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British Columbia wines dominate Los Angeles International Wine Competition
Some 17 wines from British Columbia, Washington and Oregon earned best-of-class status, meaning they were the top wine in their category. Moon Curser Vineyards in Osoyoos, British Columbia, won three best-of-class designations, while Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery near Oliver, British Columbia, won two. Gehringer Brothers also won four additional gold medals.
How do you stop starlings from poaching wine grapes? With Amadeus, a cold-blooded avian killer
Engel had never been big into big birds, pre-starlings. She couldn't tell a songbird from a passerine from a peregrine falcon. Now she patrols her vineyard wearing a falconer's glove on her left hand while a Harris hawk circle's overhead. The hawk's name is Amadeus. When he is not actively engaged in killing starlings he is scaring them witless, simply by flapping about.
British Columbia wines dominate Los Angeles International Wine Competition
The 77th annual Los Angeles International Wine Competition took place in mid-May at the Los Angeles County fairgrounds, drawing more than 3,000 entries from around the world.
Spearhead Huts Project to make Whistler backcountry more accessible
"These aren't going to be in the European mould where you can have a bowl of pasta and bottle of wine ..."
BC eases rules on liquor sampling
More changes have been announced as the provincial government helps modernize liquor policies and allows for businesses to provide alcohol samples
Husband/wife team make Tightrope Winery a destination in British Columbia
It's no secret in British Columbia, but Tightrope Winery deserves to be in the discussion when talking about the best young wineries in the Pacific Northwest
This Canadian wine is worth a trip over the border
British Columbia's Gehringer Brothers Estate produces great wines, especially its world-class rieslings, but you can't buy them here.
The Wines of British Columbia Stand up to the World at The Second Annual Judgment of BC Wine Tasting
The Wines of British Columbia were put to the ultimate test at the second annual Judgment of BC on Tuesday, June 21, pitting 12 BC Wines against 12 acknowledged global benchmarks.
Why Would Constellation Brands Inc. Say Good-Bye to a Market Leading Business?
The company is exploring a spin-off of its Canadian wine business, which happens to be the leading wine producer in Canada. We look at why, ultimately, this makes good business sense.
CedarCreek Named Canada's Best at Decanter World Wine Awards
CedarCreek Again Named Canada's Best at Top World Wine Awards In London, England -- 95 Points
Price of Wine Increases in Ontario Today
The tax is moving from its current rate of 65.5 per cent to 67.5 per cent for Ontario wine, and from 71.5 per cent to 73.5 per cent for imported wine
Ontario & federal governments invest in Hardie Wines
To celebrate Ontario Wine Week, the Ontario and federal governments have announced an investment in Hardie Wines Limited
Province and feds will meet to talk trade and B.C. wine sales
Bert Hick of Rising Tide Consultants said he has heard from his contacts in the U.S. wine industry that the meeting comes amid concerns about the decision by B.C. to let licences to sell Vintner Quality Assurance (VQA) B.C. wines in grocery stores.
This Canadian Brewery Is Turning Icebergs into Beer
Each year for around six weeks during the season, Ed tracks icebergs and then heads out with his 180-foot barge to harvest the pristine, 10-20,000-year-old ice that takes three to four years to float down from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland before arriving off the shores of eastern Canada. This is ice that was formed before the Industrial Revolution, the purest water on earth, and it's what Newfoundland's Quidi Vidi Brewery uses to make its Iceberg Beer.
LCBO net sales hit record $5.57 billion in 2015-16, delivers 22nd consecutive increase on dividend
LCBO's financial results for fiscal 2015-16 show net sales growth of 6.8 per cent, at $5.57 billion
CNC's "Soil Monitoring Technology" research project could change wine game
The College of New Caledonia's current research could help improve vineyards across the Province.
Ottawa attracts guests with annual wine fest this weekend
The popular festival in downtown Ottawa, at the Jordan block, 101 W. Main St., has become a mainstay in the community and is known for not only enticing local citizens to taste test Illinois-produced wine, but also in introducting the Ottawa downtown area to those visiting from outside of the city limits.
Why Constellation Brands Wants to Spin Off a Key Business Line
Constellation Brands is considering an IPO for its Canadian wine operation, the top wine producer in Canada. Does this make good business sense?
Andrew Peller CEO Welcomes Constellation Wine IPO
John Peller, President & CEO of Andrew Peller joins Bloomberg TV Canada's Pamela Ritchie to discuss why Constellation Brands' IPO for Canadian wine segment would be good for the Canadian wine market.
'Canada Could Be To Cannabis What France Is To Wine'
A conference on Canada's economic future got a taste Wednesday of a possible new strategy for the country: Becoming a world leader in the burgeoning marijuana industry.
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