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Various alcohol traders had pleaded with the government to avoid a total ban on alcohol sales, citing the economic damage it would cause. South Africa's alcohol industry was among those hardest hit when the country imposed a hard lockdown during April and May that also banned all liquor sales.


You've probably heard the expression "good things come in small packages." Such is the wine story of Uruguay, a country that's tiny by size and output, but increasingly, a source for opulent as well as elegant wines.


South African drinks group Distell has sold the respected Plaisir de Merle estate to the Jordaan family, owners of Bartinney Wine Estate, for an undisclosed sum.


The company acquired and will be developing a 292 hectare estate called El Trigal, which is located near the city of Constitución,


In a two-part 3-hour tasting review, with 16 winemakers beamed in from around Chile, this superb session showed off the freshness and diversity of the wine styles that have undergone a sea-change here.


Uco Valley is a name that both fine wine lovers and budget-conscious shoppers need to know. Alejandro Iglesias offers a guide to the region, its grapes and wine styles - and recommends a dozen bottles to try


If you didn't know that the land of steak and samba also makes excellent wines, it's high time to find out.


Travelers must comply with a number of regulations in order to visit.


"We are very pleased to present a quarter of historical results for Viña Concha y Toro, which shows the strength of our business model, the consolidation of our 2022 strategy and reinforces our position among the leading companies in the global wine industry," Concha's CEO, Eduardo Guilisasti, said.


Stay-at-home orders generated a recession that is directly and indirectly affecting the wine sector with falling prices and production declines exacerbating geopolitical tensions. Lockdown measures limited the movement of people and goods within and across countries while closing distribution channels. Global wine production is flat in 2020.


Listen to Pedro Parra talk about the rocks far beneath the surface layer of vineyards, and you swear you'll never open another bottle of wine unless you know for certain whether the roots of the vines tapped into basalt, schist, granite or limestone underneath.


watch the full interview with Dr Laura Catena


Uruguay is one of the most exciting-and least talked about-winemaking nations in the world. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization, Uruguay is one of the world's leading producers of soybeans, beeswax, quinces, and horse meat-no mention of its booming wine industry here, nor any suggestions as to which wines would pair best with horse meat. As a vegetarian, I'll admit this question is beyond my ken.


Veramonte wines come from the Casablanca Valley in northern Chile, an area which is about as far south of the equator as the Napa Valley is north, so both areas have similar growing conditions.


Tim Atkin MW's latest presentation for Wines of Chile highlighted the exceptional dynamism and often 'out there' terroir of wines emerging from the world's longest country.


according to several of the country's winemakers speaking to db in a series of exclusive interviews.


Once stuck in a supporting role to Cabernet and Merlot, Malbec is now carving its own niche.


This 39-lesson course features extensive depth and breadth of learning, covering the region's history, classificaon systems, key details on thirteen (13) main grape variees, and extensive deep dives on nine (9) regions - from Jujuy to Buenos Aires- in this six-module course


pushing the limits of altitude and ripeness


With Chilean wine sales on the upswing in the U.S., reversing a 10-year trend,, Wines of Chile USA is launching a series of initiatives over the remainder of 2020 to capitalize on momentum.

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