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In B.C., a case of Lucky Lager cost $34.99 in 2015. This year it's $39.09: NDP study
In the past two years, B.C. residents have found themselves having to dig into their pockets for an extra $5 if they want to buy a 24-case of Lucky Lager.
Quebecers want better access to a wide variety of wine
A Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) poll on wine imports and distribution reveals most Quebecers believe the current system impedes restaurants and their customers. In the poll, 71% of Quebecers believe independent restaurateurs should have the right to import wine and sell it directly to consumers.
Microdistilled spirits in Canada finding appeal among millennials, mixologists
A boom in craft distilling in the United States and increasing demand from curious millennials acquiring a palate for well-made spirits have inspired a burgeoning microdistillery scene in Canada, with at least 100 upstart companies now operating across the country.
Wines of British Columbia Present Chef Meets BC Grape Signature Tasting this Spring in Vancouver and Victoria
This spring the Wines of British Columbia expands its annual Chef Meets BC Grape Signature Tasting fundraising event bringing the largest tasting of BC VQA Wine and culinary back to the Vancouver Convention Centre East on May 25 and, for the first time, in Victoria on May 23.
Overwhelming support for strike from LCBO workers
Job security, scheduling, and health and safety are among several major concerns for the 7,500 LCBO staff represented by OPSEU. And the union has said the province's "ill-advised plan" to sell alcohol in grocery stores is a key concern as it feels alcohol sales outside the LCBO could spell the end of the government-owned alcohol retailer.
Will Trump Go After Canadian Wine Next?
A post at the Canadian site Maclean's thinks Trump is going to go after wine sales in British Columbia next, arguing that the Canadian product has an unfair advantage over US wine because of grocery store rules.
Retail Wine Sales Raise Hackles Across Canada, and Beyond
Union employees of wine buyer LCBO pave way for strike.
Canada's options limited as it faces prospect of US trade war
From cherries to wine and oil, Canada has a range of tools to retaliate against any Trump administration trade attacks but they are either too limited or too painful to invoke. Ottawa is keen to avoid a costly trade war with the United States as NAFTA renegotiations loom, given the U.S. economy is ten times larger than Canada's.
LCBO staff vote on giving union strike mandate
Two days of voting wraps up tonight at 659 stores across Ontario, including Sudbury.
Jean-Claude Mas eyes up export growth
Charismatic French estate owner Jean-Claude Mas is eyeing up export growth after building a strong portfolio in the UK market.
Lumber may be only the beginning of Trump's trade tiffs with Canada
Part of the difficulty for Canadians is the lack of specifics in some of Trump's trade pronouncements.
7500 LCBO workers across province hold strike vote
Union says the province's 'ill-advised plan' to sell alcohol in grocery stores is key concern
'We're walking a very fine line': Cambridge Bay mulls beer and wine store
50 people attended community meeting Wednesday to discuss opening government-run store.
Small B.C. winery goes up against Loblaw Canada over the name Ziggy
?Brenda Hetman-Craig says it would be "financially devastating" if Loblaw Inc. forced her to rename her small vineyard's Ziggy Siegerrebe wine.
Winery owner's land deals make Niagara-on-the-Lake nervous about what's next
A dispute in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake's booming wine country is consuming the picturesque town. Some residents fear a GTA builder is trying to exploit the region's success. The developer believes he's being turned into a convenient villain.
Winery owner's land deals make Niagara-on-the-Lake nervous about what's next
The owner of Solmar Development built a large winery and now residents wonder what else he plans to build.
Ontario's new premium bag-in-box wines are changing the game: Evans Hammond
Prompted by the Premier's Advisory Council on Government Assets' recommendation in 2015 to let more producers sell bag-in-box wines, nine new three-litre offerings hit shelves this month.
More of the world's grape and wine insiders are coming to CCOVI
Charles Bénard is close to the wine industry, but far from home. His parents manage the Champagne Bénard-Pitois vineyard and winery in France, and Bénard himself is a second-year student at AgroSup Dijon, the French national institute for food and agronomic sciences.
B.C. eagerly anticipating federal pot law; NDP, Greens prepare policy
Growing marijuana has become a backyard tradition in B.C. and the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver and Victoria rival Tim Horton's outlets. Politicians, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens are convinced marijuana offers unprecedented economic, social and health opportunities as Ottawa gets ready to introduce its legislation.
Tony Stewart: 'My friends are probably surprised I'm in the wine business'
Tony Stewart, 50, is chief executive officer of Quails' Gate winery in Kelowna, B.C. Under Stewart Family Estates, the company acquired and operates wineries in Sonoma, Calif.
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