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"When I came to Texas Tech in 2001 there were 46 wineries in the state, and now there are over 400."


The Bethesda, Maryland-based company is taking over the leases for liquor store Goody Goody in Humble and the Copperfield Village Shopping Center, company representatives confirmed in emails. It's the seventh and eighth Houston-area stores for Total Wine, which is emerging as the fastest-growing new competitor in the Bayou City.


Total Wine & More is taking over two Houston-area Goody Goody liquor stores as the Maryland-based company continues its aggressive growth and goes head-to-head with local stalwart Spec's.


In a significant realignment calculated to accelerate growth across seven key states, Excelsior Wines, North America's largest importer of South American wines, confirms a strategic new partnership with Young's Market Company. Effective June 1, Young's Market Company assumes exclusive distribution rights for Excelsior Wines in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.


Now, with the reputation of the state's flourishing industry secure, a small but growing group of winemakers believe the next step should be authenticity


The Department of Labor says that 70 workers here on a visa were housed in a dangerous and unsanitary encampment.


Far fewer people now doubt that Texas can make wine on par with California, France and other top winemaking regions of the world. With the reputation of the state's flourishing wine industry secure, a small but growing group of winemakers believe the next step should be authenticity - a law establishing that wine can only be granted Texas appellation if it's made from 100 percent Texas-grown grapes.


Why you should get to know the summery sip.


There's no need to make up an excuse to go out. For 10 days this month, more than 150 restaurants have you covered with showcased meals for Arizona Restaurant Week.


Drinkers in San Antonio and Houston can skip the trip to the liquor store with a new mobile delivery app making its debut in both cities Thursday.


A new bill hopes to change the labeling standards for wine in the Lone Star State, but the jury is still out on whether it will make the stuff more marketable


The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will present an Advanced Grape Grower Workshop June 19-20 at the Hill Country University Center, 2818 E. U.S. Highway 290, Fredericksburg


When Richard and Melanie Bowen opened the Silver Dollar Winery almost two years ago, they had no idea that their business would grow so quickly.


he called the move necessary "in order to do what I truly believe is best for me and my career with Greek food and wine."


The Grand Ballroom of the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas transformed for one night into a vast salon of wine tasting and appreciation at the opening night of the 2017 Wine Spectator Grand Tour


The Texas House on Saturday voted overwhelming to place new constraints on craft breweries that grow beyond a set size or become acquired by a larger beer company.


The recent lawsuit isn't the only case where the internal contradictions of Texas' three-tier system have led to legal challenge. While the state should rethink its application of the one share rule, it also needs to do a more fundamental rethink on the basis of the whole drinks system.


Famous for its authentic barbecue, football fanaticism and the historic Alamo, Texas has a lesser-known, homegrown pride and joy: wine.


Fire singed their property six years ago and left them wondering if it would happen again last week


"Twenty years ago, we started with five acres. We added five or 10 acres each year, and it took us this long," Vijay Reddy, local grape farmer, said. "But, we have 288 acres producing grapes."

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