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First Commercial Application of Non-Cannabis Cannabinoids Launched in Beverage Zero dB
Powered by an organic, cannabis-free plant formulation, Zero dB Noise CancelingTM wellness beverage is designed to help consumers filter out everyday stressors and to quiet mental noise. The carbonated, low-calorie beverage is available in two varieties, original formula and, +energy. Consumers can order a 6-pack of 355ml cans for CAD 34.99 (USD 29.99) at Zero dB will be available for purchase at multiple national retailers later this year.
Hester Creek's Rob Summers leaves on a high note
The winery announced his retirement in February. "Originally from Niagara, Summers has had a long winemaking career, which first began in Ontario in 1987," the winery said. He was, in fact, one of the senior winemakers at Peller Winery before moving West.
Virtual BC Wine Vintage Preview - Part 1
Finding inspiration in our new reality can be difficult. Physical distancing and staying home have meant many events, like our popular Bloom and Discover spring tastings, have been cancelled or postponed. The good news is winemaking hasn't stopped. Vines continue to grow, grapes continue to ripen and winemakers continue to produce fresh and vibrant wines meant to be savoured and enjoyed.
Neighbours of West Kelowna winery decry expansion plans
"When the cottages were being rezoned, council had the foresight to require a covenant to be registered on that property flagging the fact that the properties are next to an active agricultural operations, and that they could be impacted by typical farm practices."
Okanagan wineries connecting through social media
Many wineries throughout the Okanagan are relying on Facebook Live and YouTube videos to promote their product
New Report Finds Overwhelming Majority of Global Consumers Are Willing to Pay More for Sustainable Packaging
Key report findings also include a majority of consumers who identify as environmentally aware, with more than two out of three consumers citing environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging as important. And of the 74 percent who said they would pay more for sustainable packaging, nearly one-fourth are willing to pay for an increased cost of 10 percent or more.
BarrelWise Technologies to Produce Filtering Facepiece Respirator (FFR) Mask Decontamination Oven
BarrelWise will be developing a decontamination method that uses dry and humid heat to sterilize masks, as heat based methods offer a distinct set of advantages including the fact they do not require specialty components with competitive supply-chain limitations (e.g. bulbs and ballasts for UV sterilization) and can be manufactured imminently and locally.
Summerland winery sold for $5.2 million
Property overlooking Okanagan Lake was on the market 160 days
Video: 2:38 COVID19 WK. 2 at Between The Lines Winery
A look back at Week 2 of the COVID19 crisis for Between The Lines Winery. The support from our customers online and Social Media has been incredible. Thank You! As a small business winery, word-of-mouth keeps us in the game. Staying #BTLSTRONG
Honoring BC Wine Month by Enjoying BC VQA Wine From Home
As we continue to navigate these uncertain times surrounding COVID-19, BC wineries are doing what they can to ensure the community and industry remain strong, which is why the Wines of British Columbia welcome the return of BC Wine Month in April to encourage buying local while respecting physical distancing.
Cooper's Hawk Vineyards Transforms to Virtual Business in Under One Week.
The team at CHV went from a traditional winery that relied on restaurant business, tours, and tastings on-site to an almost entirely virtual existence. The transformation now has a focus on home delivery and drive-in pickups but also includes an entire campaign.
Chagall Design Builds COVID-19 Checkout Equipment to Help Protect Staff and Customers
Chagall Design, who typically designs and builds store fixtures for grocers, is taking steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by offering new solutions to reduce person-to-person contact during checkouts. Chagall's team of designers and engineers have developed three new partition solutions that offer additional protection between cashiers and customers.
International Cool Climate Wine Symposium postponed to 2021
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause significant uncertainty and risk to public health around the globe, the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (ICCWS) 2020 Advisory Organizing Committee has made the decision to postpone its upcoming conference until 2021.
Smurfit Kappa launches a new tap for concentrated drinks in Bag-inBox
Smurfit Kappa, leader in Bag-in-Box packaging solutions has entered the soft-drinks market with its new QuickConnect Vitop (QVC) tap.
BC Wine Institute CEO Update
In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 updates, the BC Wine Institute (BCWI) supports the government's continued efforts to minimize the risk and spread of the COVID-19 virus. Following the direction of the Province and Provincial Health Authority, we have postponed and/or cancelled the following BC wine consumer and industry events , including BC VQA wine store tastings, in an attempt to help flatten the curve.
Coronavirus: Kind Canadians start 'caremongering' trend
More than 35 Facebook groups have been set up in 72 hours to serve communities in places including Ottawa, Halifax and Annapolis County in Nova Scotia, with more than 30,000 members between them.
Brock suspending face-to-face classes and moving toward alternative forms of delivery
Brock University is suspending face-to-face classes and exams for the rest of this academic term and is working on a plan to move to alternative forms of class and exam delivery, including online. The academic term is not at risk.
No Canadian should have to worry about paying rent amid COVID-19 pandemic: Trudeau
Finance Minister Bill Morneau will have further announcements this afternoon, Trudeau said.
Can Grapes Be Protected from Wildfire Smoke Taint?
Researchers at Canada's University of British Columbia in Kelowna, where fires have been problematic in recent years, believe they have a potential solution in a product used in cherry farming. The team had been working with Okanagan winemakers to find ways to detect potential smoke taint in wine grapes before fermentation so that winemakers don't continue pouring money and labor into a crop that is likely doomed. Current tests for smoke taint precursors are unreliable. Grapes can seem fine, but smoke taint emerges months later in the finished wine.
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