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The state agriculture department said Wednesday that federal officials had confirmed the presence of phylloxera in Mesa County's Grand Valley wine region, home to nearly 75 percent of Colorado's grape acreage.


The largest vineyards in the state became the first to receive their Agriculture Stewardship Assurance Program (ASAP) certification in the Missouri Department of Agriculture's new specialty crop category. ASAP was launched to recognize farmers who are doing the best for Missouri's land, farms and families.


federal officials had confirmed the presence of phylloxera (Fa-LOX'-ah-rah) in Mesa County's Grand Valley wine region, home to nearly 75 percent of Colorado's grape acreage


The lawsuit was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Denver on behalf of Dr. Malik Hasan and his wife, Seeme, against AIG Property Casualty Co. of Pennsylvania by Denver attorney Glenn Merrick


The Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma is finalizing legal action it promised to take after the passage of State Question 792 in November.


Miller gave players a custom wine, blended by a Boulder native


On the night of Sept. 12, the driver of a tractor-trailer failed to negotiate a 90-degree curve on southbound U.S. 285 ...


Today, there are 148 wineries in the state, and most of them are closer than you think


Marc Lazar, 39, was arrested last week by city cops, who claim he made illegal sales on October 17 and November 9, according to court records


University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Paul Read wants to teach his students a skill that will serve them long after graduation: how to savor a glass of wine


Denver voters have approved a first-in-the-nation law allowing willing bars and restaurants to give patrons the option to use marijuana alongside a cocktail or meal. The catch: Smoking pot won't be allowed inside, and the locations would have to first get the approval of neighbors


Despite a drop in profitability in 2015, Minnesota's municipal liquor stores remain big money-makers for city budgets


The first wine grapes from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Fruit Breeding Program expand options for grape growers and wine makers in Arkansas and neighboring states.


City liquor stores hurt by big-box competition


The rural Denver entrepreneur markets her own cru9 WoMan line of pinot noir, chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon wines in Iowa after having them grown, vinted and bottled to her taste in northern California's Napa and Russian River valleys.


"This is the best thing that's happened to us since statehood," said Susan Boehrer, a supporter of the measure.


It was a bill that supporters said would take a step to modernize Oklahoma's liquor laws. The proposal also gives liquor stores permission to sell ice and mixers. If passed, the measure would go into effect in 2018.


Some ideas stem from a dream. The sort of dream that can grow into something prosperous


The report argues that as tourism, leisure and the service industry become a larger part of Wyoming's economy, liquor licenses being more widely available will help local governments generate more revenue.


The St. Paul winery, sitting approximately 350 feet over the North Loup River Valley, is expanding to keep pace with the state's growing wine industry.

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