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At 1,498 yuan, or $209 for a half-liter bottle, it might not sound like the kind of bargain Costco shoppers in China usually go for - but in this case, it absolutely was.


Pandemic and border closure have spelled more pains for Hong Kong's wine market, as trade data shows the fine wine hub's role is quickly diminishing, a somewhat thorny and sensitive subject that will split wine crowds in Hong Kong.


Standard Bank has positioned itself as a provider of trade solutions between Africa and China through its partnership with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)


Updates from the U.S., UK, Argentina, Chile, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. COVID-19 bifurcated the bulk wine market in 2020. Some Central Valley suppliers are out of 2020 wines - particularly Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Muscat, forcing some buyers to source overseas. There's discussion around the Valley's 2021 grapes. International demand is muted: European buyers are assessing the 2020 crops closer to home. Buyers are watching how OND sales and sales in early 2021 performed.


Corinne Mui will bring a team of professionals to support her in this new role and is based in Hong Kong. Originally launched in the USA in 2005 as the French Wine Society, the organization rebranded to the Wine Scholar Guild as it added specialized study programs on the wines of Italy and Spain. All the programs mirror the depth and academic rigor of the industry-acclaimed French Wine Scholar certification program.


Australian reds and whites have found themselves among products hit by sizeable import tariffs in one of their most lucrative markets


True measure of Penfolds' resilience in the Chinese market amid anti-dumping headwinds will come when current stock levels at pre-duty prices in China deplete


Taking China to the World Trade Organisation plants a seed. It won't be a quick or easy win


Whisperings of tariffs to come pushed China's purchases up 94% in October, according to China customs data; Australian winemakers benefited from a corresponding 40% jump in prices. Official data for November isn't available yet, but the measures are expected to be an effective death knell, wiping out demand and pushing prices lower.


but some say the move could do more harm than good.


Importers bringing in wines being investigated for Australian subsidy benefits will need to pay deposits to China's customs authority, according to the statement.


The commercial wine sector is in a relatively good position to weather any potential disruption resulting from China's anti-dumping wine tariffs on Australian wine, according to the chair of the Inland Wine Regions Alliance (IWRA).


Taiwanese diplomats and officials are taking part in a global campaign to purchase Australian wines as the country stands against intense pressure from China, which has imposed heavy taxes on Australian wine as Sino-Australia tension has intensified.


... the commerce ministry said on Thursday.


The best part of the China trade has been that it has involved both huge quantities and two to four-times the prices paid by other large markets. Almost too good to be true.


While the Chinese wine industry is not as established as Australia's, it's also not one which should be discounted.


SA exporters have been lagging due to the country's lack of exposure in supermarkets and one ecommerce platforms, one exporter says.


Australian wine has been caught in a diplomatic war of words between Canberra and Beijing. These new tariffs, which go into effect on Saturday, will have a devastating impact.


The company said it would relocate its Penfolds Bin and Icon luxury range of wines from China to other markets such as Australia, the United States and Europe. It added that future vintage intakes from 2021 would also be reduced.


As luxury spending rebounds in China, consumers with money to burn have a new habit beyond fancy bags and watches: a taste for collector editions of fiery domestic liquor Moutai, not to drink but to hold onto as a rapidly appreciating investment.

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