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The Kroger Co. is boosting its grocery delivery capabilities through a new partnership that will provide home delivery of wine in certain markets.


Martha Stewart continues her wine and food tour with a stop in Chicago in November


Harbor Hill Fruit Farms, the parent company of Good Harbor Vineyards and Aurora Cellars will begin a mobile bottling service for the Michigan wine industry in 2019. Established in 1978, Harbor Hill has been offering custom wine and vineyard services since the 1990's with mobile bottling as the newest addition to the list of services provided.


Meet two innovators changing the face of Northern Michigan's wine scene at 2 Lads Winery.


The company's new location will be in Orange Village, at 27200 Harvard Road, across the street from the blossoming Pinecrest development. This is Cooper's Hawks' 34th restaurant location in the nation.


Hanging over all three cases is the announcement last week that the Supreme Court will hear Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v. Byrd, a case challenging a different but tangential regulation regarding retailers and interstate commerce. Whether the ruling on Byrd also addresses out-of-state retailer shipping is an open question; even if not, the lower-court cases could be stalled until their judges can observe how Byrd is decided. "Depending on what the Supreme Court does with Byrd, it may or may not control these other cases ... The takeaway is let's wait and see."



A new study confirms what a lot of folks - locals and tourists alike - have known for years: The Michigan wine industry is big business and getting bigger.


-The Fourth Time A Michigan Shipping Law is overturned in Federal Court is a Strong Message to Lawmakers and Victory For Consumers-


Fox Valley Winery in Oswego took home awards for its Petite Pearl and Riesling wines during the 2018 Illinois State Fair Wine Competition.


An Indiana task force that's conducting an in-depth review of the state's alcohol laws is expected to recommend a boost in funding for the state agency that enforces alcohol consumption laws, rather than suggesting that Indiana expand cold beer sales.


Bruce Bordelon, professor of viticulture at Purdue University, is fretting about the weather. The state is getting way too much rain, which plays havoc with maturing grapes. Excess moisture can cause them to burst, and encourages mold and other harvest-damaging ailments





Lourdes University recently announced it will start the program in Aug. 2019. The degree program will feature courses in fermentation, chemistry, nutrition and accounting. Students will be required to complete three internships, including one through an Irish study abroad program


After years of mostly-give-and-little-take while growing persnickety grapes with high risk-reward value, Lapacek and his plant manager, Amber Pedersen, believe the winery is on the cusp of something special this year.


With more than seven decades in the wine industry, it's time that the glasses be raised for Marjorie Valvano, a well-known enthusiast in Cincinnati's wine circle


Conti has held roles of increasing responsibility at E & J Gallo, Wine Distributors, Superior Beverage, and Glazer's Distributors.


WTSO began offering their flash wine sales in Illinois this past January. No other out-of-state retailers and wineries are able to ship into this state, so WTSO has made fine wine much more accessible to individuals living in Illinois

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