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Grape Genomics Portal

Cantu Lab at UC Davis launches web resource
by Curtis Phillips
February 21, 2020

Genomics is the study of genomes, which is in turn is the term used to describe all of the genetic material in an organism. Except for RNA viruses, this includes both the coding DNA (ie genes) and the non-coding DNA (often incorrectly called “junk DNA”) as well as the DNA found in chloroplasts, chromoplasts, and mitochondria. I idea is that this more wholistic view of an organism’s genome contrasts with genetics which supposedly is more focused on the study of individual genes. Since I am neither a biologist nor a geneticist I can’t really attest to any actual utility in the semantic differentiation between the two approaches. I suppose that the term “genetics” could have been used to describe everything included described by the term “genomics” but the “-omics” suffix is used in several other biology sub-disciplines, especially bioinformatics and molecular biology,  to denote “taken as a whole” so parallel with genomics is likely useful.

The Cantu lab at the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology recently put up a web portal for their grapevine genomics work as well other publicly available grapevine genomes. I’m going to reproduce the genomics page here rather than merely post a link to it so that readers can get an idea of the genomes currently on the website. The list of currently available grapevine genomes includes:

Vitis vinifera ssp. vinifera
    Black Corinth
        Black Corinth Seedless
        Black Corinth Seeded

    Cabernet Sauvignon
        Cabernet Sauvignon clone 08 v1.1 - Chromosome scale 
        Cabernet Sauvignon clone 08 v1 - FalconUnzip

        Zinfandel clone 03 ver 1.1 
        Zinfandel clone 03 ver 1 


Vitis vinifera ssp. sylvestris

Vitis arizonica 

Muscadinia rotundifolia 


Other than grapevine genomes, the website also includes links to new research as it is published, as well as other relevant scientific resources.

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