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Current conditions favor cool to seasonal temperatures and drier than average conditions in October throughout the western US. Rains should stay mostly away till mid-month or later.


Fairhaven Vineyards and Winery in Hawkins has been making wine since 2003. While the vineyards Lomanto wine are grown in the Sabine River Valley, the grapes have a local connection. Lomanto grapes are a hybrid of the Thomas Volney Munson grapes. Munson developed these grapes while working in his Denison vineyard in 1899.


Texas winery Messina Hof this week unveiled a new way for Texans and those outside the state to support pepople impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The winery's special edition wine dubbed Resilience is currently on sale with 100 percent of profits going to Harvey relief efforts.


Durette will be overseeing the 11 states in the Western Division, based out of Oceanside, CA


Nate will threaten part of the central Gulf of Mexico coast of the United States as a hurricane with flooding, strong winds and isolated tornadoes on Sunday.


Some wine specialists foresee climate change eventually reducing the amount of wine produced. However, with every new harvesting season, winemakers find different ways to adapt to new weather challenges.


The Las Vegas area restaurant community scrambled all day Monday, eager to support victims


Consumers who love Texas wine should also be excited. Chances are we'll have some high-quality bottles of the 2017 vintage to look forward to starting next year.


The U.S. and Mexico have unveiled a new agreement to preserve water for millions of households and farms that depend on the overused Colorado River


Toast this: Arizona's wine industry grew 1,940 percent in 14 years.


grapes in the Hill Country started sprouting extra early this year. As a result, they were also ready to come off the vines a couple of weeks ahead of schedule,


The latest is a decision that could cost Core-Mark Midcontinent, one of the largest distributors of consumer goods in North America, its license to distribute alcohol


Arizona Snowbowl fired up the snow guns this weekend, marking the earliest artificial snowfall in the country!


Momo Food & Wine brings Mediterranean bites and lots of grapes


New research predicts that an increase in the frequency and magnitude of wildfires will double the rates of sedimentation in one-third of the West's large watersheds, reducing reservoir storage and affecting water supplies.


Peju will donate a portion of online sales to relief efforts for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


trying to get back to normal and move forward amid the unprecedented damage


In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I think anything you can do to support the state, its workers and its economy would be much appreciated, and one of the smallest and easiest gestures would be to forego whatever other bottle of wine you were about to buy and pick up one from Texas. You might feel good about doing it, and more likely than not, you will be surprised by how good it tastes.


Lewandowski runs what's arguably the most unconventional winemaking operation in the U.S.


One of West Texas's wettest summers on record has been good for grape growers

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