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Chinese businessman William Wu has bought control of Swartland Winery for an undisclosed fee, marking rising interest from China in South African wine


The 2015 campaign will aim to educate and challenge American wine drinkers to experience the broad spectrum of wines available from South Africa.


In a recent feature for the drinks business Tim Atkin MW asserted that South Africa's best wines are its white blends. We asked South African winemakers for their thoughts.


Mike Ratcliffe, managing director of Warwick and Vilafonte wineries in Stellenbosch, tells Geoffrey Dean about the growing confidence in South Africa's industry.


The table included lists South African wine exports compiled from data published on the South African Wine Industry Information and Systems website. All figures are in liters.


The Cape Town International Airport is planning to produce wine right in the terminal. They're starting off small, as the plan is to just make around 700 bottles of Merlot every couple of years.


The man behind South Africa's ambitious 4G wine venture has acknowledged the challenge of creating a "new category" for the global wine market.


Richard Duckitt, winemaker at DGB's Franschhoek Cellar in South Africa, shares his thoughts on what's next for Sauvignon Blanc.


An influx of new talent is pushing to make South African wines some of the very best in the world


After the end of apartheid in the 1990s, South Africa's wines reentered the world market, and its winemakers traveled to work harvests in Europe, the Americas and Australia. They brought modern winemaking techniques home with them. Their efforts are bearing fruit in exciting wines now reaching our market.


Speaking to the drinks business during a lunch hosted by Bancroft Wines at Ting restaurant in The Shard yesterday, Kevin Grant of Ataraxia said ...


South Africa's Mulderbosch, part of the Terroir Capital portfolio led by former Screaming Eagle co-owner Charles Banks, has seen growth ramp up of late, driven by a significant expansion of its rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon.


The hard work put into growing the UK market by South African producers is beginning to pay off, but the country still needs to bring prices in line with market, says Wines of South Africa.


A South African wine has decided to bypass the usual UK retail channels in favour of directly targeting farmers as its would-be consumers.


South African wine may still be a relatively small category in the U.S. market-with bottled shipments up 11% to 954,000 cases last year-but its expansion has accelerated lately, and key players are bullish on growth opportunities, especially at the premium end.


Cleaner plant material, improved fruit quality and more sensitive vinification are all contributing to the rehabilitation of South Africa's divisive Pinotage variety.


South Africa's 2014 wines are "really going to sort the sheep from the goats", according to producers who acknowledged one of the most difficult growing seasons in their careers.


A first look at vintage quality down south, with eyewitness reports from growers and winemakers


Back then, most vineyards were planted with Muscat to make the sweet dessert wines of Costantia, still produced today. Today, however, the majority of wines are white, with about 35 percent from the Chenin Blanc grape, there called Steen. Currently there are about 110,000 hectares planted, about the same territory as in Bordeaux


South Africa's harvest is set for a "mild decline" in 2014, as the picking season draws to an end.

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