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April 4, 2013 | 1:54 PM

A Call to Action from the Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association just came across our news desk this afternoon:

Call to Action:
Legislative Session - Help the Texas Wine Industry

Rep. Rick Miller Attempts to Take Money from Wine and Grape Industry

Representative Rick Miller of Sugarland (that is not Doug Miller of New Braunfels/Fredericksburg) is proposing an amendment that would strip from the budget the $250,000 annually that has been raised via TABC permit service charges since 2001 and redirected to the Texas Department of Agriculture for Wine Marketing Assistance. To help save this money, please call Representative Rick Miller's capitol office at (512) 463-0710 immediately, tell them you are a member of the Texas wine and grape industry and to please pull their amendment down that takes away the wine marketing assistance money to TDA.

An update came in at 2:25pm:

Thank you to the many industry members who took the time to call Representative Rick Miller's office today. The amendment has been pulled down and barring any additional attempts to take it, the $250,000 for wine marketing at the Texas Department of Agriculture should continue to be available.

Representative Miller's staff has commented to many callers that he is now fully in support of the Texas wine and grape industry.

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