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At first glance, Daniel's Family Vineyard and Winery couldn't be more secluded


Wine may be a nascent industry in northeast Indiana, but local vintners made an impressive showing at the Indy International Wine Competition June 6-7.


Plans for a new Baraboo winery moved forward Tuesday, but city planners say the exterior design needs improvement


Capitol-Husting Co. Inc. and another wine distributor argued that importer Winebow Inc. could not unilaterally terminate their business relationship under the WFDL, Wis. Stat. chapter 135, which says dealership agreements cannot be cancelled unless the grantor shows good cause to cancel the agreement. But Winebow argued that showing good cause was not needed because the wine distributors are not protected by the WFDL. Specifically, Winebow argued that the WFDL protects "intoxicating liquor" dealerships, which doesn't include wine


In 2002, Dr. Palomar founded Dominio Buenavista, which produces wines under the Veleta label, along with olive oil, sherry, canned tuna, sardines and other specialty foods from an estate overlooking the village of Ugijar, below the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains, 30 miles from the Mediterranean Sea.


Tres Rojas wines will look elsewhere to expand its business after the East Peoria Zoning Board decided Monday night not to recommend its request to grow grapes, produce wine and invite visitors to imbibe on a 20-acre parcel of forested land off Bloomington Road


A fitting vessel for what rests inside - an exclusive red blend that can be bought only at the winery based in Geneva. What the wine represents makes it all the more singular


Donniella Winchell sits in her office at the corner of South Broadway and Main streets here. She looks out her window onto the street at a fire hydrant painted purple and green and smiles knowing what the colors represent - the wine-producing grapes and their vines, which grow on more than 1,500 acres in Ohio


The winery's tasting room is open for the season, which began on March 30 and will end on Dec. 22. New this year is an outdoor pavilion that is the winery's third outdoor seating area. The Bergholzes also plan to soon expand their food offerings, and to begin holding Door County-style fish boils in late summer


... focussing not just wine but on beer, hard cider and spirits - with less money available and no allowance for promotional programs. Staff will shift from three full-time staffers to one-and-a half. "We've become a grant program."


Not only does Northeast Ohio have lots of new wineries, but a handful of them told Crain's last fall that established wineries are growing as well. Demand for locally produced wine has been rising, they said, citing increased interest in locally produced food and drink


The highest-reviewed bottles of wine come from Coshocton, Ohio, according to an analysis of CellarTracker reviews by RewardExpert.


Under Indiana law, no company can distribute both beer and liquor. Monarch has spent the last decade trying to get the law changed. Monarch's largest wine supplier, California-based E&J Gallo, has switched to a wholesaler that can distribute all their products, including liquor


Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday signed House Bill 4667 and Senate Bill 440, changing the name of the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council to the Michigan Craft Beverage Council


Monarch Beverage Co. expects the job cuts to occur by Sept. 1, when the Indianapolis wholesaler will pull out of the wine business by closing its $67 million-a-year wine distribution business.


City Council has forwarded to the Planning Commission a rezoning request for a Planned Unit Development -- including a winery -- after tabling the measure for two weeks to review potential deed restrictions posed by the nearby Thornbury subdivision.


Honoring the 2018 Director's Choice Award Winners for the Best Dessert, Red and White wines in the state, as well as Ohio Quality Wine Designees and Gold Medal Winners from the Ohio Wine Competition.


Fenn Valley Vineyards, a 3rd generation winery founded by the Welsch family, announced today the addition of state-of-the-art canning equipment to support production of canned wine as they launch their first ever canned wine product - "Vino Blanco." Fenn Valley Vineyards has been producing world-class wines from grapes grown along the shore of Lake Michigan for nearly five decades.


Released by RewardExpert, the new ranking saw over two million wine reviews and ratings from the CellarTracker app being analysed to determine the best locations across the country, both in terms of quality of quantity, with some of the results proving to be surprising. By matching the reviews of bottles to specific registered wineries, the study was able to produce a ranking of the best wine producing areas of the United States down to three-digit zip code levels.


The recipients are eligible for the Ohio Quality Wine designation, which was created in 2007 by the Ohio Grape Industries Committee and is assigned to wines made from at least 90 percent Ohio-grown grapes.The recipients are eligible for the Ohio Quality Wine designation, which was created in 2007 by the Ohio Grape Industries Committee and is assigned to wines made from at least 90 percent Ohio-grown grapes.

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