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A diplomatic spat could be a chance for the rest of us to uncover a hidden Aussie gem.


As previously reported, Accolade Wines, put two of its well-known South Australian wineries on the market after deciding to close them last year


... making use of irrigation and nutrition modelling, combining soil and plant-based sensors, historical climate data and forecasts, and satellite imagery as well as the observations and knowledge of their viticulturists to make more informed decisions in the vineyard.


Undoubtedly part of the fallout from last year's rupture between China and Australia, which saw punitive tariffs applied to Australian wine imports, several Australian wineries have said this "unfair" treatment has led to staff being abused and the cancellation of orders and bookings.


Norman, whose two major titles came at the British Open in 1986 and 1993, had earlier tested negative for the novel coronavirus but on Friday he posted a picture on social media of him wearing a mask and lying on a hospital bed, using an expletive to suggest he had tested positive.


Paul Kilmartin, a professor of wine chemistry at New Zealand's University of Auckland, uses the discarded tannins to create plastics


'Tis the season to pop the cork and raise a glass to mark the end of a tumultuous year. While Australia's way of life has undergone a seismic shift in 2020, some traditions appear unchanged: Friday knock-off wines (over Zoom, if not in person), Christmas drinks with family and friends and champagne toasts come New Year's Eve.


Taking China to the World Trade Organisation plants a seed. It won't be a quick or easy win


Despite the current Chinese trade concerns, commercial, unpackaged wine export prices remain seven percent above where they were in October 2019, and bottled commercial exports are only down one percent. This is despite a 33 percent reduction in the volume of exports to China from that of October 2019.


Production will be shifted to the company's Tintara winery in McLaren Vale. The Petaluma facility, which only opened five years ago, has produced the Petaluma and Croser brands. The company's Krondorf winery in the Barossa Valley will also shut with production shifted to the Tintara and St Hallett wineries.


Under new rules, social distancing is not required and there are no limits on public gatherings, but borders remain closed to foreigners.


China goes to the mattresses to punish the government challenging its pandemic response. Australia pushes back.


Even if you don't like a wine, how many times have you thought it was okay to attack someone's choice of career, in person, via email? I'm reasonably confident I don't need to explain how entitled this is.


Whisperings of tariffs to come pushed China's purchases up 94% in October, according to China customs data; Australian winemakers benefited from a corresponding 40% jump in prices. Official data for November isn't available yet, but the measures are expected to be an effective death knell, wiping out demand and pushing prices lower.


but some say the move could do more harm than good.


Importers bringing in wines being investigated for Australian subsidy benefits will need to pay deposits to China's customs authority, according to the statement.


Politicians from multiple nations, including the U.S., urge consumers to buy Aussie after China imposes crippling tariffs


The fourth annual South Australian Wine Industry Snapshot - a research collaboration of Bentleys SA/NT and the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) - was released today.


Jim Harre told Ekleipsis Wines to 'give up' and 'find a new hobby' in an email


The commercial wine sector is in a relatively good position to weather any potential disruption resulting from China's anti-dumping wine tariffs on Australian wine, according to the chair of the Inland Wine Regions Alliance (IWRA).

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