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The country will remain in a "level 3 lockdown" but some restrictions will end.


However, the South African wine body warned that "cellar capacity and financial viability" remained a big concern due to the continued alcohol ban.


As one of the oldest agricultural industries in the country, which supports the livelihoods of 269 000 employees, generates R55 billion in revenue for the economy and builds a strong brand reputation as a unique asset for the country, the South African wine industry has become part of our cultural and economic fabric.


South Africa's wine industry said on Wednesday it had asked a court to allow the main wine-growing region to exempt itself from a ban on the sale of alcohol that was reinstated last month to ease pressure on hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.


To pick, or not to pick, that is the question.


Richard Bampfield MW has issued a call to the UK trade to support the beleaguered South African wine industry as producers continue to suffer crippling government restriction and oversupply issues.


Since December 26, South Africa has again had an alcohol sales ban, the third since the start of the Corona pandemic. In the last twelve months, South Africa's producers have thus had to cope with an 18-week sales stop on the domestic market, where half of South Africa's wine volume is usually sold.


It seems non-sensical, to repeatedly ban the sale of alcohol country-wide and tie it, at least rhetorically, to concerns around COVID without consideration for the far-reaching financial impact that reverberates throughout the entire beverage alcohol industry.


Distell's investment gives it access to RETHINK's brand and product range, which includes oils, capsules and teas made from cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that is gaining popularity for uses ranging from relaxation to skin care.


"We estimated 21 000 job losses with the first alcohol ban; this ban could be worse: Maryna Calow - Communications manager, Wines of SA."


Alert Level 3 in South Africa has been indefinitely extended and continues to prohibit the sale of any alcoholic drink for on- and off-consumption. This means our wine region is effectively shuttered.


Standard Bank has positioned itself as a provider of trade solutions between Africa and China through its partnership with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)


This is a deeply personal and harrowing account of what it has been like as a South African winemaker, producer and employer of hundreds of desperate employees in a country that continues to ban the sale of any alcohol to devastating effect.



The current engineered industry situation has caused an outrageous dichotomy of significantly increased demand for high-quality wines, within an environment of perfectly restricted supply.


In a statement, the company said it shares the South African government's concerns over the surge in Covid cases and welcomes all lawful measures in order to control the spread of the virus.


Lady May - the flagship wine of Glenelly Estate in Stellenbosch - is only in its eighth vintage, but a recent vertical shows the huge potential of this Bordeaux blend, named after its owner: the grande dame of Pichon Longueville Comtesse De Lalande.


Zurenah Smit, the wife of murdered Stellenbosch wine farm owner Stefan Smit, has been charged with murder, robbery and assault, according to News24.


The impact of South Africa's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, including the imposition of prohibition, have left up to 300 million litres of wine unsold as the next harvest approaches.


Ken Forrester's done right, and done good. During his tenure as chairman of the Stellenbosch Wine Routes he used his broad connections in business, tourism and hospitality to put Stellenbosch on the top of the heap.

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