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Wine sales between China and Australia have been hit hard by the pandemic, with well-known Australian winemaker Penfolds offering large discounts.


Australian Grape & Wine (AGW) welcomes the approach taken by the Victorian and New South Wales Governments to allow businesses to continue working through the 2020 vintage and encourages other governments to follow suit


While stocks last, Paul Nelson Wines is giving away free sixpacks to anyone who purchases vouchers (valued at $150 or more) for West Australian restaurants and wine bars.


Taking advantage of the growth in the low and no-alcohol category has proven to be a challenge for the global wine sector. While strong growth is forecast for the niche low no alcoholic drinks category in the USA, growth for wine in this segment is predicted to be at a more modest rate of 4 per cent.


New Zealand Winegrowers chief executive Philip Gregan the wine industry would be allowed to operate during alert level-four.


Like all of us, Wine Australia is operating in a very dynamic environment with regard to COVID-19. We have undertaken detailed contingency planning so that we can continue to provide key services to support the sector under various scenarios, especially with respect to export approvals and certification.


An Australian-first regional cellar door in the Barossa Valley wine region of South Australia will open its doors later this month after nine years since the project was first imagined.


"Luxury was one of the few industries that didn't decline in 2008 (it remained flat with zero growth), while most other markets weakened significantly. This confirmed my research, which says that luxury markets are more crisis-proof than non-luxury markets."


The technical director of a major Marlborough winery says the tide is turning on the use of herbicides in European viticulture and agriculture.


France and Spain joined Italy in imposing lockdowns on tens of millions of people, Australia ordered self-isolation of arriving foreigners and other countries extended entry bans as the world sought to contain the spreading coronavirus.


Rabobank senior wine industry analyst Hayden Higgins expects the global wine industry will continue to face significant uncertainty regarding international wine trade throughout 2020.


Over two days of tastings by professional judges on March 6 and 7, 1,110 wines were rigorously evaluated by a panel of 75 international experts. "Organization of the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon is highly professional, and the tasting is simply seamless," says Dr. Carien Coetzee, oenologist and taster from South Africa. "No other competition offers the opportunity to taste and compare so many different Sauvignon wines from around the world", comments Darja Zemljic, a wine magazine editor from Slovenia.


The case involved 156 charges in total; one charge referred to the sale of 20,700 litres of "non-compliant" wine (involving inter-regional and inter-vintage blending), another to 10,881 litres that were not traceable to source vineyards, one more to sales between 2012 and 2014 of 50,664 litres that did not comply with export eligibility requirements, and yet another to 48,440 litres of "non-compliant" Sauvignon Blanc that was exported from 2013-2014.


The value of Australia's wine industry is rising each year, but producers will need to embrace new marketing and sales strategies to overcome slowdown in consumption in key markets, particularly the US and China, according to Rabobank's latest global Wine Quarterly report


RaboResearch senior wine analyst Hayden Higgins said one of the major drivers of change in the US market - not just for wine - was the rising influence of younger consumers. "This year will mark an important inflection point in this shift, as the emerging generations - the Millennials and Gen Z - will overtake older generations - the Boomers and Silent - in terms of influence," he said in the report.


Historic A-list Barossa winery Château Tanunda, poised to celebrate its 130th anniversary this year, has initiated a total revamp of U.S. operations. Changes include a leaner portfolio, tighter focus on higher end wines, new packaging, and two new wine debuts. To bring these wines to market, Château Tanunda disbanded its U.S. salesforce in late 2019 to start work instead with Sonoma-based Vintage Point, who will now provide the salesforce and marketing muscle.


The smoke produced by the blazes that ravaged the country may ruin entire vintages, but detecting contamination is a guessing game ... "Nationwide, the industry is expecting losses in sales of about $110 million, or 170 million Australian dollars. Had the grapes been harvested and stored in a warehouse that burned down in the fires, they would have been insured for that and compensated."


Using national vineyard scan data and information from firefighting agencies, Wine Australia revealed in January 2020 that around 1 percent of Australia's total vineyard area, less than 1,500ha, had been damaged in the fires.


The future of plant health in Australia is looking brighter with a new opportunity for international collaboration in research on pests and diseases that are common threats. Australia's Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative (PBRI), has just signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Phytosanitary Research and Coordination network (Euphresco).


The smoke produced by the blazes that ravged the country may ruin entire vintages, but detectin contamination is a guessing game.

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