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The University of Minnesota is creating cold-hardy varieties for a small but growing northern wine scene


On Sunday folks at Prairie Berry Winery celebrated winning more than 1,000 awards since 2001.


Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits of Colorado sued Gary J. Dragul and MC Liquor 02 LLC on June 1. Southern Glazer's alleges the company - which does business as Incredible Wine & Spirits in Englewood - owes $28,120 for products delivered.


She decided to spearhead an initiative to position Winthrop as the go-to law firm for Minnesota wineries. Minnesota's farm winery law sets it apart from other states


Throughout the past 16 years as founder, owner, and CEO of BevSource, Inc., Janet Johanson has been the driving force behind helping BevSource's clients launch hundreds of beverage products in North America and oversees. Her dedication to company growth and employee development along with her work to mentor others in business merited this award.


Fenn Valley Vineyards, a 3rd generation winery founded by the Welsch family, announced today the addition of state-of-the-art canning equipment to support production of canned wine as they launch their first ever canned wine product - "Vino Blanco." Fenn Valley Vineyards has been producing world-class wines from grapes grown along the shore of Lake Michigan for nearly five decades.


A simplified ordinance regulating times for alcohol sales was given final approval by the Fort Pierre City Council at its regular Monday meeting. The only practical effect appears to be very limited: It will now be possible to sell alcohol on Christmas, if a business wants to open its doors that day.


The Bicentennial Wine and Beer Showcase of Jefferson County will be held from 1-5 p.m. Saturday, June 16, at the Lalumondiere Mill and Rivergardens, 4993 Old Byrnesville Road, in Byrnesville.


The largest beer distributor in Minnesota, J.J. Taylor, has recently tried to save money by incorporating two-person keg delivery routes into one-person packaged beer deliveries. Drivers and warehouse workers responded to the changes with a strike that began with a picket line on April 9


Last week, word came that Leslie Rudd, a wine entrepreneur among many other things, had succumbed to cancer


The char-grilled oysters at Angelo's Taverna at 6885 South Santa Fe Drive in Littleton are out of this world. After you enjoy a dozen with a glass of Carboy Winery wine, walk through a side door and (ta-da!) you'll be inside the Carboy Winery itself, where you can pull up a stool and sample more of the goods


With the help of a rented plane, Jerry Eisterhold found the perfect place to start a vineyard with grapes native to the Midwest - grapes that no one had cultivated for more than 150 years



Roughly 20 percent of the grape, including the seed, stalk and skin, are not used in wine production and therefore wind up in landfills. New research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is focused on creating beneficial uses for grape pomace, or the parts of the grape not used to make wine


Alexis Bailly, Next Chapter sue over rules on using Minnesota grapes


A bill making its way through the Kansas legislature could redefine what a day is; at least, when it comes to alcohol. Right now, in the state of Kansas, you can only order alcohol between 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.


The future home of "Velvet Freeze Daiquiris" next to Smaxx on 18th and Vine is a work in progress


amid concerns the move could cost the state millions in lost federal aid


If a bill proposed by Louisiana State Senator Eric LaFleur passes, the days of young adults relying on fake IDs or a willing older friend to get their booze could be behind us.


Cold Climate Grape Conference features tastings and sessions on Itasca, Crimson Pearl

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