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VIK is the first winery to be awarded this accolade.


Laura took time from her hectic schedule to visit Grape Collective and talk about her hope that Argentine wine, in her words, "can compete with the greatest wines in the world."


Right now, over 40 big and medium size winery have launched or are close to announce a wine made from ancient vineyards with an average price of above 25 dollars the bottle and even higher prices.


With this new recognition, Trapiche becomes the only Argentine winery to receive this award four times in a row.


1865 Selected Vineyards Malbec 2017 reflects the exploratory spirit of one of Chile's oldest wineries, which strives to find the finest vineyards for each variety.


With only 5.5% alcohol and with incredible freshness and flavor, the wine strives to become the perfect complement to enjoy on any consumption occasion.


Chile's tourism authorities have issued an advisory saying that most of the country's tourism facilities are unaffected by the civil unrest gripping parts of the country. "The news is more alarming than reality," Aurelio Montes of the eponymous winery, located in the Colchagua Valley, told Meininger's. "Viña Montes is OK. No problem, everything in peace."


In an effort to save crops amidst a drastic decline in bee populations, a startup in Argentina is producing a nutrient-packed formula that is fed to the pollinators once a week to turn them into "super bees".


Thousands of protesters gathered in Chilean city squares Monday after a weekend of riots, looting and clashes with soldiers and police that left 11 dead. Chile is enduring the worst unrest since the country returned to democracy in the late 1980s to become Latin America's most prosperous nation. The peso and local shares slumped as violence seemed poised to persist.


The Colchagua Valley in Chile is the home of some of Chile's most iconic wineries. Marcela Burgos explores the region.


The Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction, held last Saturday in Stellenbosch, was an undoubted success - a triumph, even, given that the organisers must have been at least a little concerned at its prospects, after the more or less abject failure of the last Strauss Auction ...


Stellenbosch Wine Routes signed the Porto Protocol, committing the leading wine route in South Africa to an accelerated contribution towards climate change mitigation


Bolivia is better known for snow-capped mountains than sun-drenched vineyards, but the landlocked South American nation is starting to turn heads for award-winning wine.


The renowned US critic, James Suckling, who travels the world discovering the finest viticultural regions, held a new version of his "Great Wines of the Andes" event in the USA at the end of September and beginning of October, with participation from Viña Leyda.

10/15/19 announced the "Climate Change Wine Tour of Ancient Vineyards" as part of a local strategy to rescue the DNA of several vinestocks found in over 4.000 kilometers in the chilean territory thanks to immigrants that brought them in different periods of the history of Chile.


These limited-production bottlings of Criolla Chica, Chardonnay, and Bonarda are entirely fermented and aged in tinajas.


The Catena family announces the launch of La Marchigiana, a new range of natural wines that pays homage to the Catena family's 19th century Italian origins. Created in equal parts as passion project and experiment, these limited-production bottlings of Criolla Chica, Chardonnay, and Bonarda are entirely fermented and aged in tinajas, the traditional clay pots used by winery founder Nicola Catena upon arriving in Argentina from Le Marche, Italy, in the late 1800s. The La Marchigiana range was named in celebration of the women of Le Marche who were devoted to harvesting grapes and caring for the vines as pictured on the label


Winemaker Enrique Tirado releases 2017 Don Melchor, the 30th Anniversary vintage of the celebrated Chilean wine


"The New Wave South Africa tasting in London this last week seems to have been another remarkable success (Jancis Robinson, for example, described "a massive buzz there as well as a massive crowd"). It wouldn't and couldn't have been thus if it weren't for the solidarity and co-operation of the winemakers, on a high because of what they're building together"


"When you mix the grapes, the quality levels out. When you split the land into parcels, you might discover a better wine or you might not, but you have to look for it." A similar spirit is driving the Geographical Indication (GI) revolution taking place in Argentina - one in which the details count for more than the generalities

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