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Great wine regions garner respect for vintages by growing quality fruit and developing winemakers who are serious about their craft. Those are given, but are only part of the story.


Currently several winemakers appointed by the governor sit on the council, which is under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Non-voting members such as Michigan State University researchers and Michigan Economic Development Corp. members advise the council on the best way to spend its money. The bill would remove those advisors and the department, which is the source of some concern.


Summary of spotted wing Drosophila activity, harvest status, fruit maturity and innovative thermovinification technology.


Sallie Joan Campbell, an original co-owner of award-winning area winery Black Star Farms, died on Sunday morning. She was 80 years old. Black Star Farms was founded in 1998 in Suttons Bay by James Kermit Campbell and Sallie Campbell. The Campbells ran farming operations on both the Leelanau and Old Mission peninsulas with more than 100 producing acres of vineyards


A bill introduced in the House would replace a statewide council for winemakers with the Michigan Craft Beverage Council for beer, liquor and wine makers. It's music to some micro-beverage makers' ears. The money they receive would go to researching and promoting all three beverages.


SIU's Fermentation Science Institute is looking at ways to expand and start selling its student-made beer around town and at campus events


Tons of grapes in the Grand River Valley wine region are being harvested right now, and the recent heat wave has helped improve quality


"From the Columbia Valley region, Ring Of Honor is described as a medium-bodied red wine blend with flavors of blackberries, cherries, and spice"


the devil will be in the details


The owner of Timber Hill Winery, Amanda Stefl is a one-woman show, the Janesville


"Any time someone tells you there's only one bottle of something left, they're lying," advises Alex Bachman, proprietor of Sole Agent, a broker of rare and vintage spirits.


the most important challenge is probably getting acidity down to acceptable levels


The undersides of Amanda Stefl's fingernails are stained faint shades of purple and red from the thousands of grapes she's processed by hand. The owner of Timber Hill Winery, Stefl is a one-woman show. She makes the wine, bottles it and labels it in the company's all-purpose warehouse in Milton.


In an area more known for the growth of corn and soybeans, grapes and vineyards have started to dot more of the land as local winemakers see an increased appetite


Ohio Grape Industries Committee releases new impact report for 2016


This is the second large-scale trade practice enforcement joint operation that TTB has conducted this year as part of our ongoing effort to secure a level playing field nationwide for law-abiding businesses.


The Ohio Grape Industries Committee released its 2016 Economic Impact Report, which finds Ohio's grape and wine industry has a significant impact of $1.3 billion on the state's economy and provides 8,067 full-time jobs with more than 2,700 additional jobs created since 2012


The Berlin Center winery was the first to open in Mahoning County and makes up to 10,000 gallons of wine yearly


Maggie Kruse was promoted to associate winemaker in January ... "She's an absolute delight to work alongside," says Rob Davis, "Not only does she possess a fine-tuned palate, but her stamina through harvest is strengthened weekly by a Green Bay Packers win."


The Michigan Liquor Control Commission proposes to eliminate a rule that limits liquor stores from operating within half a mile of each other. It's an archaic regulation that's been in place since 1979, stifling competition and discouraging newcomers from entering the industr

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