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Wines of Chile USA is now poised to activate Sustainability 365, a trade- and consumer-facing campaign developed in tandem with Colangelo & Partners.


Peruvian presidential candidate Yonhy Lescano, with the Popular Action party, insists on treating Covid-19 with salt and "cañazo" (cane liquor), a recipe for which there is no scientific basis.


Sales were up 19.7% in the USA - The Chilean peso depreciated 12.9% against the euro, 12.7% against the US dollar,


Some vessels could still change course, but the crush of ships listing the Suez Canal as their destination shows an even-greater backlog looms


Among these new releases is a Cabernet Franc sourced from old vines owned by a grower in Maule, and a premium rosé made from Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre to be released as part of the winery's Grey Glacier range.


VSPT Wine Group, Top 20 global wine producer, has launched Misiones de Rengo for distribution in the US market, closing an agreement with the Terroir Connections. ACE Wine & Spirits, led by Master Sommelier Andrew McNamara, has joined forces with Terroir Connections to immediately start distributing the brand.


Winesellers, Ltd., the family-owned, global importer and marketer of fine wines and the award-winning importer of Bodega Santa Julia, unveiled its new canned packaging of Santa Julia Organic Chardonnay, Malbec Rosé, and Tintillo Red Blend in alternative 250ml cans.


A one-stop shop to help take readers from feeling overwhelmed and freaked out to empowered and clear on how they personally can be part of the solution to stop climate breakdown. In order to reduce our carbon emissions and save ourselves from a climate apocalypse, we must create radical shifts in our daily life.


The pandemic has disrupted international trade, driving up the cost of shipping goods and adding a fresh challenge to the global economic recovery. The Port of Los Angeles, the main port of entry ...


This was probably the most ambitious virtual event there has been to date in wine, featuring over 90 speakers across four days of content.


A symposium on the future of wine has pointed in a direction we all saw coming.


An Argentinian winery compared bottles of the same wine aged under the sea versus in the cellar head-to-head.The Rio Negro-based winery Wapisa-part of Bodega Tapiz-initially announced its "coastal terroir" initiative this time last year, according to Decanter, submerging 1,500 magnums of their 2017 Malbec-blend at a mix of depths between about 20 feet and 50 feet


Last year, Patricia Ortiz, founder of Bodega Tapiz, announced that her Patagonian winery Wapisa was experimenting with underwater wine ageing of 1,500 bottles of a Malbec blend as part of its "coastal terroir" project. With the help of a biologist and a diver, the team submerged 1,500 magnums of their 2017 Malbec-blend in crates at depths varying from six and 15 metres off the Atlantic Río Negro coast. The bottles remained in situ for nine months, before they were tasted and inspected in direct comparison with bottles that were cellared on land.


Find the hidden city of Iruya


Featuring Francis Ford Coppola, Actor Mathew Goode, Golf Legend Ernie Els, Linkin Park ´s David Farrell And Rugby World Champion John Smit


Each producer country is currently contesting with its own unique cocktail of domestic and internationally-derived factors.


By most estimates, Chile is the world's seventh largest wine producing nation, and has numerous vineyard regions with greatly varied characteristics producing many different grape varietals. But many American consumers view "Chilean wines" as just a single product, one best known for offering a good, lower priced value proposition.


WofA's #VinoArgentino campaign will focus on key markets including California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Texas.


The island lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Chilean Polynesia. The vineyard, planted with 3,500 Chardonnay vines and 3,500 Pinot Noir vines, was set up by a group of entrepreneurs, led by agricultural engineer and winemaker Alvaro Arriagada.


Some of the country's more intrepid winemakers sound off on their favorite natural places to explore.

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