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Rangeland Fire Protection Associations, Interagency Fire Center prepare for wildfire season.


The eruption of a Hawaii volcano has people warily eyeing volcanic peaks on America's West Coast that are also part of the geologically active region.


"While participating in a panel discussion at the Texas Wine Revolution Rosé Festival on a recent weekend in Marble Falls, I got into an amiable disagreement with fellow panelist Chris Brundrett, the "Chris" half of William Chris Winery and one of our state's new wave of cellar stars. Ultimately, though, I think we were both right ... "


A portion of all wine sales go towards local charities


According to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts, vineyard owners and wineries in Texas have reason to be in good spirits this spring - in spite of some challenges in the form of severe weather in grape-growing areas of the state


The wildfire season has become longer and wildfires themselves more destructive in the last several decades.


CapRock owners form joint venture with Steve Newsom in bid to return to top tier in state


The owners of The Salt Lick have big plans for their land, from a winery to an events center. But they're stymied by Prohibition-era alcohol laws aimed at keeping producers, distributors and retailers financially separate. Will lawmakers step in with a fix?


Neal Newsom's Barnery in the Texas High Plains was the site of the 30th annual Newsom Grape Day attracting 250 attendees from the state's viticultural sector last Friday. Capping the day filled with technical presentations, vendor demonstrations, and 2B Ranch BBQ were announcements of TWGGA's new executive director April Mitchell and Newsom receiving the Lubbock CoC's Doc McPherson Award.


Texas vintners held their own at the competition, which included more than 3,200 entrants.


Two vintners discuss high-elevation, desert winemaking at the Hospice du Rhône event


A Houston-based spirits company and its Dallas partners are being sued by the Jack Daniel's brand for allegedly lifting its trademarks for an "inferior" product



The way Attorney General Mark Brnovich sees it, you can't get on your computer and order booze between 2 and 6 a.m., even if you're not planning to have your order delivered until more reasonable hours -- and even if that order is going out of state ...


A historic ruling widening the sales of spirits in conservative Texas raises concerns among local firms.


Canned wine - a relatively new packaging method for wine that has made it more accessible than ever - is likely here to stay, after a few years' of skyrocketing sales


Patrons of a Salt Lake City ax-throwing venue will be able to hurl sharp-bladed tools while drinking a cold beer after the state's alcohol commission voted Tuesday to amend state liquor laws.


A September court ruling would have prohibited many of the state's biggest alcohol companies from operating. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission reversed the ruling, saying lawmakers couldn't have wanted such disruption. In a billion-dollar game of brinkmanship over the state's booze business, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission blinked.


Gen3 Hospitality acquired the brand and its seven units


"It is first and foremost a wine, production and wholesale of wine and distilled spirits," a representative from Vara Wines said at the Tuesday meeting.

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