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Mezcal De Amor S.A.P.I. De C.V. (owners of Mezcal Amores in Mexico, known in the United States as Mezcal Amaras) announced the appointment of Shelley Turner as Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations, further expanding its sales and marketing efforts in the United States.


With Tannat and Albariño as lead stars, the country is making some of the most distinctive wines in South America


Santiago, Chile-based Baron Philippe de Rothschild Chile and Monsieur Touton Selection announce they have entered into an exclusive U.S. import agreement for its Chilean branded wines, Escudo Rojo and Mapu. According to both parties, the agreement takes effect as of 1st of January 2020.


Once, the division between Old World and New World wines was a whole lot clearer. With profound transformations in winemaking and weather, how will oenophiles establish their bearings in the decades to come?


Climate change isn't some abstract concept in the wine world. It alters every facet of winegrowing and production. It has a direct effect on what's in, or not in, our glasses.


Zolo's sophisticated yet fruit forward 2017 Cabernet Franc Reserve is full of blueberry with floral and herbal notes. Zolo Cabernet Franc Reserve is available nationwide with an SRP of $19.


Formed by Luca Hodgkinson, who runs a consultancy firm for organic and biodynamic projects in Chile and Spain called Wildmakers, the new group should be confirmed by the end of this year. Speaking to the drinks business in Chile last month, Hodgkinson said that he expected the association to comprise five wineries, which must conform to a quality charter for low-intervention winemaking.


The elegant wine, which is crafted with the finest selection of grapes from the Elqui Valley, stood out with 93 points and was described by Suckling.


Chilean wine has experienced its greatest period of evolution and growth over the past quarter century. But the country's commercial wine industry can trace its roots as far back as the 1800s, when a number of major producers were founded. Jump ahead more than 100 years, and Chile's largest and most prominent wineries continue to set the pace for an industry that's expanded greatly in number of producers, areas of production and, most importantly, quality wines offered.


The new campaign will feature on all brand communication, strengthening visibility on the following digital platforms: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


The new limited edition bottles from GatoNegro, have arrived in the Central American countries: Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Cuba.


According to Kim Marcus, "Leading the pack so far is the Anko Salta (92, $20), pure and minerally.


Sangiovese has seduced growers in places like Australia, Argentina and Canada. It's created a footprint in the U.S., too, mainly along the West Coast, but also in Texas. It's searched a bit for its personality and place in the New World, winemaking styles that emphasize zippy, fresh character may finally settle it


The winery will go into its 2020 harvest with the support of Santa Rita and its winegrowing director Eduardo Alemparte and consultant Nick Goldschmidt will also provide advice during the transition period.


Chile gets plenty of sunshine. More and more businesses are using it as a cheap source of power. They are getting support from the German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce, which offers training in the efficient use of renewable energies.


"The term 'natural wine' is an insult to the humanity of wine," said Chilean winemaker François Massoc during a discussion with db in Itata last week. The winemaker, who is well-known in Chile for his wines using grapes from the historic vineyards of Chile, particularly those from the Itata Valley, made the comment when discussing his work to preserve a fast-disappearing legacy of small-scale viticulture in the south of the country.


Kobrand will be the exclusive U.S. importer for the brand and responsible for all sales and marketing activities in the United States.


Bodega Norton is one of the most-awarded Argentine wine brands in the US, and combines a modern, state-of-the- art facility with rich heritage and old-world charm.


Addressing as many as 30 Masters of Wine at a seminar in Chile yesterday, Dr Olga Barbosa, from Chile's Austral University, said that viticulture "can be a partner to solve the problem of mass extension." Barbosa, who works at the Chilean university's Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, said that it was vital that agricultural landscapes were used to enhance species' richness, with wine estates proving especially powerful potential drivers of biodiversity.


After 18 years of generating an international business platform around wine, tourism and gourmet products, announced the interest of creating a "Wine Private Fund" to execute Rescue Ancient Vineyards in Chile with high focus on BioTech (Invitro) to protect the Chilean genetics as a starting point of a national strategy due to the great number of vinestock brought by immigrants to Chile since 1551.

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