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by Curtis Phillips | May 15, 2014 | 5:38 AM

There is an interesting entry on the University of Missouri Bond Life Sciences Center's "Decoding Science" blog. The blog highlights recent research by UM researcher Walter Gassmann into powdery mildew susceptibility in Vitis vinifera. Apparently, it is the genes that encode for nitrogen transport that are key to V. vinifera's vulnerability to powdery mildew. Gassmann's article was accepted November 2013 into the Plant and Cell Physiology.

For those interested, here is the citation for Gassmann's earlier work on nitrate transport:

Li JY, Fu YL, Pike SM, Bao J, Tian W, Zhang Y, Chen CZ, Li HM, Huang J, Li LG, Schroeder JI, Gassmann W and Gong JM. The Arabidopsis nitrate transporter NRT1.8 functions in nitrate removal from the xylem sap and mediates cadmium tolerance. Plant Cell 2010;22(5):1633-1646.

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