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US drinks firm Republic National Distributing Co (RNDC) has agreed to form a joint venture with Central Liquor Co in Oklahoma, as the state prepares to welcome new alcohol laws ... "October 1 will be a momentous day for the state of Oklahoma, and for RNDC," said RNDC president & CEO Tom Cole. "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to move from being a broker to a distributor, and expand our... partnership with the Naifeh family and their Oklahoma team."


Great wine starts with great grapes, the kind that can't survive an 8-month-long winter


Nevada/Vernon county Chamber of Commerce Vice President Ross Lawrence says there are more than 17-hundred businesses in Vernon county, most of which are centered on agriculture.


Previously, the stores, including Walmart, were only allowed to sell wine from small batch farms.


Restaurants Offer Three-Course Thanksgiving Menu While Bringing Back Honor Wine By Popular Demand


Local bar, restaurant, liquor store and convenience store representatives united Monday night in their opposition to a Sunday morning hard alcohol ban they described as nonsensical, outdated and unfair


two metro-Denver stores have bought out existing liquor stores' licenses and received permission from the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) to set up retail liquor operations within their locations


Previously, grocery and convenience stores were limited to selling only small-batch farm wines, but lawmakers voted earlier this year to allow grocers to expand their selections.


The draining of a massive aquifer that underlies portions of eight states is drying up streams, causing fish to disappear and threatening the livelihood of farmers who rely on it to water their crops


Walmart, Kroger, and a grocery store in Helena-West Helena are challenging the liquor stores lawsuit ...


The award comes from the Missouri Wine and Grape Board and is a result of the annual Missouri Wine Competition.


Wineries and grapegrowers report above-average harvest across region


Four small independent liquor stores in Arkansas will get a chance Nov. 13 to try to persuade a federal judge to temporarily halt the implementation of a new law that would allow grocery stores to sell any brand of wine


More people are trading their cold beer for a glass of wine. The entire industry is changing according to wine makers and liquor store owners. Most of your wine-related questions can be answered with a trip to Altus.


When problems arise with the ex-governor's vineyard, he calls University of Missouri Extension viticulturist Dean Volenberg


The interesting thing about growing grapes in Colorado versus areas like California is obviously the altitude and the weather


The legal drama over beer sales in the notorious border town of Whiteclay may not be over, despite a recent move to drop pending citations against the stores


New Orleans celebrity chef John Besh stepped down from management of the restaurant group that bears his name after a newspaper reported that 25 women who are current or former employees of the business said they were victims of sexual harassment by male co-workers and bosses.


Researchers at West Virginia University's Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design are exploring unique methods to protect crops from the pesky, six-legged invader known as the stink bug


ST. LOUIS • A St. Louis Circuit Court judge has determined that former liquor commissioner Robert Kraiberg should get his job back, 19 months after filing a lawsuit alleging he was improperly fired for political reasons.

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