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Under new guidance from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, wineries can offer more for consumers, though their tasting rooms must remain closed under San Joaquin County's stay-at-home order.


Blake Bomben and Vern Vierra are collaborating on a project one might expect from the adventurous winemakers.


Since opening, the winery has packaged its wine in a unique bowling pin-shaped flint glass bottle, with a deep punt. A new bottle uses a sleeker design, without a punt for better balance, but with the winery's Lady Acquiesce logo embossed on the bottom.


Proceeds of the Going Viral brand supports research on developing testing to measure antibodies in people who've recovered from Covid 19.


Pulsair Systems Inc. today announced that Bear Creek Winery, one of the country's largest custom premium wine producers is expanding their Pulsair large bubble, air mixing system installation into four (4) 450-ton, 23 foot diameter red fermentation tanks to maximize efficiency for cap management and rapid tank devatting after primary fermentation is ended.


Rescue Dog Wines has pledged $25,000 as their minimum commitment to Best Friends to help their mission of ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters.


"For over 25 years Eric has dedicated himself to developing a style, a consistency and a quality standard that has come to be synonymous with the name Bogle," said Bogle Vineyards Vice President and CFO Ryan Bogle. "Eric's craftsmanship can be seen in each of our wines, including our Phantom and Juggernaut brands, as well."


Larimer and Aaron Lange - part of the fifth generation helping run LangeTwins as the lead vineyard manager, business administrator and sustainable growing program manager - met in college and were roommates at the University of California, Davis and have remained close friends ever since.


Curbside service, drive-thru, discounts and delivery are some of the ways vintners are selling their products amid pandemic


Lodi Red pays homage to the wine region in which the family has farmed for over 150 years and six generations


There are 85 wineries in the Lodi region. According to Visit Lodi, the latest numbers show in 2018, there were 990,000 visitors spending $211 million.



Durst has consulted Affonso to help craft some of the wines in her portfolio at Durst Winery & Estate in Acampo. When Durst decided to hire a full-time winemaker in her sted, she knew who she wanted.


Talks center on irrigation technologies, pests and diseases


Oak Farm Vineyards is thrilled to announce Sierra Zeiter as its new Head Winemaker. Sierra takes over the role of Dan Panella, who is now Director of Winemaking.


Twenty years after planting their first vineyard, Krys and Randy Wulff, Stockton, California natives and owners of LOBO Wines, have become established in their Napa home and celebrated as an "overnight" success.


New Italian restaurant has nice wine list featuring many selections from Lodi.


A weather vane topped with a pig stands outside Ripken Vineyards & Winery. Someone once said to owner Richard "Rip" Ripken that quality wines would come from Lodi when pigs fly. The vane was his tongue-in-cheek response to that misguided opinion ...


On 300 acres just west of Highway 99 between Acampo and Peltier roads are vines reflecting their time over a span of more than 100 years from knee-high, head-pruned Zinfandel to taller head-pruned Zinfandel to several varieties trained on trellis systems


Strategic planning resulted in a revised Vision Statement: "To be the most dynamic region in California for winegrowing and winemaking, so that our community is fully sustained for generations to come."

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