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As Cape wine exports pick up post the ban in April, Wines of South Africa (WoSA) is launching a new campaign on social media to promote "Spectacular South Africa".


The molecular biology lab at Concha y Toro's Centre for Research and Innovation has been certified by Maule University's biomedical research lab to be able to carry out tests for coronavirus. It has the capacity to process 2,300 samples a day. Concha has also provided equipment to other institutions to increase their diagnostic capacity.


The 2019-2020 season was "warmer than the historic average and the previous season", the estate said in a statement, adding that an "extreme deficit of winter precipitation as well as throughout the growth and maturation periods" which sped up the harvest by about 15-20 days,


In 2010 the Netherlands' Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries, which is financed by the government, sent Cees van Casteren to Bolivia. His mission was to help Bolivia's vintners break into Europe. It was a tough assignment. Back then, Bolivia's main winemakers-Kohlberg, Campos de Solana and Aranjuez, all family-owned-competed fiercely to sell cheap wine to a tiny protected domestic market.


Scientific work has continued on terroir. If we look at only those studies where both qualitative and quantitative data agree, almost all of the proofs have been accomplished when white wines were studied.


how both Catena Zapeta and Argentina itself are navigating the novel coronavirus pandemic, and how the industry and entire world can best move forward.


This historic year's theme, "Argentine Malbec, ¡Me Gusta!" brings together the essential connection between #MalbecArgentino, wine lovers all around the world, and the spirit of Argentina itself.


Once just a passing fad or marketing hype, sustainability has now become a major focal point driving business change across market sectors. Stakeholders have demanded that businesses be more sustainable, driving companies to develop best practices on impact, inclusion, and sustainability. In the report "Making Sense of Sustainability," Lux Research addresses three primary questions: whether companies should bother with sustainability at all, how to set the right goals, and how to incorporate sustainability into strategy.


The "other" Cabernet has often lived in the shadows, but now it is emerging, blinking, into the spotlight.


Naked said that its staff in the UK, US and Australia have been working remotely since 17 March. It reports that harvest and wine production for its partners have been "largely unaffected" by the coronavirus as most governments have allowed such processes to continue.


Vintners across the Southern Hemisphere face harvest amid disease and government-mandated shutdowns


Members of the Circle of Wine Writers take a look at their regions, or regions to which they have recently travelled, to share some insight into how the wine world is coping with Coronavirus and the impact of lockdown and social distancing on their businesses.


Familia Torres has joined the Penedès maker community and is using its 3D printers to exclusively produce protective equipment for healthcare workers fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


The harvests throughout South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and South America have been allowed to press on, although it's far from business as usual ...


There will be wine after Covid-19 has passed, but will it be the type of wine we love?


"I knew literally nothing about them until the Skype interview. It feels like a pure way to discover a winery"


The Catena Zapata family celebrates this unprecedented recognition through a Zoom virtual toast to its staff, importers, and customers around the world


According to information sourced by Wines of Chile, the country's wine industry has been able to harvest "under normal conditions" while production facilities are allowed to operate as usual, but with specific healthcare measures in place.


"Here in Garzón, we always have our sights set on the winery's bright future. Given what we learned during the harvest festival, the 2020 vintage will have outstanding quality, so we look forward to sharing with Bodega Garzón supporters and beyond," said Christian Wylie, managing director of Bodega Garzón.


Here is the situation around the world - up to March 26 - on how different countries are operating in terms of ports, borders and their ability to get their products from A to B, according to global logistics supplier, Hillebrand

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