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San Antonio-based sommelier Jennifer Beckmann is leagues closer to realizing her dream of opening Re:Rooted 210, a winery at downtown SA's fast-evolving Hemisfair complex. The spot will serve both its own Texas-grown wine and that of other Texas vintners.


The European Union and the United States have engaged in a game of retaliatory tariffs since the U.S. was accused of subsidizing Boeing in 2004.


He saw a vision for Texas Viticulture & Wine, planting 1,000 plus acres of grapes.


Transformed inside and out, La Trattoria di Francesco serves simplified food that's still luxurious but won't break the bank.


Three public hearings later and the Alcohol Delivery Support Service bill passed with all but one dissenting vote in a city council meeting Wednesday. To provide small businesses another survival option as the COVID-19 crisis continues.


A French botanist made an adventurous journey across the United States in the 1880s in search of an American grapevine suitable for the vineyard soil back home. France was in the midst of the phylloxera crisis, threatening to destroy all French wine production. A solution was urgently needed. He found it in Texas.


Many wine conferences and educational programs have switched to virtual schedules. Online sessions aren't the same as being there in person, but there are advantages: Conference organizers have the option to include presenters based on their knowledge of the topic, not how much it would cost to bring them to a specific location. From enology, to viticulture, wine marketing and business, there are a wide variety of virtual programs anyone in the industry can attend. Check out this extensive, up-to-date conference roundup.


Pflugerville City Council approved an annexation request Jan. 12 for 33 acres of land to host operations of Republic National Distributing Company, a wine and spirits distributor.


At just over $50, the Cyrus is quite the bargain, too, and is now in retail distribution in Houston. Note that our unofficial "class champion," price be hanged, is the 2016 Shafer Hillside ...


The Texas-based businesses launch innovation and augmented reality technology to bring wine to life


As the 87th legislature kicks into high gear in Austin tomorrow, a new bill introduced in both the Texas House and Senate is aiming to make to-go alcohol from restaurants and bars permanent.


With limited serving quantities of strong spirits at restaurants, beer and wine cooler sales offered only in grocery stores and the ability to purchase hard liquor largely restricted to state-run outlet stores, people across the nation think Utah is a semi-dry state.


Although the respective winemakers, Randy Hester and Rae Wilson, have distinct winemaking styles, they share the same vision: to cultivate education & promote a connection to Texas wine. Each wine presented is a unique expression of farming and winemaking, and exhibits the shared conviction of minimal intervention in the process.


In case you missed the news alert on New Year's Eve, Alan Dreeben has retired from Republic National Distributing Co. (RNDC), with his son-in-law Marc Sachs replacing him on the company's board. Dreeben was part of the drinks industry's middle tier for more than a half-century, and played a leading role in developing RNDC into a 32-state distribution giant. In recognition of his exemplary career, he was recently named Market Watch's Industry Executive of the Year. Here's the full story.


Restaurants are back down to half capacity, but it's bars that are having to close shop.


When you first think of the world's great wine regions, you might not think of Arizona. Maybe you think of Napa, the Columbia Valley or even France and Italy come to mind. But over the last few years, winemakers in this state have done a lot to change that. The Arizona wine scene has become more respectable, but also more expansive.


At the end of every year, one always makes predictions and resolutions for the following year. Following are some 2021 predictions from the Texas Fine Wine group.


Charles M. Dalton, whose bushy beard, nickname "Bear" and ever-present Stetson, became synonymous with fine wine in Houston, died Saturday after a lengthy battle with colon cancer. He was 61 ...


Restaurant Trokay is an upscale "modernist" establishment in downtown Truckee. Their food is complex and intentional. Their platings are detailed and artful. The cost to dine there can push $200 to $300.


Mannebach Cellars opened in 2019 in Erda near the Oquirrh Mountains, and soon a Latter-day Saint temple will take root in the Tooele County community, too.

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