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The newest trend in South Florida's craft-beer industry is marijuana beer, but local brewers this week face a major buzzkill thanks to a key ingredient in the brew: cannabis terpenes oil.


A new crop of wine bars has sprung up in DC. (We're still waiting for the trend to hit the burbs.) Where should you sip and swirl?


They only hurt businesses and burden consumers.


Seven-day liquor and wine sales will be legal in Tennessee if the governor signs a bill lawmakers passed Wednesday, despite an outcry from a pastors' group about the undue influence of "wicked liquor."


The Gleaner reports the state Alcoholic Beverage Control board has ruled the license for Farmer and Frenchman should be revoked. The ruling says the winery is in a part of Henderson County that some historical representations may consider dry territory.


Although the county was given the authority to license private store owners to sell liquor, the Department of Liquor Control director said there's no timeline to do so


The Tennessee General Assembly this week approved legislation allowing Tennesseans to buy wine in grocery stores on Sundays and most holidays, and Gov. Bill Haslam said Wednesday he will sign it into law


allegations - and another, involving a workplace rape less than a year later - are part of a new lawsuit against the winery filed in federal court last month


Imagine you're prepping a dinner party for 10 friends. You pull out your smartphone and fill your Amazon shopping cart with the best meats, vegetables and delectable cheeses.


TN Lawmakers Vote To Allow Liquor And Wine Sales On Sundays And Holidays.


The law prohibits placing prices on happy hour advertising, as well as using any terminology other than "happy hour" and "drink specials." Nor can business owners promote "two-for-one" drinks-they must be referred to as "half-priced" drinks instead.


After an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2016, the wine magnate decided to ante up again in 2018, running in an adjacent Maryland district. And just like he did in the 2016 race, he's pumping in a lot of his own money


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the charity wine auction honored vintners and longtime donors


Mark and Vicki Fedor, owners of North Gate Vineyard between Hillsboro and Purcellville, announced Thursday that they've reached an agreement to be acquired by Mike Wheeler and Nate Walsh of Walsh Family Wine. The deal is expected to close in April



The Eastern U.S. wine industry has evolved dramatically in the last 30 years and that evolution was on full display at a sold-out session focused on high-end red Bordeaux-style wines. The session was part of the Eastern Winery Exposition held March 6-8 in Lancaster, Pa. The conference drew more than 1,100 people for sessions on viticulture, enology, sales and marketing as well as a wine industry trade show


Winemakers discuss working with the variety at the Eastern Winery Exposition


Cooper's Hawk said it will have hiring fairs over the next six weeks: On March 19 and 20, and then again on April 2 and 3. The hiring events will be from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at a hiring trailer set up near 10310 Pines Blvd., at the Pines City Center on the southwest corner of Pines Boulevard and Northwest 103rd Avenue.


- This would be the third coastal storm in 10 days, following Winter Storms Riley and Quinn.


If they know petit verdot at all, a typical consumer will know it as primarily a blending grape in Bordeaux; one taster commented that "the challenge of petit verdot is that you never have it in its naked form." Even the most enthusiastic consumer is unlikely to have tasted a wine that's all or mostly petit verdot, which means Virginia producers of this grape are behind the eight ball before they even start.

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