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Long shut off from land and resources, some Indigenous communities find a path in the wine industry.


Argentina's famed vineyards are struggling to find wine bottles amid a global shortage of glass, in the latest example of supply backlogs hitting local production.


The shortages are being exacerbated by a fire at a facility belonging to one of the few glass producers in the South American nation. Winemakers now say jobs and profits are at risk if they don't bottle their products on time, while local politicians warn prices will go up for consumers.


The wine director talks about his early years in Mendoza, connecting with consumers on social media and how a bottle of Burgundy changed his outlook on wine


Root:1 is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices across every facet of GEA's production, guided by its five sustainability pillars: Clean Energy, Water Use, Waste Management, Natural Outlook, and Community Connection. The name GEA, derived from the Greek word for Earth, underscores its commitment to sustainability.


Here are 10 reasons to get excited about Chilean wine in 2021, which have been drawn up following a tasting of more than 60 new releases from across the country.


Wines of Argentina just subscribed to the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP) set up by UN Women.


This major initiative forms part of the company's Mediterranean Forest Conservation Program and will contribute to the generation of a global biodiversity map, as well as strengthening the development of conservation plans for wine ecosystems in Chile.


To host 134 small winegrowers and winemaking groups in the Ñuble area


The perfect vacation is different for everyone. For some, relaxing in a heated pool post spa treatment is the height of luxury. For others, an action packed trek through archeological digs and ...


Viña Koyle's technical director Cristóbal Undurraga said the team were working on creating an ecological park that protects the biodiversity of its 1,000ha estate


"Mountain viticulture should be Chile's next step in terms of high quality wine, as the coast has already been well covered - we need to explore more extreme terroirs, we should be climbing further up the Andes as it has amazing terroir."


Summergate Fine Wine & Spirits, one of China's leading distributors, and Sherry producer González Byass have announced a long-term strategic partnership for Tío Pepe in the Chinese mainland market. Summergate will support the import, distribution, and marketing of Tío Pepe, which will be available in all first-tier cities across China soon.


The idea for the white Malbec came during the 'hackathon' project in 2018, which aimed to find an attractive and fruity blanc du noir wine (a white wine made from a red variety) whose profits could be used to benefit a scholarship programme the company supports in Mendoza with the FonBec Foundation.


Known for its disruptive wine labels, the Colchagua-based estate is shining a light on an age-old skill that has fallen largely by the wayside as a result of advancing technology. Its new De Vine collection, due to hit the UK this month, has been designed around the lost art of ampelography; the skill of identifying different grape varietals by observing the colour and shape of their leaves.


With winemakers treated to optimal conditions, 2021 is set to be a "historic" vintage in Chile across both red and white varieties, according to Paul Konar of Cono Sur. Speaking to db over Zoom, Konar - Cono Sur's general manager - revealed that after summer rains, conditions improved, allowing for a long ripening season where winemakers were in no hurry to pick.


The increase was mainly driven by 7% growth in volume across the business, said the company, with international sales volumes up 6% while the volume increases in the domestic Chilean and Argentine markets were 5% and 33% respectively.


The changes, which have been implemented in all markets, represent an improvement in the packaging for the renowned Chilean brand. Among notable modifications, the logo letter size has been adjusted in order to increase brand awareness.


It pointed to a strong performance in Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, and noted that it enjoyed "an important recovery" in China. EBITDA was up 2.5% year-on-year and net profit increased by 8.6%.


Here, he talks to db about his vinous sixth sense.

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