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Canada Recalled a Vodka Because It Had Too Much Alcohol
Attention, Canadians: If you're in possession of a Georgian Bay vodka bottle, you may be getting a lot more than you paid for. And by "a lot more," we mean double the alcohol content.
Anthony Gismondi: Canadian wine is at a tipping point
It's been another remarkable week of wine in Vancouver - that's 39 if you count all the wine festivals back to the original Playhouse days in 1979.
What's the Big Deal about Supermarket Wine Sales in British Columbia?
Provincial alcoholic beverage control regimes apply somewhat in the spirit of Sweden's Systembolaget monopoly, which was at one time the world's largest wine retailer
39th VanWineFest Serves Up 82,000 Wine Glasses; 42,000 Bottles of Wine
The 39th Vancouver International Wine Festival is in full swing all around town, and by the time it wraps up Sunday night, dishwashers will have dealt with 82,000 wine glasses. And countless plates, cups and cutlery.
CETA deal to boost spirits sales to Canada
Industry leaders have welcomed the ratification of the controversial CETA trade deal, which will eliminate almost all import tariffs on wines, spirits travelling from the EU to Canada.
Wine exports set a record in 2016, experts say
U.S. exports of wine - the bulk of it from California - set a record in 2016 despite having to fight a strong dollar, subsidies and barriers in other countries and a tight water and labor supply at home, according to the Wine Institute.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talks trade with President Trump at White House
The comments were received positively by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who came to the United States seeking to ensure Canada was not crippled as Trump re-negotiates the North American Free Trade Agreement. The neighboring leaders, polar opposites in nearly every way, took up the thorny subjects of trade and immigration at their first face to face meeting Monday.
Wine trade challenge puts B.C. on notice
On Jan. 18, in a surprise move, the Obama administration launched a trade challenge with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against Canada in respect of B.C.-only wine on British Columbia grocery-store shelves - with all of two days left in its mandate. And as of Feb. 7, New Zealand and the European Union had given notice to the WTO that they too would join consultations on the matter.
EU joins US challenge against 'discriminatory' BC liquor laws
European Union says its wine getting unfair treatment compared to domestic product
Bench wineries spreading the love this month
Wineries to offer romantic wine pairings and special features
Okanagan Valley orchardists transition to stellar wines at C.C. Jentsch
There's a common belief in Northwest wine industry that if a site produces plump cherries, then it bodes well for wine grapes. That's certainly played out for Chris and Betty Jentsch in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, who founded C.C. Jentsch Cellars south of Oliver. The Jentsch family moved from Germany to Canada in 1929 and settled in the Kelowna area, becoming successful at farming cherries and tree fruits.
A Wine Fight Brews Here, While It's Kumbaya Over There
On the same day I read about a wine trade war brewing between the United States and neighboring British Columbia , I also discovered the inclusivity of LaWinetech.
Vancouver International Wine Festival helps wineries cultivate tourism
Canada marks 150th birthday as annual event's theme country
Okanagan Valley orchardists transition to stellar wines at C.C. Jentsch
There's a common belief in Northwest wine industry that if a site produces plump cherries, then it bodes well for wine grapes
Wine War With Canada?
An ongoing trade dispute swirling around liquor sales in British Columbia reached new heights as the United States filed a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization last month, accusing the Canadian province of discriminating against American wine.
Nielsen Begins Measurement Of Beverage Alcohol Sales In Alberta
A global leader in measurement and analytics, this new measurement data further expands Nielsen's Beverage Alcohol coverage in one of Canada's most populated provinces, allowing a more comprehensive understanding of consumers' shopping behavior across beer, wine and spirits.
50th Parallel Estate shows successful reach of British Columbia wines
Few principals in the British Columbia wine industry are as flamboyant as Curtis Krouzel, yet his passion and dedication at 50th Parallel Estate Winery have meshed with winemaking talent Grant Stanley to produce some of the Pacific Northwest's most sophisticated wines.
Saskatoon woman organizes wine tasting for singles over 50
It can be tough entering the world of dating when you're over 50 - especially if online dating isn't your thing. So, a Saskatoon woman has come up with an idea that's tailored to those who prefer to meet face to face.
As B.C. snips away silly booze rules, Alberta can only watch and sulk
The latest allows any business in B.C. to apply for a licence to serve liquor, and though the final say still rests with municipal governments, it's expected Alberta's neighbour will soon have art galleries, bookstores, and yes, barber shops, were ordering a glass of wine or cold brew is both allowed and encouraged.
Grape growing a labour of love
I recently sat down with longtime and famed Ontario grape grower Jamie Slingerland
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