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September 27, 2018 | 8:46 AM

Tom Farella Comments on this post:

Prevailing knowledge is that when grapes are pressed off with no skin contact there are no concerns over smoke taint. I don't understand how this is not a breach of contract if the purchasing winery backs out on white grapes or those intended for rose. Conversely, the taint effects that I have seen tend to show up after the finished wines have settled out for several weeks so early proclamations are unreliable. I feel for the growers AND the wineries (we are both). While grower relationships tend to be more like partnerships, in the end, there is still a large gap for where the "blame" should go. Strangely, lawyers and insurance companies are defining the parameters. Crop insurance costs rose dramatically in recent years and only provides limited returns. We all have a long way to go on these issues.

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