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Patrons of a Salt Lake City ax-throwing venue will be able to hurl sharp-bladed tools while drinking a cold beer after the state's alcohol commission voted Tuesday to amend state liquor laws.


A September court ruling would have prohibited many of the state's biggest alcohol companies from operating. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission reversed the ruling, saying lawmakers couldn't have wanted such disruption. In a billion-dollar game of brinkmanship over the state's booze business, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission blinked.


Gen3 Hospitality acquired the brand and its seven units


"It is first and foremost a wine, production and wholesale of wine and distilled spirits," a representative from Vara Wines said at the Tuesday meeting.


The scenario evokes images of a Hollywood film script: in 1984 a family from Champagne decides to start making sparkling wine in the desert land of New Mexico in America's Southwest, writes Roger Morris.


In Southern New Mexico, chiles add a kick to everything, including vino.


Walmart's legal victory allowing it to sell hard liquor in Texas doesn't mean people in the state will be able to go out and buy bottles of vodka and gin at the retail giant's stores anytime soon.


A U.S. district judge in Austin ruled late Tuesday in favor of Walmart and against the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission on two laws that since Prohibition have dictated who can sell liquor in the state


The giant retailer wants to get into the business of selling liquor in Texas but argued that restrictions on package liquor licenses, some dating to the end of Prohibition, amounted to unconstitutional discrimination.


Nearly a year after a series of self-inflicted wounds led to a purge of the agency's upper management, a new commissioner and new executive director have launched a series of reforms - and the businesses they regulate say they've seen a big change.


They let Utah's tough new drunken driving law - the toughest in the nation - stand, albeit with a few minor tweaks. The law, passed in 2017, lowers the state's blood-alcohol content for driving under the influence from 0.08 to 0.05 and goes into effect on Dec. 30



Kerith Overstreet has a number of vintner friends back home in Sonoma County in California who have brought cool cowboy stuff back from Houston - big silver belt buckles and even a saddle or two, the result of how well their wines have shown in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo's International Wine Competition. And Overstreet has a super-competitive streak


You won't find any vines hanging around Houston's newest winery. Located on Travis Street in midtown, Sable Gate Winery is firmly planted in an asphalt-laden stretch of the city. But there's nowhere owners Szilvia Konya and Bob Egan would rather be.


After tremendous growth in recent years, winery owners reflect on what worked


State association plans detailed vineyard census, productive work with regulators


Clark County commissioners are considering an ordinance that would allow customers at salons and barbershops to buy beer or wine while getting their haircut


Wine Importer to Partner with Dollar Shave Club, Matt Tifft for Race on March 10


As the young Zinfandel blooms on your tongue, Ryan Duncan will tell you about the grape's unpronounceable relative in Croatia, and that his beloved Sancerre's minerality lands like lime licked off granite. From malolactic fermentation to diurnal shifts, his sommelier muscle will just keep twitching. Until you ask about the first wine so delicious it made him close his eyes.


A devastating disease is causing issues for grape growers in the Rio Grande Valley

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