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G3 Enterprises and FILTROX Introduce TRIEX for removing TCA

January 16, 2007

Press Release - January 15, 2007, After four years of research, G3 Enterprises and FILTROX are proud to unveil TRIEX, an effective new way to remove TCA taint from wine and other beverages.

TRIEX is a patent-pending compound which removes TCA without damaging a wine's aroma or flavor. It will be introduced to the industry at the annual Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento on January 24, 2007.

"We've treated more than a million gallons of wine and it removes TCA to non-detectible levels," said Charles Pierce, General Manager of G3's Closure Division.

TCA (trichloroanisole) is a serious problem for the wine industry which is estimated to cost winemakers more than $200 million annually. TCA can be found in corks, oak barrels, storage tanks and other wine-making equipment. It has a moldy odor that people can detect in wine at levels as low as 5 parts per trillion. Surprisingly, even at levels from one to two parts per trillion, it can affect a wine's taste and bouquet.

Earlier methods have been developed to try to treat TCA-tainted wine, but they have proven to be less than ideal. Polyethylene treatment methods are costly, time-consuming and diminish or "scalp" the complex aromas that give a wine its rich bouquet and flavor. Methods employing the addition of milk-products are sometimes used, but they also reduce the aromas and flavors of wine and might result in the wine containing residual allergens. The traditional method of using mustard-seeds as a deodorizer to mask TCA is also associated with severe taste and aroma distortion effects.

"TRIEX is more effective than those methods and doesn't change the flavor of the wine," Pierce said. "It's also a lot easier to use and less expensive."

G3 Enterprises has partnered with Swiss company FILTROX to produce wine filters containing TRIEX. Running TCA-tainted wine through the filter sheets into a clean tank will remove the offending chemical in one simple step. "We have worked intensively with the researchers from G3 to incorporate the TRIEX compound into the proven FIBRAFIX filter sheet technology, creating an effective and easy-to-use method of removing TCA from wine and other beverages", said Dr. Juergen Ebert, Research & Development Manager of the FILTROX Filter Media department.

John Cunningham, the Research & Development Manager at G3's Closure Division, discovered TRIEX while experimenting with ways to deal with TCA contaminated corks.

TRIEX is an inorganic compound that has already received regulatory approval for treating wine and has been specifically engineered to remove TCA molecules. TRIEX is also extremely effective in removing tribromoanisole (TBA) taint. TBA is a chemical contaminant similar to TCA and has a similar impact to wine. "We have treated several thousand gallons of wine that were unusable as a result of being contaminated with TBA. This wine is now being bottled," Pierce said.

TRIEX-containing Filter Sheets are currently available for purchase through FILTROX.

G3 Enterprises, an industry leader in the food and beverage field, was formed in 2003 when four companies with decades of individual experience combined to form a single-solution provider for the beverage industry. G3 produces high-quality labels, closures and bottle decorating for the beverage industry. It offers an array of scientific and technical services to producers, and has a full-service logistics division performing warehousing and transportation services.

FILTROX, one the world's leading companies for the filtration of beverages, was founded in 1938. The company is part of the FILTROX-Group headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland with sales offices and manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, the U.K., Spain, Czech Republic, the U.S., France, and Germany. FILTROX manufactures stainless steel filtration equipment as well as filter media such as filter sheets, filter modules, filter cartridges, and filter aids.

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