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Rhonda and Russell have their two sons working beside them every day, and they couldn't be happier


Though the region may have a reputation for bulk wine, forward-thinking winemakers are embracing experimentation by working with Lodi grapes that will surprise you


The Roadshow events feature three members of the DTC Consultant Network in a half-day training program ...


As warm as the weather this past month has seemed, so far 2018 has not been an especially "warm" vintage in the overall scheme of things. In fact, according to Harney Lane Winery & Vineyards owner/grower Kyle Lerner, "We are tracking as a cooler than average this year."


Lodi has been the backbone of the bulk wine market for decades, but the premium wine market now is paying attention, as growers have refined their techniques and vineyard practices with Cabernet


With inflation-adjusted grape prices lower than in 1986, experts discuss a path toward premiumization


Lodi growers are opting for single high-wire trellising that allows for mechanical pruning when they replant, forgoing the vertical shoot position trellis system - or VSP - preferred in Napa, Sonoma and to a lesser degree, the Central Coast.


"Lodi needs to actively fight against commoditization and move more decisively towards premiumization."


They've added numerous top-notch speakers from all over California. Not only is this an excellent networking opportunity but you're sure to learn something as well ...


As we headed home, I realized it was yet another example of a meal and dining experience I'm used to having in Berkeley or Oakland, yet happy to experience - again and again - in Lodi's wine country.


Martin Redmond, author of the ENOFYLZ Wine Blog, wrote of the 2016 Fields Family Vermentino Delu Vineyard, "This is easily the best Vermentino I've ever had! There's remarkable depth, complexity and texture here."


In a recent survey conducted by Wine Business Monthly and the Wine Industry Symposium Group, 81 percent of Lodi vineyard managers responded that they were going to invest capital on vineyard replanting, with an eye toward adding technology and/or automation to improve their crop. Forty-six percent plan to put new vineyard acres in as well. These results are substantially higher than in other regions across the state.


"We're very happy to host this event, and to work with the California Farm Bureau and other organizations to bring light to a very critical issue," Lange told Western Farm Press.


Sandlands is a wine brand owned by Tegan Passalacqua that has, since its launch in 2010, become one of California's most original and sought-after wines


Passalacqua isn't the only outside winemaker to have fallen in love. Bedrock, Carlisle, Arnot-Roberts, Scholium Project, Ferdinand and several other critically acclaimed wineries have vinified Lodi fruit, in some cases for many years, with beautiful results. Bedrock owns a vineyard in Victor, too, just across the street from Kirschenmann.


There are about 85 Lodi wineries these days, plus more than a dozen tasting rooms in the vibrant downtown where visitors can also hit new restaurants and breweries


Michael David Winery in California's Lodi winegrowing region has been on a growth surge in recent years, amid growth in sales of wine over $10 a bottle.


Minor released his first 2,500 cases of wine in 2006. This year, he expects to roll out some 150,000 cases. He doesn't do it alone, but his crew is astonishingly thin. His wife Nicole helps. He has a seasoned winemaker in Will Bucklin in Sonoma County. He has two sales people and three office assistants.


The Lodi Planning Commission approved a winery and tasting room, as well as a parcel map for the former Mokelumne Credit Union property, during its meeting Tuesday night. They also denied approval of a site plan and architectural review for a 76 Gas Station. Commission members Bill Cummins, Crystal Kirst and Debbie Olson were absent.


The Lodi Planning Commission is slated to review requests for a winery and tasting room, a gas station and a parcel map for the former credit union on Mills Avenue during its meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Carnegie Forum.

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