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Research from the University of Cape Town shows that using old vine fruit earns winemakers more money. This effort to quantify the gains, says Michael Fridjhon, will help keep these treasures alive.


Panelists for the webinar explore how the Andes and other regional factors affect the nuances of Chile and Argentina's wine regions. During the webinar attendees take a virtual trip to learn the geography that distinguishes Argentina and Chile's wine regions.


Winesellers, Ltd. is pleased to introduce a new natural wine from Santa Julia, Argentina's top organic wine producer. The wine, named El Burro, is a Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, produced from certified organic estate vineyards without the addition of sulfites. It is also "Fair for Life" fair trade certified and suitable for vegans and will retail at $18.00 SRP.


From Fattoria Fibbiano, at Terricciola in the Province of Pisa, comes the first wine made exclusively from Colombana: a limited edition wine of which only 3000 bottles have been made, and which will be on the market as from the end of June 2020.


"We have seen the success that the Folio Fine Wine Partners team has built with the Susana Balbo Wines collection over the last five years and we look forward to joining this dynamic and growing portfolio. We sincerely thank The Hess Collection Winery for the many years of invaluable collaboration in building the brands to be recognized nationwide and wish them only the best for the future."


In the span of four years, they managed to transform the totality of their vineyards, now 1,235 acres to 100% organic farming. With the 2018 vintage, they released their first ECOCERT® certified wine on the U.S market, the Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc. With the 2019 vintage, a fresh new look kicks off #VeramonteOrganic debuting in the U.S. market this summer.


"Clericó was born in the Río de la Plata region when it was controlled by the British colonialists who drank claret cups," says Guillermo Cardozo, an Uruguayan bartender and consultant.


Bodega Catena Zapata's managing director discusses harvest under lockdown in Argentina, Malbec's growing demand, and the grape's next big hurdle


Aperity's Latin American team has both commercial and operations capabilities in Guatemala, Mexico and throughout Central America including developers, data analysts and engineers, project managers and business intelligence consultants. Leveraging its expertise in machine learning to automate data collection and harmonization, Aperity helps its customers incorporate highly relevant data sources immediately, preserve the quality and clarity of the data and develop data-driven business strategies.


The national market in Argentina is going through tough times but recovering after 2 months of complete inactivity in distribution. We expect to recover in the second semester part of the volume that we lost in sales up to this point.


"We had to wear a mask all day long, maintain social distancing and wash our hands every half an hour," he said. "Every single material we used had to be sanitised before and after use. We were speaking to colleagues working in other regions via Zoom and we were operating with less people."


Concha Y Toro partnered with branding and packaging design agency, Appartement 103, to expand its portfolio by introducing a premium Pisco into the Chilean market.


Health and safety measures, picker location tracing, and on-site living quarters: Argentina's bodegas have worked hard to protect their 2020 harvests during Covid-19. Sorrel Moseley-Williams reports.


The wine, a cabernet sauvignon from Chile's Maule Valley, is billed as a "statement brand" for "shoppers who are looking for something a little more unique and interesting to spend their money on" (rsp: £10/750ml).


"We had a lot of digital tools available before, but we were not pressed enough to start using them, and now ... because of the crisis, they will remain"


At a recent OIV-organised webinar, Antonio Graça, secretary of the Sustainable Development and Climate Change experts group of the OIV Portugal, noted that the onset of Covid-19 has "reversed the historical flow of knowledge" from north to southern hemispheres, as producers found themselves handling grape crush at one of the most crucial moments of the 21st century so far.


On 29 May at 12pm CET, the OIV held a webinar on how the pandemic hit the Southern Hemisphere during the grape harvest. Five speakers from the Southern Hemisphere explained how the vitivinicultural sector adapted to the situation on short notice to ensure the continuity of the grape harvest, what means and tools were implemented and what consequences it had.


Francisca Muñiz has been hired as corporate marketing director, while current marketing boss Jaime de la Barra as moved on to become the company's winegrowing director. Both have moved to their new roles with immediate effect.


Domaine Bousquet estate vineyards islocated in the high altitude Alto Gualtallary wine region (vineyards at the foothills of the Andes at around 4,000 feet) in the Tupungato area of Mendoza, Argentina.


Jaime Rolando Urbina Torres, mayor of a small town in southern Peru, accused of breaking coronavirus lockdown to go drinking with friends

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