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October 19, 2012 | 1:10 PM

In response to this post

Mike Dunne with A Year in Wine comments:

In reply to Larry Chandler's remark, as both blogger and wine columnist I routinely try to find out where wines I write about are available. That's easy when I've bought the wine, though it is no guarantee that the wine still will be in stock where I bought it. Other than that, I routinely ask wineries where their wines are available within my primary area of coverage. They generally have a pretty good idea, though surprisingly often they don't. They refer me to their distributor. Unfortunately, I learned long ago that when a distributor says that a wine is at this and that outlet what they really are saying is, "We hope to have that wine at this and that outlet," and then fail to follow through. I no longer can count on them. And to judge by my experience recently with a winery with a wine I've written up they also have been misled by their distributor. The wine just wasn't where they thought it was, and maybe never had been.

Cindy Molchany with zephyradventures (Wine Bloggers' Conference) comments:

Hey - I know this gent! I think I worked with him when doing social media for a winery a few years back. Now I know where all the antagonism came from, and all this time I thought it was because I once caught him in front of a mirror referring to himself as "master of the wineaverse".

Kidding aside... It seems like this gent is actually confusing a blogger with a point of purchase. His 20 hotel guests are points of purchase - they sell the wine at their hotel! There is value in those relationships and visits, certainly, but it doesn't negate the value of a blogger. In any way.

What has always frustrated me is that gents like this guy fail to realize how much more successful they would be at their job if they took the time to establish and nurture a blogger relationship here and there.

Alana Gentry Girl with a Glass comments:

Great little piece. The gent is unfortunately not alone in his lack of knowledge about blogging. I am sure he is an expert in his limited field of vision, but I would bet money he'd fail a basic primer questionnaire about blogging. Here's some starter lessons - many bloggers include clear information about where to get the wine, they refuse to write about a wine without providing that information. They usually provide a link. At the very least, people who read wine blogs can just Google the wine name or use a service like Snooth that provides a list of where the wine is available. Another misconception that has always bothered me is when people think it matters where a blogger lives: blogging is done on the worldwide web, where a blogger is blogging from is completely insignificant. (I blog about imports and live in Napa/Sonoma.) Of course distribution is important, but if you can buy it online and it will ship to your state, you're good to go. Many wineries have their own online shops now and specials that aren't available elsewhere. There's also great small online shops that specialize in imports or boutique wines. There are so many ways to get wine to people these days and bloggers are an excellent marketing tool to direct folks right to the place where they can purchase the wine.

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