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The Ohio Grape Industries Committee released its 2016 Economic Impact Report, which finds Ohio's grape and wine industry has a significant impact of $1.3 billion on the state's economy and provides 8,067 full-time jobs with more than 2,700 additional jobs created since 2012


The Berlin Center winery was the first to open in Mahoning County and makes up to 10,000 gallons of wine yearly


Maggie Kruse was promoted to associate winemaker in January ... "She's an absolute delight to work alongside," says Rob Davis, "Not only does she possess a fine-tuned palate, but her stamina through harvest is strengthened weekly by a Green Bay Packers win."


The Michigan Liquor Control Commission proposes to eliminate a rule that limits liquor stores from operating within half a mile of each other. It's an archaic regulation that's been in place since 1979, stifling competition and discouraging newcomers from entering the industr


The so-called "share of stomach" strategy would double the growth opportunity vs. playing against supermarket retailers alone ...


Winestyr customers will now be able to expect 1-2 business day shipping in the Chicagoland area and 1-3 business day shipping to most states east of the Rockies


"Mark truly enjoyed farming the wine grapes and being outside in the sunshine. He worked his own vineyard and coordinated the harvest every year at Chateau Chantal. Anyone you ask would tell you he loved to share this passion with guests."


A packed house expected at a public hearing this afternoon at the Michigan Liquor Control Commission


This was the first stomp held since the new owners purchased the winery last October


For many, the biggest struggle is obtaining the required liquor licenses needed to sell on premise. It is a complicated process that can be different depending on the license an establishment is going for.


Biggest lineup of Master Sommeliers to ever be present at Chicago Gourmet


That single acre of approximately 1,200 vines will be replanted this spring with five core northern Michigan varieties, under the direction of newly-hired Michigan State University Extension service viticultural specialist Thomas Todaro and Dr. Paolo Sabbatini, from the Department of Horticulture at MSU. Todaro, who started his job at the MSU Extension Office on Aug. 7, said re-planting the wine grape plot at the Research Center will "zero in" on grape varieties specific to northwestern Michigan. Cabernet Franc, chardonnay, pinot gris/pinot grigio, pinot noir and rieslings will replace previous plants from the multi-state NE1020 project.


New venture offers students chance to learn how to sell wine in addition to making it


Indiana's alcohol restrictions may have started as Blue Laws based on religious proscriptions, but their continuation to this day is all about the accommodation of package liquor stores.


There are some newer grape varieties that capture what people like about wines like cabernet, and they're also cold-hardy. Many of these grape varieties like Frontenac Gris, Frontenac Blanc, Marquette and La Crescent were developed at the University of Minnesota.


WI Department Of Revenue: Wisconsin Triples Number Of Wineries In 10 Years


lake Michigan College will hold an open house this month for anyone interested in enrolling.


A perfect event for future winemakers. Lake Michigan College will hold an open house later this month, for anyone interested in enrolling in their wine making program.


Wisconsin wineries will go toe-to-toe in a competition Monday on the campus of UW-Madison.


A Purdue researcher says technology may be the key to making the vineyard industry more ecologically -- and economically -- friendly.

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