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January 4, 2013 | 1:55 PM

If you're interested in reading an assessment of how much water Californians use overall, check out a new report from the Pacific Institute. "California's Water Footprint" is the first comprehensive assessment of the state's water footprint and shows the interconnections between everyday activities and impacts to water resources at home and around the world.

The entire report can be downloaded from the Pacific Institute's website.

Julian Fulton, lead author of the report, says:

“As pressures on water resources intensify, evaluating our impact on the world’s water resources becomes increasingly important; the water footprint is one way to quantify this impact. Most of California’s water footprint is external, meaning that Californians are more dependent on water resources from other places than in-state.”

The report points out:

More than 90% of California’s water footprint is associated with agricultural products: meat and dairy products have especially large water footprints due to the water-intensive feed required to raise the animals. An additional 4% of the state’s water footprint is associated with direct household water consumption (primarily for watering lawns and gardens), and the remaining 3% with other industrial products we consume, such as clothing and electronics. 

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