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Amanda Barnes is author of the recently published The South America Wine Guide and has been hosting a series of masterclasses for Itata producers planning to export to the UK.


This month's report assesses official figures for the Southern Hemisphere's 2021 crops and provides updates on how the Northern Hemisphere's are shaping up.


A quarter of a century ago Eduardo Chadwick joined forces with Robert Mondavi with the aim of putting Chile on the fine wine map. The project was a success, and Seña is now a sought-after favourite worldwide.


Research proves that wines are reliably different. This study is the first to compare four different levels of terroir - three large regions, six departments, 12 geographical indications, and 23 individual parcels over three vintages. Detailed climate data is provided, along with chemical analysis of 201 wines microvinified under similar conditions.


Officially known as the EU Digital COVID Certificate, it will allow airport scanners to read a QR code from your smartphone, verifying that you meet one or more of the requirements for travel.


A consortium of five wine companies will support OIV's work on R&D. Step 1, identify priorities. Participating companies are Concha y Toro, Moët Hennessy, Sogrape, Familia Torres and Yalumba.


Garibaldi Wines is pleased to announce Austral/American Estates Wines as its new importer for the US market.


English wine writer Amanda Barnes has published one of the most comprehensive guide's to South American wine to date, taking in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru.


Global effort to seek out, secure, support and promote making wine from vines that date back over a 100 years.


We round up the week's wine news and find some downright strange stuff going on.


Osmosis™ will launch with a Sauvignon Blanc (SRP $14.99). A red blend will come later.


The new design will be introduced into the US market in July via Winebow Imports.


Fossil fuel companies have told shareholders the Paris Agreement lacks teeth but this ruling could change the game. It could pave the way for similar cases in other countries, forcing oil companies to reduce fossil fuel production.


This in turn could help boost recognition of Chile's varietal diversity, helping to dispel the mistaken idea that the country "only grows two or three things", such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.


Rosé Piscine dominates sales of French wines, and is the leading brand sold there by volume. "Brazil is a tropical country. Ice cubes are something we like", points out importer Rogerio Rebouças, who launched his first imports of Rosé Piscine in 2015. He remembers how "the reluctance came more from the sommeliers, but Rosé Piscine is a wine for newbies whose drinking habits are not too strict".


The research, based on the theory of global business competitiveness, aims to determine the opportunities Uruguay's wine industry could exploit, based on its competencies, to become a player in the worldwide wine business landscape.


"Chilean and Argentine wines are a familiar sight to most U.S. consumers," said wine industry veteran Larry Challacombe, "but there are still so many outstanding small producers from those countries that haven't been able to penetrate the market, especially appellation-based, family-owned wineries, and they are producing some of the most exciting wines right now from the region. We wanted to help give them a louder voice in an increasingly crowded room."


Sales were driven by the markets where the company has integrated distribution, such as the domestic market of Chile, the United Kingdom, and the USA.


International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) has joined the Race to Zero initiative, a global campaign promoted by the United Nations which strives to garner support from companies, cities, regions and investors in order to develop the industry and global economy in a sustainable, conscious way with zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Production subsidiaries Concha y Toro (Chile), Cono Sur winery (Chile) and Bodega Trivento (Argentina) also received this certification after meeting the requirements, joining Fetzer Vineyards (United States), which achieved B Corp certification in 2015.

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