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by Curtis Phillips | April 28, 2014 | 1:55 PM

VENSource Program Director, Kay Bogart is looking for input from the industry about topics or issues for next year's VENSource seminars including the WineFlavor101, Current Issues, and Science Enabling Art series.

We have set up dates for next year’s VENSource series of seminars, but we’d really appreciate hearing from all of you about topics or issues for our WineFlavor 101, Current Issues or Science Enabling Art classes. Our goal has always been to address those issues that the industry feels are most important to them in their professional lives, so asking all of you for input is an important part of the selection process.

For those of you who haven’t attended, our “WineFlavor 101” seminars are day-long classes, as are all our events, that include wine tastings to illustrate the impact of the compounds being described. These have been especially well-received because the learning experience is so personal and so impactful. As an example, if a speaker has just delivered a lecture on a specific class of taints, the audience takes a break while we pour a tasting of 6-7 wines that exhibit those characters, possible in varying amounts. This kind of learning is especially valuable, as it’s so personal.

Our “Current Issues” classes specifically address timely issues of particular importance or concern to the wine industry. These don’t usually include tastings. Recent Advances in Viticulture and Enology is a good example of these classes. We’ve also targeted specific fermentation management issues in summer sessions, smoke taint, flash detente, vineyard-pest related classes, water management during drought and others.

Our newest category of seminars is “Science Enabling Art”, in which a series of industry and academic experts discussed the importance of using a firm scientific background to guide, but not drive, many winemaking and grapegrowing decisions. There will be more of these in the upcoming series.

So, we’re asking that you give it some thought and, if you have the time, send me some ideas of topics that you’d like to see VENSource address. Whatever topic you choose, there are probably others who have the same concern or need for direction.

I'll forward any comments submitted via our blog, but readers who want to provide input on this topic may contact Kay directly (tel: 530-752-9876, email:

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