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New Orleans celebrity chef John Besh stepped down from management of the restaurant group that bears his name after a newspaper reported that 25 women who are current or former employees of the business said they were victims of sexual harassment by male co-workers and bosses.


Researchers at West Virginia University's Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design are exploring unique methods to protect crops from the pesky, six-legged invader known as the stink bug


ST. LOUIS • A St. Louis Circuit Court judge has determined that former liquor commissioner Robert Kraiberg should get his job back, 19 months after filing a lawsuit alleging he was improperly fired for political reasons.


While Oklahoma's agricultural roots may be steeped in cattle and wheat production, grape production continues to gain ground


One of New Orleans most successful restaurant partnerships in recent times has been between veteran chef John Besh and rising star Alon Shaya. Now, it is over, and the city, the industry and diners are buzzing about what happens next.


A New Master of Wine, the Country's Best Wine Festival and a Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40 Winner Among Fall Highlights


Tom Plocher stopped during a stroll through his tightly planted test vineyard in Hugo and pointed at a healthy cluster of blue grapes. The enterprising work of this savvy grape breeder, who has propagated three cold-hardy grapes (Petite Pearl, Crimson Pearl and Verona), is one of many reasons that Minnesota wines are steadily on the rise in quality and quantity.


The combined efforts of an NDSU researcher, research assistants and graduate students have resulted in the wine grape industry growing steadily to become a tourist attraction for the state.


The landscape has changed dramatically. Founded in 2005, the winery has gradually morphed into full-blown whiskey production, and the distillery was recently named 2017 distillery of the year by the American Distilling Institute


Needless to say, Frost's opinion of regional wines has changed ...


Ten sommeliers at the Little Nell, a fancy hotel in the Colorado mountain town of Aspen (population less than 7,000), have earned Master Sommelier pins since 2003, an unheard-of number for any single restaurant


They winery is run by a mother-daughter tandem, Brenda Broulik, and her daughter Anna Wilson. Their winery has about 2.5 acres of grapes.


The lawsuit alleged that the new liquor guidelines violated the constitution's equal protection clause and tried to block them. Association officials have not said if they will appeal.


While SQ 792 will allow grocery and convenience stores to operate an unlimited number of locations that can sell wine and beer, the measure limits liquor stores to just two locations


There are $76,100 available to distribute to measure the potential impact on the grape, fruit, and wine industry and how effective the project is at enhancing the competitiveness of the industry.


It's the last call for St. Paul's only 3.2 bar, and the owner is ready to turn out the lights.


For the western third of the country (mainly those areas west of the Continental Divide), the overall winter will not be as wet as last year. The forecast is pointing to a return to more normal winter conditions in regard to both temperatures and precipitation. This is not ruling out occasional bouts of heavy precipitation sweeping in from the Pacific, or shots of cold air pushing south through western Canada, but these occurrences should be balanced out by spells of dry and mild weather.


More consolidation: Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing Company has agreed to purchase the assets of San Francisco's Magnolia Brewing. The deal, which is part of a bankruptcy proceeding, cost New Belgium $2.7 million.


"South Dakota Wine: A Fruitful History" was co-authored by Kara Sweet and Denise DePaolo


On Oct. 1, 2018, only high-point beer will be sold in Oklahoma; some counties fear for local businesses

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