounces of beer, two ounces of wine, or one-fourth of an ounce of liquor - in a 24-hour period. Current Ohio law prohibits those businesses from giving away beer or alcohol. Ohio wineries requested, and were granted, an exemption during consideration of the legislation.


A Cincinnati-based state appeals court has upheld key components of a trial judge's ruling in a bitter family dispute over control of Moraine-based Heidelberg Distributing Co.


Chicago Chain focuses on remodels and new locations


John T. Fleming, CEO of Superior Beverage Group, along with five passengers departed Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland bound for Ohio State University Airport in Columbus, but disappeared


Kaamran Hafeez has a wonderful cartoon that appeared in The New Yorker, where a woman shopping for a certain bottle tells the wine-shop owner "I don't remember the name, but it had a taste that I liked."


Michigan law allows wine retailers in Michigan and other states to deliver wine to Michigan consumers only using their own trucks. SB 1088 would only allow in-state retailers to use delivery companies like FedEX and UPS to deliver wine, while barring consumers from taking similar shipments of wine from out-of-state retailers


As a sales consultant for wine distributor Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, Constance Begue has enjoyed her fair share of wine dinners and tastings in Columbus' finest restaurants. But when she's off the clock, the Delaware resident with an affinity for rosés and bubbly prefers dining close to home

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