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Chinese e-commerce company will now control Sun Art Retail Group in a further play for groceries, similar to Amazon's investment in Whole Foods


Sales of wine have taken a hit from global closures of bars and restaurants to curb coronavirus, but online tastings and drinks parties help make up for that


Although whiskey is by far the most popular drink in India, a unique native spirit hopes to change things.


China might be trying to use beef, barley and wine as weapons in its trade war with Australia but when it comes to a drink at the end of the day Aussie wine remains a preferred tipple of discerning Chinese drinkers.


Commission expected to unveil the candidates at next meeting


After a successful maiden event in Beijing in 2018, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles has chosen the wine region of Ningxia to host its 28th competition


The two companies plan to make a collaborated effort in express deliveries, air cargo, setting up a global logistics network and supply chain, and working on digital technologies.


Vijay Mallya was found guilty by the apex court on May 9, 2017 for transferring USD 40 million received from Diageo into the accounts of his children.


China has started an anti-subsidy probe into wines in containers holding 2 liters or less from Australia, according to a statement on the Ministry of Commerce website. The announcement comes less than two weeks after China, the biggest international buyer of Australian wine, said it had started an anti-dumping investigation into the same product.


Born and raised in Mainland China, Lin Liu MW moved to France in 2010. She has devoted herself to wine writing, judging, tasting as well as winemaking and trading since then. As an independent wine critic, this August, she released the first en primeur report for a Chinese-speaking audience.


Q&A with Abigail Harper [AH], the director of "Reign of Terroir," and producer Angela Almeida.


China is investigating whether Australia is dumping cheap wine into its domestic market, deepening a diplomatic and trade row between the two countries that has worsened since the coronavirus pandemic began. Chinese officials said Tuesday the antidumping inquiry would last at least a year. They didn't elaborate on the reason for the probe, though Australian officials said local Chinese winemakers had requested the investigation.


The owner of Château Lafite Rothschild has announced the debut of a second wine from its Chinese estate, Domaine de Long Dai.


What Australian wineries and wine merchants in China are fearing the most is about to happen, as sources told Bloomberg that wine is among a list of potential agricultural products drawn up by Chinese officials to retaliate Australia over its push for coronavirus inquiry.


DBR filed a complaint in The Beijing Intellectual Property Court, which found the trademark infringement valid as the developers had imitated or translated a well-known registered trademark to mislead the public and cause the interests of the registrant of the well-known trademark may be harmed.


Bottled wine imports of China dropped by one third in both volume and value during the first six months of 2020, though the market showed early signs of rebound from June as lockdown measures were lifted, according to customs figures.


Based in Tokyo, Antcicada announced the launch of the unique spirit, which is called "Sansha", referring to the silkworm droppings which are believied to have medicinal benefits in China.


"Why are there grape trees at the station?" is the main question enotourists and commuters alike have at the world's first and only railway-platform vineyard


This is one of the key predictions running through Wine Intelligence's newly released China Wine Landscape report, which suggests that "China's wine consumers have become more thoughtful, educated and less likely to buy product that is overpriced and poor quality".


The region's winemakers are creating jobs and raising living standards. Zhao Yimeng and Hu Dongmei report from Yinchuan.

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