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Many Lodi wineries will start releasing their newest vintages this spring. But if you can't wait that long ...


Liz, Markus and their engaging winemaker Elyse Perry will host the two-part, hour-long virtual series from the winery located on Atkins Road in Lodi's Clements Hills micro-American Viticultural Area. The series will feature four limited quantity, award-winning wines:


The pandemic forced wineries to close tasting rooms and cancel events. Unprecedented wildfires in size and number blanketed the Central Valley with smoke, and rainfall was about half of normal.


Wine Enthusiast Magazine announced today that Michael David Winery has been named 2020 American Winery of the Year. Each year, Wine Enthusiast Magazine honors the individuals and companies that have made outstanding achievements in the wine and beverage world with the annual Wine Star Awards


I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with David Phillips, half of the brother duo behind Michael-David Wines, during a recent Vine Guy podcast interview. Michael-David is the impressive producer of several popular wine brands, including the popular Seven Deadly Zins Zinfandel.


Lodi-based Michael David Winery has a new name and brand to go with the Geyserville winery it purchased from Silver Oak Cellars.


"Old vines are living pieces of agricultural history and they are disappearing, one by one. The market lacks the recognition and premiumization of old vine wines. Until these wines can fetch the premium price they deserve, we will continue to see old vines ripped out. It is simple economics. Our goal is to preserve Lodi's historical vineyards for generations to come."


According to the federal complaint, Hung stayed in San Marino, near Pasadena, and Lodi, south of Sacramento, where his family has a vineyard. The complaint describes the vineyard as a "tactical training camp" and shooting range that Hung and others planned on using


"It's very vineyard specific and so far from what we've seen, it's not going to be an issue for us." - Adam Mettler, Michael David Winery


Virtual Lodi Masterclass held on September 28 and 30 will be led by Elaine Chukan Brown


KCRA 3 spoke with Senior Winemaker Jeff Farthing from Michael David Winery in Lodi.


Dodge joins Oak Ridge Winery after nearly five years at Constellation Brands serving as the Senior Director of Winemaking and General Manager of Central Coast Winemaking and Operations.


"It's something that our growers will continue to watch. Working with the researchers and working with our wineries to see as far as testing needs to be done."


It's one of the more ambitious efforts by a conventional California winery to capitalize on nascent consumer interest in natural wines.


Visitors unfamiliar with the Iberian pride, heritage and aspirations of Bokisch Vineyards will see the clue before they sample the wines.


Early this century, Lodi grape grower and vintner David Lucas helped lead a successful effort to persuade the Supreme Court of the United States to allow wineries to ship wine to consumers across state lines.


Under new guidance from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, wineries can offer more for consumers, though their tasting rooms must remain closed under San Joaquin County's stay-at-home order.


Blake Bomben and Vern Vierra are collaborating on a project one might expect from the adventurous winemakers.


Since opening, the winery has packaged its wine in a unique bowling pin-shaped flint glass bottle, with a deep punt. A new bottle uses a sleeker design, without a punt for better balance, but with the winery's Lady Acquiesce logo embossed on the bottom.


Proceeds of the Going Viral brand supports research on developing testing to measure antibodies in people who've recovered from Covid 19.

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