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Canadian university to create wine consumer lab
Canada's Brock University is to create the world's first augmented reality, virtual reality and sensory reality consumer wine lab; which will explore how drinkers chose the wine they drink and buy.
Top 5 Ontario Wine Destinations
We often get asked to suggest our favourites, so here is a brief overview
Ontario grant helps Brock create first-of-its-kind wine sensory lab
augmented reality, virtual reality and sensory reality - The $2.4-million project also includes expanding the capacity of CCOVI's research winery to include a state-of-the-art fermentation facility, as well as the purchase of several advanced analytical instruments
VanWineFest - Vancouver International Wine Festival - Welcomes Vine Stars From Around the Wine World
Announces Keynote Speaker: Paul Wagner, wine educator & historian
Nova Scotia Growers Map Risks, Opportunities
Supported by $1 million in funding from Agriculture and Agri-food Canada's AgriRisk Initiatives program and managed by the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture (NSFA), the project is modeling climate impacts on all aspects of the industry from grape production to wine sales.
Oregon wine mavens successfully address challenges
The wine world embraces it with the hope that fewer disasters will be experienced this year than what took place in 2017. While the well-publicized wine region fires in California have had a devastating impact, long-term concern is beginning to focus on what is happening to the climate: not just in California, but across global wine growing regions as well.
Ontario Winemakers Declare 2017 A Fine Year
Spotty weather this past summer may have made it hard to plan an outing to the beach, but it turned out to be ideal conditions for the wineries of Lake Erie North Shore. With 2017 spring temperatures consistently above seasonal, the season started earlier than usual, which can be panic-inducing due to the threat of a late killing frost, and favourable weather through the summer months and into fall resulted in a bountiful crop that local winemakers predict will make for a fine 2017 vintage.
The Vinum&Cibus Italici Consortium Opens to Canada Market
A promotional video has been launched to introduce the Consortium which represents several Italian food and wine companies to the Canadian market
Niagara's Icewine Harvest kicks off Celebrations in Wine Country
Ontario VQA wineries prepare for three weekends of Icewine festivities in January
BC Wineries Fight in Supreme Court for Canadian Wine for All
Small BC Wineries hope a Supreme Court decision will be made in their favour, allowing for cross-Canada, direct-to-consumer wine sales.
Drinking in class is encouraged at this Canadian college program
A rapidly growing industry with a labour shortage led to this program and its 100 per cent placement rate
Canadians are already spending almost as much on marijuana as wine
The $6.2 billion in weed Canadians consume a year is about two-thirds the $9.2 billion beer market and close to wine's $7 billion tally
Residents of Tuktoyaktuk vote to lift community restrictions on beer and wine
Residents of Tuktoyaktuk should soon be able to bring an unlimited supply of beer and wine into the community after a plebiscite Monday in favour of lifting restrictions in place since 2009.
Trade barriers a real problem for BC wineries
This is a real problem to Okanagan wineries, many of which have long lists of loyal customers from other provinces, especially Alberta. These customers buy wine and carry it back home. Some sign up for wine club memberships, one of the main benefits being several shipments of wine to your doorstep each year. Technically, that's illegal between most provinces.
Millennials closing in as BC's biggest wine drinkers
Generation X leads the way in current consumption of B.C. wine, as more wine drinkers are enjoying local varietals
Multimillion-dollar distillery under construction in Regina
Minhas family brings liquor expertise to Saskatchewan
Portugal Plans €13M Investment To Promote Wine Exports In 2018
The group, which will invest about €6.5 million of this total, says that 24% will be invested in the US - the main export destination of national wines. The US registered a 9.2% annual growth in volume of Portuguese wine imports between 2011 and 2016.
10th Annual Big Reds Wine Festival at Big White breaks attendance records
The two-night event saw over 600 guests flow through the Village Centre Mall to sample the handcrafted wines, making it the best attended Big Reds Festival to date.
Nova Scotia Plans To Sell Weed In Liquor Stores
Alongside bottles of vodka, whisky and rum, marijuana will soon be stocked on the shelves of liquor stores in Nova Scotia, Canada
Where protected lands stand after national monument review
U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke conducted a review of 27 monuments established by former presidents over more than two decades.
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