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Okanagan winery going off the grid
Off the Grid's sustainability initiatives include its 600 square foot wine shop, which was built using straw bale construction. The roof also features solar panels so that the winery can produce its own energy.
Burgeoning wine industry in the south Okanagan
The family-owned and operated Road 13 winery has been awarded best in B.C. and top four in the country at the prestigious 2017 National Wine Awards of Canada.
Why Okanagan legend Harry McWatters is making wine in a Penticton theatre
Last year McWatters, who was born in Toronto and raised there and in North Vancouver, received another irresistible offer. As a result, he sold Sundial Vineyard, where he was building the 25,000-square-foot Time Estate Winery, to Richmond businessman Richter Bai. Instead, Time Winery will be in the 15,000-square-foot former PenMar movie theatre on Martin Street in Penticton, without a vineyard in sight.
Two international brewing giants conspired to limit other U.S. beer companies from selling their products in Ontario, Canada, according to a federal lawsuit filed the owner of Minhas Craft Brewery
Other clauses of the secret agreement included that the LCBO was not to sell to restaurants and bars any of the major brands not carried in its regular stores, a move that discouraged bars and restaurants from purchasing beer at LCBO stores
Canada's ag minister: NAFTA benefits worth saving
Canada's agriculture minister, Lawrence MacAulay, discussed the upcoming North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiation with Idaho farming industry leaders as well as directors of 13 Western state agriculture departments.
Norman Hardie: the man putting Canadian wine on the map
China Is Facing An Epidemic Of Counterfeit And Contraband Wine
Canadian politicians on mission touting ag trade benefits
The latest trip is meant to highlight how important trade between the two countries is to their respective agricultural sectors, officials at Agriculture Canada told reporters. MacAulay is also scheduled to make the keynote address at the Pacific Northwest Economic Region Summit and the Western Association of State Departments of Agriculture annual meeting.
Ottawa remains close-lipped as NAFTA renegotiations loom
Don't expect that strategy to change any time soon. ?
Ontario on track to setting 19 as minimum legal age for recreational pot
Premier Kathleen Wynne says it's impractical for the province to have a higher legal age for consuming cannabis than for alcohol.
NAFTA Renegotiations Boost Pressure on Wine Relations
With several complaints from the United States against liquor retailing practices already in play in Canada, including a complaint to the World Trade Organization over grocery store sales of domestic wines in British Columbia, NAFTA renegotiations present a significant opportunity for the U.S. wine industry. Canada is No. 1 country for U.S. wine exports, but discriminatory practices remain ...
Canada retracts decision to avoid labelling West Bank wine as Israeli
The decision drew considerable criticism from the Israeli embassy in Ottawa and several Canadian Jewish advocacy groups
Prolific wine author John Schreiner on how B.C. wines went 'from zero to 60' in a short time
Canada's most prolific wine author, John Schreiner, has published 16 books on the subject (and that's not factoring in heavily revised second and third editions of several titles).
BC Wine Institute Welcomes New Board of Directors and Awards Industry Leaders at 2017 AGM
Following another successful Annual General Meeting (July 11, 2017 at Spirit Ridge Resort, Osoyoos), the BC Wine Institute (BCWI) is pleased to announce its new Board of Directors.
US releases NAFTA objectives
The U.S. says it wants better access for its exports of agriculture-including dairy products, wine and grain.
Canada backtracks on labeling wine from the West Bank
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says in a Thursday statement that it had not "fully considered" the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement in reaching its ruling. The agency says the wines do in fact adhere to the agreement and can be sold as currently labeled.
Family to spend $100M to launch new winery in Oliver
A new winery in Oliver projected to open in spring of 2019 will cost the owner nearly $100 million to launch. So says Ingo Grady, president of Phantom Creek Estates on Black Sage Road.
What wine goes with bannock?
What wine pairs perfectly with bannock? Any number of Indigenous World Winery's vintages, of course.
Canadian Wine Is Primed To Earn More Attention
Ontario dominates the Canadian wine scene
Historic Canadian Free Trade Agreement takes effect July 1
Canadian Free Trade Agreement will boost business opportunities and create more jobs
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