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Since her winery has begun to win international acclaim, Ms. Gao, who is 38, has emerged as the unlikely new star of an even more unlikely new Chinese industry. The winery, Silver Heights, has been a pioneer in China, bringing sophisticated Western winemaking techniques to what had been an industry focused on bulk production.


India and wine might not be two words that traditionally go together, but the country's wine industry has been growing slowly for a decade, and some companies are now selling abroad.


JAPAN'S Suntory Holdings plans to dissolve its joint ventures with China's second-largest beer maker Tsingtao Brewery Co, and reallocate its resources to the wine market amid a slowing Chinese economy, the Japanese company said yesterday.


A Hong Kong fine wine merchant is looking to test investor palates for local small- to medium-cap companies in a public placement on the city's Growth Enterprise Market (GEM).


TOKYO - The National Tax Agency is preparing to establish a new rule that will require wine labeled as Japanese wine to be wholly produced in Japan using domestically harvested grapes.


Named after Grace's President, Judy Chan's daughter, the four cuvées are all made in the traditional method with three single varietal non-vintages of Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc and the vintage 2009 Brut Reserve Blanc de Blancs.


Japan is tightening rules for its wine industry, requiring all products labelled as Japanese wine to be made entirely from grapes grown within the country.


China's devaluation of its currency and its impact on other Asian countries has U.S. agricultural exporters worried. It makes U.S. exports more expensive overseas.


The immediate result was a de facto devaluation, with the Chinese currency falling 1.8 percent versus the dollar and 2.2 percent versus the euro


Official reports show that excessive preservatives and copper in imported wines are among the top reasons for Chinese customs to reject during the first half of 2015.


The slowdown in the Chinese economy and government austerity and anti-corruption measures are creating an opportunity for producers of entry-level and mid-priced wines, a new China Wine Market Landscape Report from Wine Intelligence has revealed.


It's taking billions of gallons of water to irrigate fields there each year and hundreds of millions of dollars of investment to make it China's wine country.


* Says plans to set up unit Oranos Group in U.S. with registered capital of $5 million


Derek Way, vineyard manager for Sagemoor Vineyards, will move to China this summer to become a wine grape consultant and also to work in the area of leadership training.


Based in Hong Kong, Bilbey is tasked with expanding the reach of Sotheby's in the lucrative Asian wine auction and retail business. He has more than 14 years of professional experience in the wine industry, most previously as sales director of Berry Brothers and Rudd, where he drove sales and growth in Hong Kong and Greater China.


Slight declines in beer production could signal trouble for Chinese brewers. According to new data by China's National Bureau of Statistics, for the first time in 24 years the volume of beer produced in China fell in 2014, down by 2.76 percent, or roughly 4.9 million kiloliters, which is about 163 billion standard-size beer bottles.


A power shift in China's imported wine market has seen a switch from traditional, high-end wine connoisseurs to younger and more casual drinkers, says a new study.


The country that shook the global wine market as a consumer may soon do it again as a producer


Vineland Estates says a new wine retailing and distribution agreement with partners in China includes a new retail store that recently opened in the city of Tai'an.


Using a business to business (B2B) model, Alibaba subsidiary is connecting exporters in Spain to retailers in China, Liu Fei, a department manager at was quoted as saying on

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